Whatsapp Rolling Out Audio/Video Calling Features for Desktop And Web Users

After waiting for 5 years straight, Whatsapp has begun rolling out the Audio and Video Calling features for desktop and web users. Whatsapp announced this amazing news in their latest blog post, stated the feature for now, merely allows one-to-one calling through both formats. Despite facing backlash on the new privacy policy, Whatsapp still adding tons of features to entice its user base throughout the world.

Moreover, the feature only allows one-to-one calls, but they’ll be expanding the feature including group audio and video calls. So for now, the calling feature is merely available on its desktop app. The calls will be end-to-end encrypted, claimed by Whatsapp itself.

Whatsapp Rolling Out Audio/Video Calling Features for Desktop And Web Users

As per Whatsapp’s blog post, the company added this feature after they saw a surge in audio and video calls’ usage last year. Even users break records of most calls ever made in a single day with over 1.4 billion calls on New Year’s Eve.

Moreover, the calling feature will make life easier for those who rush to their phone whenever they got a call. Because now, they can easily answer the calls from their Whatsapp desktop app.

The video calls work seamlessly on portrait and landscape modes, which will help users to conduct audio and video calls without breaking a sweat. In the middle of calls, users can adjust their screen size if they’re working on other projects simultaneously. Furthermore, the desktop client is set to always be on top so that you can’t lose your video chat somewhere between other tabs and applications on your screen.

The company was testing this feature in October 2020, and many tech reviewers like Beebom had got the opportunity to test this feature right away. But now, Whatsapp has finally made this app open for desktop users.

This feature could revolutionize the audio and video calling industry. Because millions of users still use Zoom or Google Meet even if they’ve to talk with an individual. So it remains to be seen, that how Whatsapp will roll out more features to remove the grime from its data-theft image.

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