Resident Evil Village: Everything You Need to Know About the Main Villains

Resident Evil Village All Main Villians and their details

Resident Evil is one of the best & biggest gaming franchises that contains more than 24+ games. And one of its latest installments called Resident Evil Village has recently hit the store. Resident Evil Village is the successor of this franchise’s last installment Resident Evil 7, where Ethan Winters, the protagonist were on a mission to save his adorable wife. However, Ethan, Mia, & Chris Redfield ain’t the only characters in Resident Evil Village or Biohazard 8 of whom people are talking about. Lady Dimitriscu is just an example, that how people can become a fan of evil characters in games.

The tall height & the eloquence of lady Dimitriscu posses in her veins are the things that entice people and created a separate fanbase. However, she ain’t the only villain in this survival game that has the skills to lure & scare people at the same time. Her colleagues or the main villains of Resident Evil Village, who’re eagerly waiting to cut Ethan’s limbs till death are Karl Heisenberg, three daughters of Dimitriscu, Salvatore Moreau, Donna Beneviento, & Mother Miranda.

Every Single Detail of All Main Villains

Resident Evil Village All Main Villians and their details

However, there are several more main villains in this game. But their presence doesn’t impact the story and gameplay of this game, I personally didn’t find any use to add them to this list. Therefore, they’re excluded from this article.

The game is intimidating and needs time to become a connoisseur survival as Ethan Winters. So without wasting a single second, let’s check out Resident Evil’s main villains and their biodata.

P.S: The Article may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t played Resident Evil Village yet. And desperately hate spoilers, then this article isn’t for you.

Alcina Dimitriscu – Tall Lady

Let us know about Alcina Dimitriscu or the vampire tall lady. She is one the main villains of Resident Evil Village

The 9 feet 6 inches tall Alcina Dimitriscu, better known as tall vampire lady had become the sensation of Social Media when the first-ever demo of Resident Evil Village was launched. I hate to admit it, but Lady Dimitriscu was the one who received all the spotlight. The fans were crazy to know about her and now, when the game is launched, she’s the first main villain with whom Ethan has to fight to make his way to his beloved daughter.

Lady Dimitriscu is 44 years old and has plenty of stamina to chase Ethan in the allays of her big old Castle. The game becomes fearsome whenever she’s behind, chasing Ethan like a hungry cat. I really admire the way she speaks and games look true-to-life when she speaks & curses you in her lovely voice.

The Origin of Lady Dimitriscu

Everything about lady dimitriscu and how she came into the game and her full story

Long story short, Mother Miranda lost her daughter Eva to the Spanish Flu, a real-life pandemic that was cursing earth from 1918 to 1921. In this pandemic, more than 50 million people lost their lives(true incident). Therefore, the distressed mother went to an isolated cave to kill herself. But thanks to Ethan’s luck, she happened to merge or somehow get the megamycete, a magical substance, that helps people to become powerful monsters.

Thereafter, the magical substance gave Mother Miranda abilities like immortality, regeneration, etc. Afterward, she can absorb consciousness, which means, she’s able to reincarnate people. And to find the perfect host for her dead daughter, Mother Miranda was looking for a perfect host. In that quest, Dimitriscu was the one who could be the perfect vessel for her daughter’s reincarnation.

But during various tests, Lady Dimitriscu failed as she needs human blood to keep herself in good shape(you know, vampire stuff). And sometimes, she uncontrollably turns herself into a giant ugly monster. Because of these traits, Mother Miranda made Dimitriscu one of her puppets to control the village.

Extra Details of Alcina Dimitriscu

  • Height: 9 feet 6 inches
  • Voiced by: English-Maggie Robertson, JapneseKikuko Inoue
  • Age: 44 years
  • Residence: Dimitriscu Castle in an Eastern Europe village
  • Date of Birth: Unknown, before 1950(stopped aging at 44)
  • Special Powers: Tranform herself into giant monster, Have blades to cut Ethan’s limb.

