Why Technology is Bad For Us, Here are Top 10 Reasons

Why Technology is Bad For Us-: So we are living in a world where you can see that you are surrounded by the latest techs and gadgets everywhere. You can’t stay away from the technology because it becomes a very important part of our lives.

Every person somehow depends on the gadgets and the latest techs he/she has. And we can’t deny the influence of technology on our lives.

Like everything has two aspects. Technology also have its own two aspects, A good side, and a bad side. Everyone is talking about how useful technology is but no one is talking about the disadvantages of technology.

Did you ever think about why technology is bad for us and how it is changing our day to day lives?

So let’s find out why technology is bad for us and for our kids and Society too.

Privacy At Risk

I know that many of us think that how can privacy is at risk I’m using Whatsapp with encrypted messages system, If someone has Apple iPhone then that person thinks that they are secure because of the best iPhone security management, or if someone using Google’s Gmail or any service then that person will think that he/she is secured because of Google.

But the harsh reality of technology is that a simple good hacker can easily steal your data from you and you won’t even know about it. 

The government can simply take your data from you without informing you and they can even spy on you if they find any suspicious activity of yours. So that’s one the reason why Technology is bad for us.

Technology Changes the Way Children Think

A US-based scientific study shows that because of technology the children are getting depressed very easily because of thinking about games and social media too much.

First-Person-Shooter and many more games are very violent and games are making children too violent. Because of that technology is changing the mindset of little kids. 

Because of technology kids don’t play activity games instead they love to sit in front of the TV or their computer and they are sitting there for hours. And that is very bad for the physical and mental growth of the small kids.

We should tell our children to play outside and should not spend time too much in front of the TV and their computers. This is also a reason why technology is bad for our kids.

Smartphones are Replacing Friends

Yeah, it is another harsh reality of technology that you are much more connected to your phone and very less connected to your real-life friend and family. You care about your social media likes and how many friends or followers you have on social media but always forget to interact with other people and don’t meet with someone quickly.

I know the smartphone is a very important part of our lives. And we can’t stay away from them because the smartphone is the king of all techs and gadgets. the smartphone can do most of the thinks for you on a single command that’s why the smartphone is king of all techs. 

But the smartphone is killing our social interaction with people because it is a very addictive thing. and once you get a habit of using smartphone too much you can’t break it easily. 

So this is the reason why technology is bad for our society because it kills our interaction with people. Which is very bad for our generation and for the next generation.

Neck And Head Pain

Using too much of techs and gadgets can harm you in a lot of ways. Like it can weaken your eyesight which is a very bad thing and if your looking down or up on your techs can give you neck pain.

Neck pain is very common every person who is using a smartphone or computers faced this problem too many times. Even I also face the neck pain problem most of the time when I use my gadgets too much. 

Using too much your techs and gadgets can harm your head pain also which is also very common in smartphone and computer users who uses these techs every day a lot like me.

Lack Of Sexual Boundaries

Earlier when there is no internet. kids can do only limited things like playing games or go outside with friends. And if a father wants to hide pornography from his kids he just needs to hide his Playboy magazine or something like that.

But now because of technology kids can get very easy access to pornography because of the internet at a very young age which is very bad. Even you can’t easily control what your kid should be browsing.

Sexting is also a very big concern with technology at being used at a very young age. If a girl is sending nudes to her boyfriend you can’t control them easily. or kids are talking about sex on the internet you can’t control or stop them easily. So here is another big concern about why technology is bad for kids.

Even anyone can viral someone private pictures on social media which is also a very bad thing and very dangerous. Social media is very powerful but it can be used in a wrong manner also 

More Time on Screen, Less Time On Activity

Just because technology is easy to use you don’t have to run or walk while using your smartphone or your personal computer. You can just sit in front of the gadget and use them for hours.

While chatting with your friends, playing games on your gadgets or watching funny videos on youtube it takes too much of your time, and while sitting you spent your hours didn’t realize it that how inactive you are. 

And because of the inactivity, you get fat very quickly because of the lack of physical activities. If you want to stay fit forever than you should do some physical activities.

And make sure that you are not sitting in front of a computer for more than three hours. or don’t use your smartphones too much because of that we can spend our whole on a couch chatting with friends or watching videos on Youtube.

Effects On Our Sleep

I know that many of us don’t use their smartphones in their offices’ or they are busy with some other activities. So these type of people uses their smartphones in the night.

But using smartphones in the night can change the way you sleep. it affects the body’s clock which is known as the hypothalamus and creates the wrong habits in your sleep system. 

When we use our smartphones we really love to chat with different people and love to browse on the internet because it can give us new things every time. but while using smartphones we stick to it and forget to sleep at the time we should sleep.

And less sleep can cause us many problems like it can affect your thinking ability, you can’t be active in your works or many more.

Loss of Hearing and Eyesight

The main cause of technology is that it is harming us very slowly. If you use your smartphones or computers regularly too much then you will notice that you are losing your eyesight and hearing ability.

If you are using your phone for only browsing the internet then you will start losing your eyesight slowly.

But if you love to watch videos on youtube or you love to listen to songs from your phone and you mostly use earbuds or earphones then you will start losing your hearing ability slowly-slowly.

It means you should use your gadgets very rarely when you need them, you should not make yourselves addicted to the smartphone or computers. And it will benefit you in the long term not right now.

It Increases the Stress

Once upon a time when there is no smartphone or computer around us. We live in a society where people use to talk to each other and everyone is very friendly. I know people are still very friendly but no one is trying to make real-life friends.

Using too many gadgets can cause you unwanted stress which can affect your daily life. It also can harm your decision making power and you feel very low at your work.

How does it feel when you are at your office and you are looking at stress and your colleagues are looking in a very fresh mood. It makes you feel so bad. So avoid using too much your gadgets and look fresh like everybody.

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Technology Decreases your Attention Time

Nowadays everyone is on social media. Every person is on the Social site and scrolling down to the infinite timeline which never ends if you try to find an end of Facebook timeline feed the only thing you will get is nothing.

If also you want to find an end of Youtube’s timeline then again you will get nothing. because of that, you will see so many posts which are very short and giving you more information in less time.

Because of that getting more information in less time with lesser words are rewiring our brain. Before when technology isn’t announced or developed at that time our minimum attention time was 12 minutes.

But nowadays if a person is spending more than five hours a day in front of a computer or with his/her smartphone. Then that person’s attention time will automatically reduce from 12 minutes to 5 minutes which is very bad.

So here is the list that Why Technology is bad for us and why technology is bad for our kids, and why technology is bad for our society.

I hope you guys like this, Thanks for reading.

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