Shazam Alternatives: 7 Best Apps like Shazam for Android & iOS

Shazam Alternatives: Best alternatives to Shazaom to recognize music anywhere and anytime

Music is an integral part of our lives. And you must have face situations like these when you heard a song. But can’t remember its name. Or a song you heard in a restaurant or cafe, you liked it a lot but don’t know its details. Therefore, I’ve curated this list of best Shazam alternatives for android & iOS, to help you out in these extreme situations.

Because without a doubt, Shazam is an amazing music finder since 2006. And still providing high-quality features to its users. In addition to that, it’s still the top rating application in its category. But now there are plenty of similar apps, that provide good UX as well as amazing features in which Shazam lacks.

Shazam Alternatives: 7 Best Apps like Shazam for Android & iOS

Shazam Alternatives: Best alternatives to Shazaom to recognize music anywhere and anytime

Although, Shazam is an app that comes up with a lot of features. That could make high-spec smartphones lag sometimes. And most of them features ain’t that much useful and not recommended to begin with.

That’s why I’ve searched and listed some of the best Shazam alternatives for android & iOS. That’ll provide the features you’re looking for ages. So with that said, let’s dive into the list of 7 best apps like Shazam to identify music anywhere & everywhere.

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musixmatch is one of the best shazam alternatives for android and iOS

I won’t lie here, but Musximatch is my childhood friend, who always helps me to sing songs. That I could never understand by myself. The app has the best interface amongst all the Shazam alternatives on this list. And the lyrical database of Musixmatch is unbeatable with millions of songs.

The app comes up with features like live-lyrics, floating lyrics, song identifiers, and more. Further, the floating lyrics work seamlessly fine on most of the other music streaming apps like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, & more. Apart from this, you’ll be able to identify songs from their lyrics.

Google Assistant & Siri

Google Assistant & Siri is one of the best Shazam alternatives for android and iOS

The list of Shazam alternatives is incomplete without these personal assistants. And I don’t have to explain this, why? Because Google Assistant & Apple’s Siri is much more reliable than any other music finder app on the Play Store. And of course, no app can match the lyrical data, these assistants have in their databases.

I personally love Google Assistant, because it identifies the songs even when I sing them from my harmonious voice(Aha). And 99.9% of the time, this assistant provides me the exact song. Also, you can search for songs from their lyrics and even from their artist’s name.

Although, Siri is also a pretty powerful personal assistant. With over 75% rate of the correct answers. And it’s constantly increasing its knowledge with time & experience.


MusicID is one of the best Shazam Alternatives for android and iOS

MusicID is a very simple, powerful, and rich in lyrical database app for android & iOS. Just tap the mic button and the rest of the work will be done in seconds. You can check out every single detail of a particular song. Also, it shows the song’s YouTube video and similar songs in an assorted way.

You can directly purchase searched songs inside the app through iTunes & Amazon. Moreover, the interface looks pretty fine with a minimal ads approach. That makes it one of the best Shazam alternatives. Or best apps like Shazam for Android & iOS.

Sound Hound

Sound Hound is an amazing music identifier or music recognition app for android and iOS

Here’s a very popular competitor of Shazam, which is giving a tough competition. And almost ready to dethrone it from the #1 spot of the music identifier list. Because Sound Hound is a music player, that supports commands like “Okay Hound“. And provides all the latest songs in a single click. Further, just like Musixmatch, you can use live lyrics to sing along with songs.

The app is pretty neat and provides all the latest stuff with ease. You can create playlists, search for the latest songs from a particular artist, and a lot more. Apart from all these things, you can directly purchase songs from the app. And watch their videos from YouTube with the help of direct buttons.


Genius is one of the best music recognition and music finder app for android and iOS

Genius is a pretty smart app. That works smoothly and provides blazing-fast services. Because after identifying the song. It shows you the video on YouTube, if available. And ask you to share the song with your friends on various social media handles. Which is very handy, if you’re looking to share your favorite songs with friends and family.

The app’s UI is pretty clean and provides all the details of the songs. Genius could play songs on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Moreover, you can create your own account. That helps you to maintain your history. And allows you to share your discovered music with others easily.

Beatfind (Music Recognition)

beatfind is one of the best apps for music finder and music recognition for android and iOS

If you’re stuck with an old smartphone. And have limited storage & ram. Then Beatfind is an app, you should be checking out. Because Beatfind is a small but powerful one of the best shazam alternatives. That identifies the song as quickly as possible. And provide all the basic detail you should know.

You can easily play songs on apps like Deezer & YouTube. And find out their lyrics without waiting for a second. Further, Beatfind keeps a track of all your searches. So that you can remind old songs again without searching for them again & again. Although, it’s only available only for Android smartphones. But it’s worth trying and one of the best apps like Shazam.


A simple not so complicated alternative to Shazam is here. Just tap the identify button, then it’ll start listening to the song. And in no time, you’ll get the idea of the song, lyrics, and the artist as well. The interface is pretty neat and clean with a colorful design. Soly offers you to play searched songs directly from YouTube.

And also allow you to share the song with your friends on various social media channels. Although, Soly is an app that comes up with a lot of ads which makes you feel irritated sometimes. So I’d highly recommend this app to those, who can tolerate annoying ads. Also, this one of the best Shazam alternatives is only available on Android.

Conclusion – Shazam Alternatives

Well, these are some of the best Shazam alternatives, I’ve found throughout the web. Although, I personally use only Musixmatch & Google Assistant. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one pack. That provides almost every feature from audio playback to the lyrics and recognition feature as well. Then Musixmatch is the app, you should be going for.

And if your Android or iOS smartphone has been already fighting with its storage. In that case, you should use Google Assistant or Siri. Because then, you don’t have to download any other extra application on your smartphone.

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