Top 8 Positive Effects of Technology in Our Lives

Positive Effects of Technology in Our Lives:- I know that most of people think that technology is bad for us because it affects our mental health and even it can change the way we think and it can change our perspective to see things in a different way.

If you are one of those people who think that technology have only bad effects on our health than you are absolutely wrong. Because there are several benefits of technology you should know about.

top 8 positive effects of technology in our lives

But before telling you the positive effects of technology on health. I want to share my personal experience with technology.  When I was in the 12th standard I only think that smartphones and the internet are only for social networking or chatting with someone, at that time I didn’t know about the real use of Technology. 

After passing out from 12th class when I was in college, I heard about SSC India’s very important and very hard exam which gives you, your dream job. I started preparing for that exam I failed 2 times in a row. after very hard work when I get nothing I started my preparation from my smartphone and then I cleared the Exam.

So in my point of view Technology is very important in our lives. I think I’ve done too many talks now let’s start the countdown.  


Now we are using those things which are only dreams if we look 50 or 60 years back in time. I remember when Apple introduced its first smartphone at that time my father told me that it was his dream to use a phone which contains no buttons in it.

So you can simply say that because of technology we are achieving those things which only look like a dream in our past. But now we use all the things. 

Like you are going to Delhi to London in a few hours by an airplane, you are flying like a bird. Or you can talk in real-time with your friend who is living thousands of miles far from you. 

These things only happened because of the latest technology and very innovative people around us.  


Have you ever watch movies forty years ago. I can bet you that if someone told you to watch forty years old movie then you will definitely say that how these movies are without color and how old people can watch them.

Now we can’t see movies without color and even we love to watch animated movies also. So from where this animation comes and from where we are purchasing the latest and advanced Ultra HD TVs.

The answer is because of technology we can create lovely animations and Hd movies. I personally love 3D movies because 3D movies feel so real. And if you have an Ultra HD TV then you always will go for the HD movies.

So this is another very important part of technology which we can’t deny that technology is making our lives easier.


There is a very important role of technology in medical science. If you ever visit any hospital you can simply see a bunch of machines in it.

Machines help a lot in taking care of a patient and monitoring patient’s health becomes very easy after the entry of machines in medical science.    Without machines or I can say without technology taking care of a patient will be very hard and monitoring patient’s real-time health will be a hard task. So machines are helping us in the medical area also.

Sometimes when a patient becomes the conscience mostly time a machine is there to take care of that patient. only there is a need for a nurse to control the machine and note the activity of the patient.

Study is Easier

Now if you are reading this blog from the starting you’ve read my story that how technology helped me to crack India’s very tough exam. And if somebody asks me the best study material or book. I simply recommend go and study from the Internet.

So Because of technology, you can get that book which is not available in your local area or you can learn from that teacher who is living very far from you. 

Studying becomes very easy because you don’t have to go anywhere you can just sit on your couch and open your phone and start learning its that simple.

And instead of the reading book if you are listening to a video and then you are studying then it is scientifically proven that your mind can learn things by watching and hearing more quickly then reading.    


Yups did you ever think that before 100 years ago how can people communicate with each other or how they let the other person know what they want to tell to that person who is living thousands of miles ahead.

I know it’s difficult to think without a smartphone, fax, and internet how can we communicate with a person who is living very far from us. So thanks to technology.

Because of the technology, I can talk with my brother who is living in another country or I can give him any message instantly without any wait. I don’t have to send a pigeon to transfer my message to my brother.

So technology made communication very easy this is another very positive effect of technology in our lives. 

Easy Access To The Market

Just imagine you are living in the countryside and there are shops very rarely in your lovely local area. And you want to purchase some clothes for yourself but because there are no shops you don’t know where to buy clothes.   But if at that time you have an online shopping app on your phone.

It will kill all the shopping related problems you have. Because whatever you want, you just have to place an order and your thing will be at your place in very little time.

So because of technology if you want a thing which you can’t buy from your local area then you don’t have to worry. Your thing will be at your place automatically.   So I think this is also a very positive reason for technology because it also saves my time too.

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It Can Make You Famous

Nowadays if you are active on social media you can see that every person who is famous there is the same reason behind that person’s success and that is social media. 

In last month I saw a video in which a small poor lady was singing a song and her voice was so beautiful and within a month she was featured in a show. And she got success in a single night with a single video.

So that is the power of social media. It means if you have the talent you can simply become famous all you need to have a smartphone from which you can make videos and upload them to youtube and Facebook.

And if you search you can simply find so many stories of people who become famous in a single night. So never lose hope maybe the next number will be yours.

Assist People With Disability

Before when technology wasn’t that much developed. If differently-abled people want to do anything they face too many problems but now there are so many apps to help these types of people.

I also know about some app which can allow you to help a differently-abled person if that person need help. These apps are very awesome you should also try one of them.

And a very important part of these types of apps is this that you can help differently-abled person worldwide which is more satisfying and give you inner satisfaction. I also suggest you try these apps for at least one week to help those people who really need your help.

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