Report: Windows 10 could support native android apps in 2021

Microsoft is about to run android native apps in 2021 and may be sooner

Well, if you’re a Windows 10 user. And wondering to use native Android apps on your PC or Tablet. Then we have amazing news for you. Recently, Windows Central journalist Zac Bowden shared a tweet. In which he’s saying, that Microsoft is again working on a project. That’ll enable Windows 10 to run native Android apps without any third-party application.

Zac Bowden saying Windows 10 is going to support native android apps in 2021.

Which is a huge statement. Because right now, we can run those native Android apps on our Windows PC & Tablets. But to do that, we need third-party apps like Bluestack, Gameloop, and more. That causes a system crash(if you’re using an old PC), low performance, etc.

Native Android Apps’ old Projects

Microsoft's old project to run native android apps on windows smartphones, tablets, and PC

Also, in this article, I mentioned “Microsoft is working again on this type of project“. Because in 2014, this tech giant was working on Project Astoria” & “Project Islandwood, Which were meant to give developers a way to bring their Android & iOS apps to Windows Smartphones.

But Microsoft ended up closing both the projects without reaching anywhere. Because Windows’ developers were unhappy with this move. And were saying that integration with android could slow-down the performance of Windows smartphones. As a result, both the projects were closed in 2015 and never discussed until this news occurs.

So, we at Techy Nickk are very excited and eagerly waiting for this update. Although, nothing has been cleared from Microsoft. That how will they integrate android apps with the Windows environment. But, the rumors from various sources are saying, that developers will be able to publish their Android & iOS apps on Microsoft Store as well.

Though, android apps do need Google Play services to perform in-app purchases and other functionalities. But this is the thing, we’re looking forward to. That how Microsoft will going to turn this rumor into a reality.

So stay tuned and be ready for the next big update from Microsoft.

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