Parler is Back Online without old posts and Amazon Web Services

Parler is Back: A Retrieval of Free-Speech Social Media

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A month-long wait is finally over as Parler’s new interim CEO Mark Meckler confirmed in an announcement. That Parler is back & coming without Amazon Web Services. After the furor of people shown in Capitol Hill. Amazon Web Services(AWS) dropped Parler from its online infrastructure, which forced Parler to get down and inaccessible from anywhere around the world.

Therefore, the company was struggling and searching for a reliable partner, who can handle their big community. And could be able to provide the services they’re looking for. As a result, Parler is coming back with a company called SkySkill. It’s a web-hosting provider that’ll be going to manage and responsible for the visibility of Parler. Hereby, Parler is now available for users who already have an account. And for this week, people with an old account merely can access this free-speech social media app.

A Retrieval of Free-Speed Social Media

Parler is Back Online without old posts and Amazon Web Services

Albeit, all the old posts from users ain’t available and can’t be restored in any way. The company said nothing about this issue and made it unclear for users. Now, we can only speculate whether the company was in hurry to left AWS or just don’t want people to see posts that had ignited the furor in Capitol Hill. But that’s what we can only assume & can’t say anything about it.

Apart from this, Parler is still not available on the Play Store as well as on the App Store as both tech giants Google & Apple had already removed this twitter-like social media app from their respective stores. However, you can access Parler from your web-browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.

The company has also updated its community guidelines document that lets users know, “the company doesn’t support to get being used as a tool of crime & any other illegal activity“. Although, the rules still maintain their stance on free-speech and mentioned that they’ll remove very little content from the platform as it’s a free-speech application. But still, Parler has requested people to create their own feed by blocking & muting unsolicited people to appear on their feed.

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