Three Daughters of Dimitriscu

Everything about Three Daughters of Lady Dimitriscu Cassandra, Daniela, and bela

These adorable daughters of Dimitriscu never let you wander the castle alone. These baby witches love to hunt down their prey. As you can see in some gameplay footage, how Ethan run for his life from these blood-thirsty women. Dimitriscu wasn’t the only antagonist of RE Village who gained substantial popularity. These daughters were dreadfully successful in intimidating Resident Evil fans.

Bella is the eldest, Cassandra, the middle one, and Daniela, the youngest are three daughters of Lady Dimitriscu. I read an article about these turbulent daughters in Screen Rant, that suggests, Cassandra, the middle child is the worst enemy in terms of mercy. She loves to give her prey a long painful death. Afterward, Bella is a child prodigy who is intellectual and pretty reserved. Lastly, we’ve Daniela, who loves to play delusional games, and frightening her prey till death, gives her inner satisfaction.

Origin of Three Daughters of Dimitriscu

Every Little Detail of Dimitriscu three daughters cassandra, bella, and daniela

Right after making Lady Dimitriscu a powerful vampire to serve Mother Miranda. Dimitriscu used the Cadou parasite’s eggs to create three insectoid-like creatures to accompany her in that vast castle. Obviously, tall lady & Mother Miranda together made these three swarm of insects that possess the power to turn themselves into humans. But these three blood-thirsty vampires obey Dimitriscu wholeheartedly.

In the gameplay, all three daughters were trying to kill Ethan first to prove their love & passion for the Tall Lady. However, our protagonist did find a way to kill those irritating witches one by one. Therefore, we can see how Dimitriscu follows Ethan everywhere to cut his body parts like a dead chicken.

Karl Heisenberg

Karl Heisenberg is one of the main villains of Resident Evil Village Here is all the details of this classic antagonist

A crazy engineer who secretly holds a grudge against Mother Miranda. Karl Heisenberg is known for his brilliant engineering and the factory he runs at the outskirts of the village. In the first few trailers, Karl Heisenberg was introduced but nothing much was revealed. However, this crazy engineer knows every possible way to punish Ethan Winters. In the beginning, Heisenberg is the first main villain who confronts Ethan.

However, the way they greet each other wasn’t a piece of art. But yeah, that meeting takes us to Mother Miranda’s hiding spot where we see all the other four lords for the first time in the game. Heisenberg didn’t get much popularity as Dimitriscu, but this main villain has plenty of ways to amaze you in the Heisenberg factory.

The Origin of Karl Heisenberg

The Origin of Karl Heisenberg

Likewise Dimitriscu, Heisenberg didn’t choose to become a puppet of Mother Miranda’s hand. Instead, he’s the only lord who’s surreptitiously planning a rebellion against his beloved Mother Miranda. Karl Heisenberg was kidnapped in his childhood to perform some tests of the Cadou parasite. The tests were successful and made Heisenberg a perfect servant for Mother Miranda, who by god grace inherits the Heisenberg factory nearby to the village.

Later in time, Heisenberg was brainwashed. However, he still believes Mother Miranda is merely using them to Reincarnate Eva, which is a useless thing. But still, silently working for her as he knows the circumstances of rebellion in the early stage. Hereby, he waited for the perfect time, but thanks to Ethan again, he kills Karl Heisenberg and made Mother Miranda’s work easy.

Extra Details of Karl Heisenberg

  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Voice by: Neil Newbon-en, Hiroshi Shirukuma-jp
  • Powers: Regeneration, Controls Metal, Electric Organs

Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau is one of the deities and here are all the details about him

Mr. Moreau is another powerful but hideous lord in Resident Evil Village. This deity has the power to turn himself into a giant ugly fish. However, Moreau loves to keep himself in an abandoned reservoir. As Ethan continues on his quest to rescue his daughter, Salvatore Moreau, a merman tries to eat him alive to prove himself before Mother Miranda.

