Pros and Cons of Bundling TV, Internet & Phone

Why you should bundle TV, phone, and phone

Pop quiz. What are the three most important digital services?

You guessed it! Internet, cable, and phone—the famous telecommunication trinity. 

If you look around your neighborhood, you will find nearly every house equipped with these basic services. Why? Because survival in today’s world without them is next to impossible. Just ask a passing wanderer what it feels like living off the grid, cutting down on your luxurious lifestyle down and putting every ounce of strength in your body to the test. It is a state of total regression, i.e. instead of moving forward, you tend to move back into a dull and ignorant existence.

Why you should bundle TV, phone, and phone

Therefore, while it is vital to get a hold of these three services in order to ensure your place in a fast, uber-technological future, yet at the same time, you cannot help but wonder which particular format to choose.

In other words, should you acquire the services—internet, cable, and phone—individually, from different providers, a la carte? Alternatively, should you bundle them up, get three services from the same provider, and save yourself a ton of hassle? Is bundling really worth it and as convenient for the consumers as the providers say?

Let us find out below: 


Let me give you the example of my cousin, who moved into a new house a few months ago and decided he needed all three services, cable, internet, and phone. However, when he looked them up on a top provider’s website, he was surprised to see the sky-high prices. All of which exceeded his budget’s limit. What did he do? 

He expanded his search parameters and decided to find some of the most affordable deals in the area offered by a single provider! After elaborate research, he found one and, since then, the bundling of services has provided him with the following benefits:

  • Better affordability.
  • Better flexibility.
  • Better maneuverability.
  • Better satisfaction.
  • Better value generation.

The list goes on…

To state the obvious, bundling has many advantages for the consumer.

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There are two sides to every coin. Similarly, where bundling services might suit one group of people, it might not correspond with the needs of another group. This is just how it goes. Some of its cons are:

Needs Vs. Wants

Everybody wants everything. High-speed internet, super-diverse HD cable service, and unlimited phone connectivity. Nevertheless, the question is do they need it? This is where bundling, which is majorly an upselling strategy, becomes a problem. If you only need one or two services out of three, why would you possibly pay them all? Therefore, bundling creates needs vs. wants dilemma. You should evaluate your needs to find the right solution. After a thorough evaluation, if you still feel the need to get bundled services with high-speed internet, then click here to find some of the best internet options available in your area.


With only one customer service base catering to the negotiations surrounding all three services, the chance of confusion and haphazardness increases. I have encountered many issues while calling the customer service reps. 

Additional Cost

Some super-affordable bundles may only ‘seem’ to be affordable on the outside while eating up your savings with its additional costs, hidden fees, add-ons, and whatnot. Therefore, you need to be careful, clear, and aware when subscribing to a bundled package. 

Final Verdict

Cons aside, I do believe that bundling services save more than they take away from your annual financial reserves. You can go a la carte when you are living in a one or two-person household, far away from metropolitan areas. However, if you are deeply included in a network grid, and have multiple persons using all three services for multiple purposes in your household, which has a far more relatable and greater chance of happening, then you should consider bundling cable TV, internet and phone. It is for your good. Trust me.

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