10 Best Online Video Editing Software for Internet Marketer

Videos are versatile, attractive, and highly shareable medium among audiences. They are the most effective online marketing tool as compared to print media and marketing emails. Videos are capable of conveying ideas much faster than photographs. The engagement rate of videos is always higher than static images. They boost traffic and offer high conversion rates. Hence, you need to implement videos in your marketing campaigns to attract more audiences to your brand.

Best Online Video Editing Software for Internet Marketer

Best Online Video Editing Software

To mark the presence of your business online, you will need to create highly professional videos, and this can be done with the help of excellent editing software. The online video editor helps in editing videos in different formats. You can manipulate, modify, and generate a video file with the right video editing software. 

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience at editing, making the right selection of online editing software is the foremost thing to level up your internet marketing game via videos. Below are the top ten online editing software to fulfill your video creation and editing requirements.


InVideo is a quick, easy, and affordable software for editing videos. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. By simply logging into your account, you can create awesome videos in less than ten minutes. InVideo is not like any other fancy video editing software with hundreds of options. It is a simple, intuitive editor and does not require extensive editing experience. 

InVideo has an extensive library of over 2,000 video templates for every use case. You can easily customize any template with its easy-to-use editor.   You can add a voice-over or use its built-in text-to-speech technology, which is an excellent tool for converting articles into videos. InVideo has the world’s first intelligent video assistant (IVA) to recommend corrections on the fly.

The AI checks for text alignment, colors, animation speed, and various other parameters that you might have missed. These incredible features make InVideo one of the best options among other online video editors. InVideo offers a free plan instead of a free trial, and the paid plans start from $15 per month.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is available to Apple users only. The functions are simple and create good videos. The Apple iMovie has filters that help to beautify the videos easily. The software is suitable for online marketers who use Apple products. It also allows you to AirDrop files directly from iPhone to computer systems without any emails or attachments. Apple iMovie also has a green screen feature. The software comes free with Mac.    

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced online video editor for both Windows users. With the Adobe Premiere Rush application, even Mac users can use this software.  You can perform multi-cam and 3D editing on this. The software is not free, and the subscription costs around $20 per month. But Adobe Premiere Pro offers a free trial to new users who are unsure about the usage and want to test its features. This allows sufficient time to explore and decide if it’s the right tool for your online marketing purposes.


Lumen5 is not technical software, but it offers fun and simple online video editing. This tool is good for internet-savvy people who want to create instant videos for social media posts or blogs. Lumin5 is based on drag-and-drop functionality and creates 1080p HD videos. The monthly subscription of Lumin5 is around $50, and free offers are available for new users.  

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate   

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is not an advanced editing software, but its simplicity attracts beginners in video editing. It is compatible only with Windows. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is good for PC users. You can create video collages with the advanced 360-degree features of Corel VideoStudio.

Hitflim Express 14

HitFilm Express 14 video editing software is suitable for both Windows and Mac. The drag-and-drop features make it simple to use. Since it is highly customizable, you can edit videos easily and quickly on this application. HitFilm Express 14 is available for free. However, the advanced features are only available upon paying the subscription.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is referred to as the next level of iMovie. Hence, it is suitable for Apple users. Although it has advanced features, its operation is not complex. It has several effects such as animation, audio, and transitions. You can buy this online video editor for $99 approx. Its interface is designed for dual monitors and, hence, quite popular among internet marketers.  


VideoPad is an ideal choice for YouTubers. It is designed for Windows, but Mac users can also use this online video editor. You can also edit 360-degree footage on this application. Its free version is available for new users, but you need to pay around $69 for its Master’s Edition. The upgraded version offers unlimited audio tracks and plugins.

Filmora 9

Filmora9 is a suitable video maker for newcomers. The trial version of Filmora9 is free. It has special effects, filters, and built-in titles. It also offers royalty-free audio clips for creating engaging videos.

Pinnacle Studio

Video editors like Pinnacle Studio because of its stop-motion animation and multi-camera capture features. It offers ready-to-use templates and a number of effects. It is easy to use, and you can explore its features with a free 30-day trial.  

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