Signal & Telegram Seeing Huge Waves Amid WhatsApp Controversy

Whatsapp new privacy policy change makes users rethink about their privacy and signal & telegram are enjoy new users

Facebook is known for its uncompromised privacy policy that never sells our data to its partners(I wish, I could say this in real life). But recently, Facebook and its substitute Whatsapp was in news due to changes in the privacy policy of the later one. The changes may look ugly to privacy lovers but cross-platform messaging app Signal can’t stop themselves from loving this new update.

The latest changes in Whatsapp’s Privacy Policy allow Facebook to process your data like never before. The app will now start sharing details such as IP, location, OS version, phone battery, app usage in phones, network connection, Wi-Fi, & some more minor details with Facebook & its partners. However, the response from netizens can easily be seen on Twitter. People are going crazy and started looking for Whatsapp alternatives. That can provide a more secure environment & keeps their data safe.

Whatsapp new privacy policy change makes users rethink about their privacy and signal & telegram are enjoy new users
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Therefore, here comes Signal a cross-platform messaging app in the picture. Because just right after, Whatsapp starts showing their in-app notification to accept new terms. Elon Musk, a visionary entrepreneur that holds 20% of the stakes of Tesla came up with a tweet that says“Use Signal”. I’d say, after this tweet, Signal received a record high sign-up requests in their lifetime. Due to this, their servers were down for a short period of time. However, now everything is working fine. And you can easily create your account.

Signal & Telegram – Alternatives to Whatsapp

Signal and telegram are the best alternatives to Whatsapp right now after Whatsapp's privacy policy update

If you’re looking for the best alternative to Whatsapp. Then Signal & Telegram are the apps you should be checking out, now! Both the app provides end-to-end encryption that transfers your data securely. However, in terms of looks, I’d give a big YES to Signal. And in terms of usability a perfect & big YES to Telegram. Because Telegram is already a well established messaging app that works exactly the same as Whatsapp. However, Telegram is a bit faster than its counterparts.

Both the apps, Signal & Telegram are available on almost all the platforms. That helps users to always get in touch with their family & friends. Moreover, you can send stickers & emojis to your friends.

Also, you can change a bit of the interface of these apps according to your needs in a subtle way.

Download Statistics of Telegram & Signal

Whatsapp icon on an iphone 5

After Elon Musk’s tweet, Signal received 100K downloads across App Store & Play Store. However, the numbers are still growing and eventually Signal will receive more downloads than they’re expecting.

On the other hand, Telegram received a whopping 2.2 million downloads across the App Store & Play Store. The data analyzed by data analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Nonetheless, Whatsapp is still the most downloaded messaging app with 10.5 million downloads worldwide in the first week of 2021. However, Whatsapp received 11.5% fewer new installs that show the resentment of privacy activists.

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