Why Eren Kruger Didn’t Save Dina Fritz and Instead Gave Attack Titan to Grisha Jeager

Eren Jeager, Eren Kruger and Grisha Jeager on the wall of Paradis Island after turning Dina Fritz a Titan

Ever wondered why Eren Kruger didn’t save Dina Fritz on the wall of Paradis? If yes, then let’s find out. 

Warning: Manga Spoilers Ahead

At first, Attack on Titan was nothing but a simple show where a kid wants to avenge the death of his mother. But after a few episodes and several plot twists, AOT crossed all heights of expectations.

From Eren inheriting the Attack & Founding Titan to Historia(Charista) ruling the “Paradis Island”. Everything that happened since the inception of this show suddenly starts making sense at some point.

But then in season 3, episode 20, we saw something horrible. The Marlean forces turned every “Restorationalists” into pure titans including “Dina Fritz” a royal blood inheritor. At first, this looks pretty normal as Marleans didn’t know about her true identity.

But after realizing that Eren Kruger(The Owl) is the one who masqueraded himself as a Marlean and was spying for Grisha’s group. It was hard to digest that Eren Kruger let Gross(Marlean Officer) turn Dina into a titan. 

Dina Fritz Crying on the Wall of Paradis before turning into a pure titan

After all, Dina is the royal blood inheritor who can unleash the true powers of the Founding Titan. Hence, many fans were confused(including myself) and started looking for a substantial reason. After looking for things for a few hours, here is my hypothesis that why Eren Kruger didn’t save Dina Fritz and instead ended up saving our doctor, Grisha Jeager. 

So without any delays, let’s dive into the reasons “Why Eren Kruger Didn’t Save Dina Fritz in Attack on Titan”.

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Attack Titan’s Disastrous Power

As we all know Titan Shifters can see the memories of its past inheritors. Just like Armin who unintentionally gets closer to Annie after inheriting the Colossal Titan. The same goes for every Titan but Eren’s Attack Titan is a bit different from others.

Attack Titan can see its future inheritors’ memories as well. We can see the very first glance of this power when Eren Kruger told Grisha to save Armin & Mikasa in the same episode.

At first, I was amazed as well as shocked that how someone could know their names when these two weren’t even born yet. And telling Grisha that saving them is his foremost priority after securing a family & child is another indication that Attack on Titan hasn’t pulled off its all cards yet. From there on, fans started speculating on the “Time Travel” theory. 

Manga Page of when Eren Kruger Telling Grisha Jeager to raise a family and save Mikasa and Armin

The Power to See Future

In later episodes, it’s revealed that Attack Titan can see its future inheritors’ memories. Moreover, the future inheritor can only show memories that he/she specifically wanted to manipulate past inheritors.

That’s why Eren Kruger didn’t exactly know about Mikasa & Armin but was forced to instruct Grisha to save them at any cost. As Eren loved both of them and not to mention that these were the two who gave Eren a purpose to go forward.

Now back to our point, Why Eren Kruger didn’t save Dina Fritz back on the wall? So if you’ve read the whole article without just jumping through paragraphs then you must have figured out that Eren Jeager didn’t let Kruger save Dina at that time. 

Reason Why Eren Kruger Didn’t Save Dina Instead of Grisha Jeager

Let’s think this way, if Dina was the one who gets the Attack Titan, then Eren would’ve never got a chance to be born in the first place. Dina could follow Kruger’s plan but no one knows what happens once she gets the Attack Titan.

So to make sure everything goes as per Eren J.’s plan he made sure to let Dina turn into a Titan as she’s the one who ate Eren’s mom in the very first episode. 

The first episode itself was a blow to everyone as this is the moment when Eren’s life was changed completely. So to swiftly make his plan a success, Eren Jeager manipulated Kruger to let Grisha live with his Attack Titan. Because this is the only way Eren could be born & would get the Attack Titan without any problem at all.


In conclusion, since the inception, Eren Kruger was manipulated by the Eren Jeager by his future memories. Eren Jeager convinced Kruger through his future memories that saving Grisha Jeager and telling him to raise a family is the only way to end this torment on Eldians. Moreover, Dina Fritz’s survival could have ended Eren Jeager’s plans as well as his life.

Therefore he let Grisha live & Dina die to make sure that she’ll eventually eat Grisha’s second wife which will trigger all the events that we saw in Attack on Titan.

Let’s know your fan theories in case we’ve missed any major points in this article.

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