What is Nanotechnology and its uses

If we say nano, it means that we are talking about an extremely small thing which we can’t see from our naked eyes. So Nanotechnology is also very small we can’t see it from our naked eyes. And that’s why we’ve write this article about what is nanotechnology and its uses.

In numbers, we can say that 10-9 is the size of a nanoparticle it is a bit of bigger than an atom or in simple words to understand nanoparticle size that one inch is 1,00,000 nanometres thick.

Why We Need Nanotechnology

Did you ever see a computer which is fifty or sixty years old, or did you ever heard about them? Because if you know about them, then you should know how big they were.

Those computers were big and those capacities were very limited and they are slow as hell. Because at that time we didn’t know about how can we make small components which can do the same work big components are doing.

Because of those computers, our working speed was very limited, and for countering this problem we invented the Integrated Chips (IC) system in computers 3rd generation.

After this discovery in the 4th generation computers, we discovered Large Scale Integration (LSI) and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) because of these integrations we can manage to put so many components of a computer in a single chip.

After this, we increased our computer’s speed and manage to decrease their size as well. all things happen because of nanotechnology. 

So we can that for speed and small products we need nanotechnology and there are so many more reasons

Nanotechnology’s Role in the Health Sector

Now we are using Nanotechnology in our healthcare also. Because we can use nanoparticles for the cure of tumors and many more diseases. Nanotechnology can decrease live threatening diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. 

Nanotechnology can help us to repair our body’s cell and it can also help us to recover from serious damage to our body.

And now scientists are making nanobots which can repair our damaged DNA or they can solve the tumor problems in humans and animals. So in the healthcare sector nanotechnology is very important if we want to increase our lifespan.

I personally support nanotechnology in the healthcare system because it can solve many human diseases problems.

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What will be the Role of Nanotechnology in the Future

Like I said before because of the nanotechnology Health-sector will improve too much. Nanotechnology can also become the panacea for all types of dangerous diseases.

Because of nanotechnology in the near future things will become lighter and smaller. And smartphones and computers will become thousands of times more powerful than right now.

We can also use nanotechnology in construction or in the engineering sector to improve our architecture.

Weapons will become lighter and faster and even stronger because of nanotechnology. The sustainability of things will improve too much in the near future.

Nanotechnology will improve the forecasting of weather and it will help us to fight climate change or global warming. 

So please do let me know what you guys think about this article which is about what is nanotechnology and its uses.

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