6 Steps To Follow To Nail 200-301 Exam And How Practice Tests Can Help You Gain Cisco CCNA Certificate

6 Steps To Follow To Nail 200-301 Exam And How Practice Tests Can Help You Gain Cisco CCNA Certificate

Undoubtedly you already know that Cisco Certified Network Associate or also CCNA is a popular Cisco certification that is common among networking specialists.

Do you know why? That’s because the CCNA credential validates an individual’s knowledge of the basics of managing a network. And here are six key steps to help you prepare for the related 200-301 exam and obtain the well-known Certbolt.com.

Step 1: Get A High-Level Understanding Of The CCNA Certification Exam

First of all, individuals interested in obtaining the CCNA qualification must pass the 200-301 exam. This official test consists of numerous questions which candidates are expected to answer in 120 minutes. Thus, test-takers may be prepared to face multiple-choice and drag and drops types of tasks. 

Step 2: Understand What The Vendor Expects From Candidates

Applicants must clearly understand the skills measured in the exam to study effectively. For that, the Cisco website provides six core areas that candidates will be tested on. This includes Networking basics, Network access, IP connectivity, IP services, network security basics, as well as automation and programmability. As you understand, you must become well acquainted with these knowledge areas to pass the Exam-Labs.com.

Step 3: Develop A Personal Study Plan

A well-designed study plan is crucial for anyone to pass the Cisco 200-301 exam. Therefore, responsible applicants must create a study plan that fits their schedule. Moreover, it is important to allocate time every day for studying and practicing. And above all, candidates must follow their plan regardless of all distractions. 

Step 4: Official Cisco Training Materials

The vendor offers the official Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0 course for candidates to prepare for the CCNA exam. So, it’s the first one that you need to opt for. In addition, Cisco offers a training program that covers all the essentials required to pass this evaluation and includes a combination of self-study materials, lectures, and labs. In addition, find the study guides for self-preparation. And if you’re interested, then there are plenty of supplementary official books that you can purchase from the Cisco Press website. 

Step 5: Gain Confidence With Practice Tests

Practice tests are key in passing this Cisco certification exam. Usually, it’s a final step in studying before taking the actual exam. That’s because it helps individuals evaluate themselves and develop confidence. So, applicants must attempt to complete as many practice tests as possible to sharpen their knowledge. 

Step 6: Sit For The Final Exam

The final step in gaining the certification is to sit for the CCNA 200-301 exam. Regarding delivery more, candidates can physically attend the test or opt for the online proctored option. Anyway, test-takers must try to get enough rest the day before the evaluation and attend it with a fresh mind. 


So, it’s a well-known fact that the Cisco CCNA is an esteemed qualification that paves the way for many advanced occupations. In the meantime, this associate-level designation acts as a stepping stone for obtaining the professional and expert-level certificates offered by Cisco. Thus, follow the steps in this article to gain your CCNA badge and widen your career prospects. 

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