Top 10 Best Android Games in The Market Free

Top 10 Best Android Games in The Market Free– So, I’m playing games since my childhood, And I’ve played games on every console like PlayStation 1, to PlayStation 4, and Xbox, etc.

10 best android games in the market for free

But, In this 21st Century, everyone is carrying a smartphone with them, And I’m playing games since I got my First Phone Nokia Keypad, which was totally a GSM phone and doesn’t support even 2G Properly When I was in 6th Standard.

And from that to till date I’m Playing games on my phone, And rarely I played any game for more than a month, So it means I’ve played so many games in my life in different categories. And here is the list of best android games of all time.

10 best android games in the market for free

I know that you are also playing games on your smartphone. But here I’m trying to tell you the best games for your Smartphone in 2019.   Before Starting the Countdown here is a picture of old console form which I use to play games, When I was a kid.   

  So let’s go to see the list of Top 10Best Android Games in The Market Free

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a 2D game, where you can explore 7 wonder worlds. and the lovely visuals of the game are very good. This game is created by Ubisoft, which has very good goodwill in the gaming industry.  

10 best android games in the market for free

Rayman Adventures has a very big fanbase because it is the successor of its old parts which is known as Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

I Personally Love this game because of the lovely animation of it. In this game, you have 50 Different characters to play with which will never let you bore. 

10 best android games in the market for free

The Controls of Rayman Adventures is very easy because Rayman runs automatically and you just have to jump by one touch and attack on your enemies by the single slide on the direction of the enemy. 

The gameplay of this game is very easy and enjoyable but collecting all the hidden contents is difficult as hell. I really love to play this game but this game challenges you when you can’t find all the hidden content easily.   

Dragon Ball Legends

10 best android games in the market for free

The Dragon Ball series made my childhood awesome. I personally watched all the Dragon Ball Series and Movies. and for Dragon Ball, Bandai Namco Made this game.

Many of us already know about the Dragon Ball. But experiencing the feeling of Dragon ball on your phone as a game was my dream in my childhood but Bandai Namco made it possible. 

This Dragon Ball Legends game comes up with very good graphics and nice combat skills in the characters. This game is in 3D which makes it more better and enjoyable to play.

You can play the multiplayer online mode with other players across the globe which is very good and the best way to test your battle techniques. I also suggest you play the multiplayer mode of this beautifully designed game.

In this Dragon Ball Legends game, you can follow your favorite character storyline which is based on the Dragon Ball Series, and made up by Akira Toriyama. and you can also follow up for the characters introduced in this game for their storyline to make the game more enjoyable.

The controls of the game are very easy you just need to pick a card on which attack picture will mention, and after the click, on that card, your player will automatically attack an opponent.  


10 best android games in the market for free

After a very long time, Fortnite finally arrives also on the android platform, and Fortnite is the biggest rival of PUBG right now in the market.

Just Imagine that you are the developer of PUBG and Minecraft. And you get bored with both of the games and you want to make a new game. So you made Fortnite after mixing both the games for fun, that is Fortnite.

Fortnite is like PUBG it will drop you to the unknown island with other 100 players and you need to kill all the other players to survive and win the game.

The smartphone version of Fortnite is good but the controls of this game are not that much handy this game is a bit of hard to play on phones. But I really love the gameplay of this game and cartoonist’s graphics of it are amazing. 

Again just like PUBG this also has a death circle that shrinks very fast and you are out of this circle your player health will start decreasing automatically. If you want to survive you have to be in the circle until you kill all the other players.

This game also has maps to play the matches and get to another league. And when you start the game a bus drop you into the island and after that, you have to loot weapons and ammo and survival things to kill other players.   

The most important thing about this game is that you can’t download it from Playstore. If you want to download this game you have to go to Fortnite’s official website and then download the related files of the game. after that, you can play this game on your phone  

Dead Trigger 2

10 best android games in the market for free

Whenever my friends ask me about the best First Person Shooter game, I always mention Dead Trigger 2 in the conversation because I personally played this game too much and still I’m playing this game.

The controls of this game are very easy to handle and killing enemies in this game is really fun and very nice stages in this game are waiting for you.

You can’t play this game offline but it is a very good game in the online gaming market. In this game, you have a pharmacist girl and a gunsmith who can make guns for you and more characters to help you in this game.

Most loving part of this game that there are stages based on a storyline which is very good if you play the game very carefully and the enemy level increases in every stage and the game gets harder and harder after every stage.

The design of this game is very good, and you have plenty of guns to choose in this game if you can find the fingerprint of the gun and collect them all. After collecting all the fingerprints of a single gun you have to purchase it then you can use the gun in this game. This game is designed by Mad finger games. Which is a very popular creator in google play store.  

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

10 best android games in the market for free

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the creation of Rockstar Games, every gamer knows the Rockstar name in the gaming industry and Rockstar is mostly famous because of its Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The GTA San Andreas is already popular in pc and on consoles but I really love the game on phone as well. If you don’t have any Computer or console and you want to play GTA San Andreas then you can go for the phone version also.

