Smart Toilets 2021: What Are Those?

Smart Toilet 2021: What are Smart Toilets?

Smart technologies blend seamlessly into our lives. If you plan to replace your toilet, you may want to buy a toilet with a bidet function or a “smart toilet.” At first, such a toilet may seem a little strange, but it has many advantages. These items are more expensive than usual, but the solution will help you save money and stay healthy in the future.

Do You Need a “Smart” Toilet?

While a toilet with a built-in bidet has long been trendy in many European countries, this option is not very popular on the American market. However, over the past few years, more and more manufacturers are introducing toilet models with a bidet function.

Although they are still a very niche segment, the demand continues to grow. Keeping a certain level of rarity and novelty for our market, toilets with a built-in bidet function are one of the ways to decorate your bathroom.

So, if you have enough budget and are ready to take the plunge, here are some aspects and criteria for choosing and integrating a new smart toilet bowl into your new design.

Smart Toilet 2021: What are Smart Toilets?
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Automatic flushing

Some models of smart toilets can be washed off without touching. There are two types of smart flush technology:

  • the toilet recognizes and flushes automatically;
  • you can activate the flush by waving your hand in front of its sensor.

Whichever option you choose, the advantage of the sensor over the usual button is that it minimizes the chances to get bacteria from the bowl on your hands. In terms of the global pandemic, it’s a point to think about.

No more sewage problems

Traditional toilets can be exposed to several sewer problems. Clogged toilets, sewer odors, and leaks are among the common ones that traditional toilets always encounter.

Smart toilets are equipped with technologies that will help significantly reduce these issues. Not only do they prevent clogging, but they also won’t flush if the toilet is clogged. This helps keep the water level in the bowl low until you fix the problem.

Automatic cleaning

This feature is definitely a must-have. Smart toilets consist of smooth, fine china ceramics with a special coating that prevents bacteria and waste accumulation. These toilets are also equipped with ultraviolet lights that kill odor-causing bacteria and have automatic cleaning cycles that keep them fresh and clean.

You do not have to clean your smart toilet often, and it will take only a couple of minutes when necessary. Throw away these harsh toilet cleaners because you won’t need them anymore.

Saving Water

Smart toilets use much less water when draining than regular ones. They ‘understand’ how much water is needed for a given flush, using only the right amount. This will significantly reduce the water consumption in your home and reduce utility costs.

How to Choose a Smart Toilet

There are several standards for picking a good smart toilet for your home:

  • Built-in functions

Since most of the modern smart toilets provide different functions and options, you have to understand which set you really need.

Modern toilet bowls often have several operating modes and are equipped with a heating element. But besides this, they can perform many additional functions that increase the comfort of using and caring for the device. No, your toilet probably won’t have a video chat app function, but it can play your favorite music.

I recommend writing a list of options you are looking for in a smart toilet and search for the model that has it further. Remember that the wider the features kit, the higher the price, so if you don’t need a Bluetooth or Siri connection to the toilet bowl, you probably don’t have to spend on it.

  • Design

There are also several options how to attach the toilet bowl:

  • Suspended: these toilets are attached to the wall with a special frame;
  • Floor standing: it’s a typical installation method where the toilet is attached to the floor;
  • Lift construction: allows you to adjust the seat’s height for the parameters of a particular person.

All the surfaces of the smart toilet are made of antibacterial materials. Electrical components are isolated from flush and drain systems to avoid short circuits. Models of the middle-price category are made of acrylic, while more expensive products are produced from porcelain and fine china.

  • Price

Last but not least is the cost of your new toilet. When you decide which options your smart toilet should have, consider a budget that you can spend on the new bathroom item. Luckily, the smart plumbing market is huge today, so you will definitely find a perfect match.

Smart Addition to Your Bathroom

In conclusion, I would like to say that a smart toilet is definitely a convenient, functional, and hygienic thing. If you think about renovating your bathroom, then a smart toilet would be a good addition.

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