10 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android Users

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Notifications are an essential part of our smartphone apps. Only because of this we can get information quickly. But many times notifications are a mess when we don’t manage them properly. That’s why we’ve made a list of 10 best smart notification apps for android users. To manage their notification bar’s mess easily.

I’ve also tried all these apps on my android smartphone so I’ll be telling you my experience with all these notification apps in this article. And after reading this article you’ll be able to manage or control your notification bar easily. Also, most of the apps on this list are fully customizable. It means you can customize all the data which appear on your notification bar without any problem.

So let’s start the countdown of 10 best smart notification apps for android users.

Notification History

Notification History is one of the best smart notification apps for android because it allows you to see all the notifications and messages which were once shown in your status bar. Because many times I just press the ALL CLEAR button to save my time. But clearing all the notifications could also delete the important messages from your status bar. So if you’re a person like me then don’t worry.

Because the Notification History app will always save your messages and pop-up in a list. And then you can see all the notifications easily by opening this app. Also, check how many notifications an app is showing you per day which is a very good feature because it helps you to catch up with everything without any problem.

Power Shade

This is another awesome and cool notification app that gives you a very beautiful and fully customizable notification bar. On which you can show your artistic mind’s creation. You can change colors of the notification center, change icon style of the notification bar and also can use dark mode if you’re black lover like me. It also supports the transparent theme that makes it more awesome while using it. 

And, if I’m saying its fully customizable, it means you’re going to customize literally everything on this app. Because it also allows you to set wallpaper on your notification bar which makes your phone more cool and quirky. All messages and notifications will come in a different way which looks more beautiful and fantastic while using this app. And while watching videos or playing games replying to someone is not an easy task. But Power Shade helps you and allows you to chat from your notification center. 

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Best Notification –  Heads Up

Best notification is an app that gives you all your messages pop up in a fun way. It means you’ll get all your messages and notifications in a bubble. That looks very beautiful while getting or reading all those notifications. You can select all your favorite or most used applications from which you want notifications. And you’d also block notifications from all the apps which you don’t use.

It also supports most of the languages for people who love to use apps in their native languages. This app also works perfectly even when your phone is locked, But you’ve to give Best Notification permission to access your phone while its lock. And this app also have so many things to customize, so don’t worry if you’re an innovative person.

Flash Notification for All

After reading this app’s name you guys can easily get the idea that what types of notifications this app will serve you. So this notifier is made for those people who want to catch up with their every notification. I also used this and it really works well on most of the android phones. You can also select options like the only flash when your phone isn’t on silent mode. Or when it’s in silent mode. 

You can also select your favorite apps from which you want flash notifications to easily differentiate useable or unusable apps. This app also allows you to set a timer for your notifications to save your battery. Even you can also set a limit that after a certain battery percentage this flash notification won’t work. So all I can say is that this is also a very good smart notification app for android users. 


I really love this notification app because of its awesome features. Like smart notification and custom timeout. You can turn on the smart feature which only opens notification light when the phone is on the table or on a flat surface. And it also stops your light when your phone is in your pocket. Also, you can customize this app according to your likes and dislikes. 

The interface of this app is also very easy to understand which is a very good thing for those who struggle with every new app on their phone. It also have so many features to use only if you’re a premium user of this DynamicNotification. You can also select dark mode if you’re a black lover guys who prefer black.

Notification Manager

So here you’ll be hiring your first manager in your life. Because it works like a manager who manages all your notifications with its awesome features. And after installing this app you’ll notice that now your phone’s status bar is cleaner or well managed than before. Notification Manager also allows you to block or unblock your apps from which you want notifications.

This app also shows you blocked notifications only when you want to see them in your free time. The interface of this app is also very good and easy to understand.

Notification Master

A beautiful app that comes up with a nice well touched user-interface and awesome features. Notification Master is no doubt a very good app to manage all your notifications. Because you can select a particular keyword from which you don’t want to miss any notification or messages. Like I’m a person who loves to eat pizza and I’ve set Pizza keyword on this app. So basically this app will show you all notifications in first priority which contains Pizza word in them. 

In a time gap, this app will remind you about your all keyword notifications which helps you to catch up with your important messages. The way it shows messages on your screen is another awesome thing. Because all your messages and pop up will show you in a floating way. You can also choose from which app, you want to see floating notifications. And because of all these features, I’ve added this app in our 10 best smart notification apps for the android list.

Bottom Quick Settings

I know the bottom notification center is an old thing and many phones are already offering this feature. But this app gives you so much freedom to customize, arrange or set wallpapers in your bottom notification center. And I also prefer this app because I have a large on which single-hand use is not a cut of tea for me. So I’ve installed this app and after that using and managing my notifications became very easy. 

You can also customize the whole notification bar as per your requirements and needs. It also supports dark mode which is a very good feature for all the dark and black lovers. The design of this app is also very cool it means you’ll love its look and finishing. Bottom Quick Settings also supports more than 40 shortcuts, which is very cool. 

Material Notification Shade

Nowadays every mobile manufacturing company have their own android based custom UIs. And because of that people like me who love stock android are not able to use the real android. So don’t worry if you’re a person like me. Because Material Notification Shade is an app that is totally based on the stock android. And you can also select which type of status bar you want. Like the Nougat or the Oreo status bar. 

You’ll see all the features available in this app that are present in the stock version of Google’s Android. This notification app also supports dark mode and can be switch between dark and light mode easily without wasting your time. 

Light Flow Legacy

So here comes the last best smart notification app for android on our list. Light Flow Legacy is an app that gives you the freedom to choose the colors of your notifications. And you can also set different colors on different app’s notifications easily. Control your led and use the option which gives you the power to select the manual time for the notifications. 

This app also supports android wear items like smartwatch and more. Which gives you the freedom to get customized notifications on your smartwatch or any other smart gadget. The interface of this app is also not so cool. But don’t worry it just works fine. 

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