Rockstar Pays $10K to the Modder who Fixed GTA Online’s Abnormal Loading Time

Recently a Github user “tostercx” claimed that they’ve found a way to decrease the ridiculous load time of GTA Online. As per their research, there was a single-thread CPU bottleneck when GTA Online starts loading up. After opening the game, it starts reading irrelevant & redundant stuff from a JSON file that doesn’t need to exist.

Moreover, in their original findings, Tostercx wrote: “If this somehow reaches Rockstar: the problem shouldn’t take more than a day for a single dev to solve. Please do something about it”.

GTA Online Ridiculous load time solver got $10k from Rockstar Bug Bounty Programme

As a result, Rockstar acknowledges the issue and said that they’ll be adding the fix in their forthcoming update of GTA Online. However, the dates are unclear and no one knows about the release date of that patch. But the modder who had pointed out the panacea of this robust problem received a hefty cheque of $10K from Rockstar’s Bug Bounty Programme.

The modder said in an updated post, that he “just got awarded $10K through Rockstar’s Bug Bounty Programme, which is normally used only for major security issues.”

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