PUBG: New State Announced; Here’s Everything We Know so Far

Pubg New State is announced and here's everything we know so far

After witnessing a deluge of rumors about Pubg 2, the game has finally made its way to the Play Store. This sequel has been dubbed Pubg: New State, where you’ll be fighting against all odds in Krafton’s new futuristic world. Users from all around the world were eagerly waiting for something new from the developers. And I think, they’ve heard our voices as Pubg’s younger brother is on its way to change how battle royale has been played since the Pubg was launched.

Pubg: New State Announced & Available for Pre-Registration

In Pubg: New State, users will probably get new vehicles, futuristic weapons, the latest cars, & some cool stuff. However, the basic rules like 100 players face-off, until only one player/team remain standing. And the user-interface of the game from showing you ammo to the controls to handle your character remains the same. Another thing that needs our attention is, that here winners will be known as “Lone Survivors” instead of getting “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner“.

Luckily, the game is open for pre-registration on Android, but iPhone users ain’t lucky enough as the game is merely opened on Android. Moreover, here’s the video trailer of Pubg: New State to have a glimpse of this upcoming game. The trailer reveals most of the new items that we’ll be getting in this totally new battle royale game.

Pubg – New Map, Vehicles, Weapons, & More

The game is going to introduce a lot of stuff. But we’ll be highlighting the main changes we’ve perceived from the trailer. First, Pubg: New State is about to introduce a whole new futuristic map where all the matches will be held. Second, developers have drastically changed the way you drive cars as all cars have been swapped with different models. Third, we’ve seen some deployable shields, drones, & car packages. Finally, our favorite syringe & energy drink made a cameo suggesting healing factors will also remain the same.

However, the game is still in testing and will take some time to get published, but we’ve managed to sneak-out Pubg: New State’s map from their website. Let us know your thoughts about this new futuristic map of this game.

Pubg New State Futuristic map glimpse

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