Twitter Update: Users Can Now Limit Replies to a Tweet After Posting It

Users Can Now Limit Replies to a Tweet After Posting It

If you’re one of those Twitter users who has a bunch of followers and often became a sweet target for trolls. Then here’s a piece of good news straight from the Twitter headquarter. A recent tweet from the Twitter Safety account mentioned that they’re adding up a new feature that’ll allow users to limit who can reply to their tweets even after posting them.

I know it’s annoying when you posted a tweet but forgot to turn on the reply filters. In some cases, users can simply delete and repost it, but sometimes, it’s too late to realize that you’ve made a flub. However, Twitter is desperately trying to overhaul its user experience and wants to compete with other social media handles for users’ time.

To achieve their gargantuan goals, Twitter is stepping up slowly but deliberately. Therefore, we can see huge updates and new features every week, making our experience on the platform smoother and better.

As you can see in the above tweet, users will get three options: everyone, people you follow, and only people you mention. The feature will be added to our apps in the next few updates. The feature was one of the much-awaited things by those who often post things for fun but picked up by trolls. And the only option they’ve to keep themselves away from those trollers is to mute that tweet or delete it.

But now, if trollers are crossing limits and the count of comments isn’t looking to stop, then you can simply shut or restrict the comments through those filters.

Apart from this, a Twitter designer shows off a concept where users can “unmention” themselves from unwanted posts. But it’s not all, Twitter striving to come up with new ideas and features to lure people on their platform as long as they can. So we could expect amazing features from Twitter soon

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