However, Ethan, our protagonist was clever enough to dry the entire reservoir to bring this ugly fish onto the hard surface. The light of popularity doesn’t hit Salvatore as it hits other deities of this game. But still, Salvatore is a powerful main villain of Resident Evil Village that needs some discussions in online forums.

The Origin of Salvatore Moreau

Origin of Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau is still a mystery as developers haven’t made any remarks on him yet. But still, I researched the world wide web and found that Moreau is the last name holder of Moreau’s family. His family had good relations with Dimitriscu, Heisenberg, & Beneviento families. All these dynasties were in touch with each other to maintain and control the isolated village in eastern Europe.

However, this hideous deity was a member of the cult who worships Mother Miranda as their protector. Thereafter, Salvatore was chosen for Cadou’s experiment and fortunately, Salvatore succeeded in those experiments and become one of the top servants of Mother Miranda.

Extra Details of Salvatore Moreau

  • Voice by: Jesse Pemental-en, Taisuke Nishimura-jp.
  • Powers: Able to transform into a hideous giant fish.

Donna Beneviento

All the details about donna beneviento are here

Well, if you’re in love with dolls and have plenty of ’em, then you should be worrying about yourself. Donna Beneviento can control dolls and turn them into a fatal weapon with shiny claws. Ethan on his journey met this beautiful doll curator in her mansion which is near to a gigantic waterfall. The mansion is fabulously curated by the doll makers or the ancestors of Ms. Beneviento.

The mansion was astonishing as well as creepy, where a giant baby fetus wandering to eat Ethan alive. The puppeteer loves to intimidate her prey through a cluster of creep dolls with long shiny blades in their arms. This deity of Resident Evil Village doesn’t receive that much traction on social media but gives a nice and quick boss fight.

The Origin of Donna Beneviento

Origin and all the details of Donna Beneviento

Donna was born in a noble Beneviento family. As I said earlier, they were allies of the Dimitriscu, Heisenberg, and Moreau families. The Beneviento family was known for their remarkable skills to make fabulous dolls. Therefore, Donna’s father made a doll named Angie for her. Donna was an introvert and keeps herself locked in her room. After a tragic moment, Donna’s parents died, and then she forced herself to live a life like a hermit.

However, Mother Miranda adopted her and gave her some powers to possess dolls and hallucinate people who inhale her secret substance.

Extra Details of Donna Beneviento

  • Voice by: Andi Norris-en, Miyuki Sato-jp
  • Powers: Halucinate people, able to control dolls

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda everything about her and all the details

Finally, we’ve reached the final boss of our beloved game. Mother Miranda is the main antagonist in Resident Evil Village. She’s the one who’s behind Ethan’s tragic life. The first indirect encounter was when Ethan escape from the burning house and Mother Miranda was killing a villager mercilessly. At the moment, we didn’t fight her, but the blink was enough to show how deadly she is.

As you go further in-game, you’ll see her handcrafted creatures who love human flesh, and eagerly waiting for Ethan to make sure he’s dead. However, Ethan is smart enough to overcome all the problems to rescue his daughter. Mother Miranda on the other hand ruthlessly torn every part of Ethan’s daughter to perform her ritual. Which is usually for her daughter Eva to reincarnate her.

The Origin of Mother Miranda

The origin and all the necessary details of Mother Miranda

Miranda was actually a scientist who also served as a priestess in the eastern European village, where she resides. The people who follow her beliefs and trust her blindly dubbed her “Mother”. This phenomenon helps her to conceal her true intentions of painful experiments on the villagers. As I said earlier, she lost her daughter Eva to Spanish Flu that somehow created a way to turn her into an unstoppable, immortal, & powerful monster.

Once, she was the mentor of the Umbrella corporation and inspired Oswell E. Spencer, the founder, to achieve his ultimate vision of human evolution. This suggests, that Mother Miranda is one of those people who are behind every tragic incident of this franchise.

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