The graphics of the are very similar to the PC version or I can say better than that of. The game is very easy to play. Controls are very good and give you a very smooth experience on the phone as well.

The most lovely part of the game is that you can play the game like the PC version. Very big San Andreas world is waiting for you to explore it by the way you want if you think that you can drive good you can take the car and explore the lovely detailed world of the San Andreas.

In this game, you played as Carl Johnson(CJ) and you are the brother of a Gand leader Sweet with him you have to capture the whole city and kill all the other gang members.

I personally love the story of this game which makes me play this game more than 6 times, and I’m pretty sure that if you play this game after completing plenty of mission you will love the San Andreas city and will End this game.

Alto’s Odyssey

10 best android games in the market for free

Alto’s Odyssey is a 2D game that comes up with very good and lovely graphics and nice gameplay. This game is very addictive after you start to play this game. This game is developed by Noodlecake Studio Inc

Every stage of Alto’s Odyssey comes up with a new theme which never let you bore easily. And this game tests your ability that how accurate you can move your fingers with your eyes.

In this game, you have to do endless sandboarding which is a bit of tough and in every distance, there is a new challenge is waiting for you.

There are many secrets are waiting for you in the game while you are playing, like if you jump too high then you will see some hot air balloons and from them, you can secret items to unlock new things in this game.

And in this game, you will have 6 different players and every player will have their own new techniques, from which you can enjoy the game in different ways if you get bored easily.

When I heard about this game, I thought that this game is like any other 2D game. But when I start playing this game it really comes up with very good quality in it and the interface of this game is very lovely and eye-catching. You just can’t easily forget this game  

Real Racing 3

10 best android games in the market for free

Real Racing 3 is one of the best racing games in the play store or AppStore.  I really love the gameplay of Real Racing 3 it feels like real, automated brakes help you to drive the car easily.

The graphics of this game is very great. I’m a very big fan of the looks of this game. The cars look is real, like you are driving the car in real life. and a very good collection of cars is waiting for you in this game. 

You can customize your car very deeply and upgrade it for next level races. you can upgrade every single part of the car which is very good. And you have to maintain your car for the next races otherwise you can’t race from your car.  

In this game, you have 200 cars from which you can race which is very cool and you can customize every single car in this game.

And here in Real Racing 3, you will have 18 different worlds where you can race or you can simply say that you will get 18 different tracks in this game. All tracks are reallocated in different countries.

Multiplayer gaming in Real Racing 3 is awesome, I personally recommend you to play the multiplayer mode of Real Racing 3 because it is very cool and amazing. I love the multiplayer mode of Real Racing 3. It gives you the experience that you are driving the car in real life.


10 best android games in the market for free

If you want an indie game with some puzzle then Parallyzed is developed for you by the developers. In this game, you have to with twin sisters at the same time on a level and solve the mystery to go to the next level.

The best part of this game is that you have to take action with both girls at the same time which is hard in this game. And the game’s dark theme looks cool on the level which you will play.

This game is created by App Holdings. Your girls in this game wear two different dresses from which you identify them very easily.

The story of this game is that Red(bigger sister) gives some sort of poison to blue(small sister) because of jealousy and after giving poison Red realizes that she made a mistake after that Red helps Blue and gives her new life.

The graphics of this game are not that much good, but it looks good on this type of game. Controls are very easy but the gameplay is harder than anything. I personally love the storyline of the game and the sound of this game is a bit good you enjoy the sound while playing.

This game is addictive the only thing you need to do that you just have to start playing this game and after some time you will see that you are addictive to this game.

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 Into The Dead 2

10 best android games in the market for free

Into The Dead 2 is the successor of Into The Dead Part-1. Which was also a very hit game. This game is a very good game in the zombie survival market. I personally love this game a lot.

Into The Dead 2 is a very addictive game. The story of this game is, that you are lost in somewhere. In the middle of the zombie apocalypse and you have to run between the dangerous zombie and find your family.

The graphics of this game are amazing which is full HD. and controls are very easy and you can also set according to your habit. the gameplay of this game is very smooth.

The story of this game will make you a bit emotional sometimes but the story is very powerful. The collection of the guns in this game is very cool you have plenty of options from you can choose.

And you will have a dog with you, the dog will help you from the sudden attacks from the zombies.   This game contains multiple ending which is cooler while playing the game because it gives you the reason to play the game again.  

Clash Royale

10 best android games in the market for free

Clash Royale is the creation of Supercell. It is an online PVP game which makes it addictive and hard to play. In this game you to attack from cards that show on your deck.

In this Game, you can play friendly battles with your friends and clanmate, from which you can do practice and sharpen your game skills. You have to unlock cards from the treasure boxes which comes when you win a battle with three stars.

You have to upgrade your cards for fighting against tough rivals, without upgrading your cards you can’t beat your next level opponents. And here you have to destroy enemies three towers and guard your three towers form the enemy.  

Here you can go always to the next arena when you got enough trophies. Collecting trophies is a bit of hard but when you collect trophies there is more chance to get new deck cards.

And in this game, there is a TV channel where you can learn new tactics to fight with your opponent and play more effectively.

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