Top 10 Best Photo Editor Apps For Smartphone Users

Nowadays whenever you go outside with your friends and family, You always bring one thing with you, and that is your smartphone. That’s why we’ve created this list of 10 best photo editor apps for smartphone users.

And whenever you are with your smartphone you will definitely use your camera more than twice.

And don’t you hate that after so many clicks that don’t seem good to you?
Sometimes you don’t like the sharpness of the picture or sometimes you don’t like the contrast of the picture.

And everyone wants that their pictures look catchy whenever they click them or upload them, So for this issue, there are plenty of great photo editors apps available for you.

Which can make your pictures more catchy and good to see.
And personally I used these apps for testing and now I’m going to tell you which apps you should use for your photo editing.

(this list is only telling you about the photo editor apps, this list is not based on best to worst. you have to choose one of them)


Here we are with the first name, And that is Snapseed. 

This photo editor app is the creation of Google, and you already know google knows everything better.

Like that Snapseed is one the best photo editor app for smartphone users, because it contains so many features and this app is available free for its users, 

And it is also ad-free it means you don’t have to tolerate ads in this application while using it.
It is fast and very easy to use. this photo editor app is easy to use.

  • RAW DNG files can be edited exported and, also you can convert them into JPEG format.
  • A dark theme is already here for your eye support, you can use it at the night.
  • You can select a typical area to use a filter and brush there
  • The option of saving customized preset for applying them to images later

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is the brand that you can trust blindly in the editing field If you are a photo editor or you use an illustrator for your creativity.

You will think adobe before anything.
Adobe has so many applications for editing like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects,

All these applications for made by adobe to give you the best of their services.
and like the other services of adobe, Adobe photoshop express is also a very good tool for photo editing, if you are very curious about your photos, then adobe photoshop express offers you a lot.

The only drawback of this app is that the main features are only accessible if you are a paid user. Because of all these features, I’ve added this on our list of best photo editor apps for smartphone users.


  • 80 plus filters you can use instantly on your picture
  • It can also import or edit RAW format pictures
  • You can share your edited picture instantly on any social media platform by the quick share button
  • Perspective correction feature for fixing skewed perspective photos

PicsArt Photo Studio

I’m pretty sure that if any smartphone user wants to edit their picture.
The first name that comes to your mind is the pics art photo studio because these apps have the most downloads in the photo editor field on play store.

And 1 out of 5 users have a picsart photo studio installed on their phone.

Personally, I’m using picsart since 2014 when I get my first android smartphone.
at that time picsart photo studio helps me a lot, and even still this photo editor is installed on my smartphone after 5 years.

And still, I really love this app. This app offers so many features free and easy to use. but some sticker is only for paid users.

And sometimes ads will annoy you. but the service provided by the app makes you forget about the irritation from ads.


  • You can use brush mode freely anywhere of the picture for your favorite effects.
  • In this app, there is an inbuilt camera to give you a live effect.
  • Double exposures using layers and adjustable transparency.


Pixlr by Autodesk which is also known as pixlr. This photo editor is very light and easy to use.

Its totally free to use any of its features, and very comfortable interface it carries with it.

This app contains so many features, which you can in other apps in a paid membership.

And in google play store it has millions of downloads and 4.4-star reviews, which is good for the app and for your satisfaction also.


  • You can add your favorite features in front of you by using shortcut keys for them
  • The auto-fix button can also help you a lot, it saves your time when you are in a hurry
  • You can type easily in any photo of yours, and there is plenty of fonts in this photo editor.


I personally love this app, because the filters it offers are cool and very lovely.
In this photo editor app, you will get more the 300 filters, which are cool as like another filter of it.

And the most important part of the app is that you will find a new filter every single day,

It means the developers are very curious to serve you better and what they’ve got.
This app is very easy to use, only choose the filter you want to apply and that’s it you are done editing.


  • It helps you to make your pictures in art by its filters.
  • You can use multiple effects or filters at once without saving it.

Afterlight 2

This photo editor also comes with very strong editing tools in it.
but the most important thing is,

that this app is not available for android users,
It is only available for iPhone users.

I love the HUE feature of this application which works perfectly on your fingertips.

And many more exciting features in this app are waiting for you to explore and check them out.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam is a Photo editor app, which offers you its own camera to click your pic.

Which you can use filters in the camera and don’t have to edit again and again.

And it offers you so many funny and creative stickers

there is a body slimmer tool, which can be a savior if you think that you are looking little chubby


  • It can detect multi faces in a group selfie which is very fast.
  • Here you get cutout and remover tool
  • “smile” feature, if you think you are not looking happy, You can add a smile on your face by smile feature.


Airbrush is one of the best photo editor apps right now in the market.
It is easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and cool filters to give you a nice experience in it.

This app is free to download but, there in this app, you can purchase many features,

Which are not available for free users.
And you can share very easily pictures you’ve edited by this app through the share button in it.


  • Pimples and dark sport remover is here for your help
  • Natural radiant features for adding natural-looking making with mascara, Blush, etc.


So here we are with the very popular app for photo editing, which is known as VSCO.

This app is very cool while using it, the user-friendly interface of it helps you a lot.

Many people use this app because of the features it offers are very good.

It is free to download from the Playstore and Apple App Store.
Here is this app you can purchase a yearly membership of VSCO, to get some extra premium features of this application.


  • The clarity tool of it works very great and it sharpens your photos.
  • The Skin tone effect works very well when you use it.
  • If you think that your photo have too much light, then highlight tint features are only for you.

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Adobe Lightroom

So another adobe product here, The Adobe lightroom,But everyone knows that if you are talking about photo editing you can not forget Adobe. It is a well-known name by every person who knows about the editing.   This application is very great like photoshop express. This app contains very good features like, with the curved option, you can easily control the contrast sharpness and color of the picture. And the inbuilt camera in this app gives you extra features, which your phone is missing.   Features

  • The select editing feature is one of the best features of this app, but this is only for paid users
  • Healing touch is magic, If you don’t like anything in your pic, and want to remove something, just do it with this feature.

I hope you guys will like this list of 10 best photo editor apps for smartphone users.

So guys If you want to know more Apps for photo editing then you should watch this video.

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