A Pokémon Nature Theme Park is Around The Corner in Japan

Pokémon Natural Theme Park is about to become a reality in Tokyo Japan

If you fantasize about yourself in a world full of Pokemons where you’re the personification of Ash Ketchum itself, then here’s something you should be checking out. A recent announcement from the Pokemon company reveals, that they’re planning to open a nature theme Pokemon park in Tokyo, Japan.

The park is dubbed Pokemon Wonder, where people can search Pokemons in a real-world forest. In this world of wonder, people can complete two different “courses” where they’ll search for hidden Pokemons in the wild. I know the concept sounds crazy and will attract people like a massive magnet.

According to Kotaku, Pokemon Wonder will start getting entries from 17 July 2021 to 3 August 2022. The park is gargantuan with an area of 48000-square feet wildly covered with dense forest. Moreover, the forest is behind Tokyo’s largest amusement park Yomiuriland. The forest in which this whole Pokemon stuff will be held wasn’t explored by people for the last 20 years, which makes it an amusing place to organize stuff like exploration.

A crazy Pokemon Go fan who’s still searching for Pokemons to spruce up their Poke Desk will enjoy this adventure. Apart from this, all the Pokemons will be created with natural materials. A video uploaded by Pokemon’s official channel illustrates the way they’ve designed and curated some of these Pokemons through natural materials.

The team has camouflaged all the Pokemons to make this quest a bit tough to complete. However, I believe in Pokemon Researchers who will look into every corner to find their favorite Pokemons. So be ready Pokegoers to find Pokemons while admiring the beauty of nature.

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