Must Have Smartphone Apps For Any User

In the 21st Century, every person has a smartphone, and every person have a group of applications installed on their phone. That’s why we’ve curated this list of must have smartphone apps for any users.

Some are using pre-loaded apps which are coming in their phone. Some installed apps as per their needs.

But today we are going to talk about those apps, which you always should have,
because anytime any person needs them in many ways.

So if you guys want to use your phone while you need something suddenly, then you don’t have to rush, if you are having these apps,


This App is very important for those whose work related to documents, and they always surrounded by the files or paperwork.

Because in some cases we need documents urgently, even when we don’t have that much time to scan that document and copy it to your computer or phones.

At that time CamScanner comes to help you because this app makes your camera as a document scanner, and it works perfectly.

If you are filling an online application, you have to submit the document through the internet and you already don’t have those scan copy of your documents, Then this app Helps you a lot.

CamScanner can also scan your photos if you wanted a scanned copy of your picture.

And easy sharing button of this app is very handy,
You can share your document in many formats. JPEG, PDF, and PNG.

Which makes things very easy to do.


I know that, So many people will think that why we need Evernote because every phone has an application name Notes,
This helps you to write down your important things, But there are so many limitations in your inbuilt Notes application.

In Evernote you can have larger notes, 200 MB of notes size is maximum, and in Evernote, you will get an inbuilt camera which can scan business cards for you,

If you want to show your notes to someone or present in front of other than you can easily use the presentation mode, which makes your notes cooler.

and you can see the history of your notes if you want, and you can change your notes into PDF file which comes very handy.

So this app is very useful when you need to write something down or you have a habit of keeping things on your notes.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Every smartphone user have a photo editing app for his/her picture, because after so many clicks sometimes you don’t your perfect shot.

For countering this problem every person install a photo editing app, but sometimes we confused that which app should I choose,
For this problem, I already write an article which tells you best photo editing apps so please check out that article also

But in this article, I mentioned Adobe Photoshop Express, Because this app comes with so many features,
Like a bunch of cool filters, and so many tools for your editing skills, I personally like this app very much, And Perspective Correction feature is good to use.

This app is very easy to use, and a very good interface of it helps you a lot.

Google Photos

I know that this app comes in every android smartphone, But some people don’t use this app because they don’t know how useful this app is.

Because Google app reminds you, Your year’s old picture, & helps you to remember your beautiful memories in pictures and videos.

A very beautiful automatic collage feature works perfectly, And this app already knows which photo should be placed in collage.

In this app you get 15 GB of google storage, which is more than enough for your photos, it saves your photos and your photos will never delete if you change your phone or lost it Because your photos always save on google’s cloud.

And you can trust google cloud Because google is very curious about the security of its user.

Google Drive

Here is another google product here. I know that this app also comes with every android smartphone.

But this app is very useful for those people, Who have so many files to keep, and some of them are very important.

This app gives you the freedom to upload any type of file in Google Drive and save it to the cloud, In case you lost your phone or by accident you reset your phone, All files will be saved in the cloud.

For the storage, you can use your Gmail storage which is 15 GB for the normal users, but if you want more space you can purchase more storage from Google.

This app is a very secure and trusted application for users, There are so many apps in this field like giving you cloud service, but Google Drive is the best of them.

You can easily share files from this app, and you can add a trusted account in it, If you want to share your documents with someone else.

Fleksy Keyboard

I know many people love to use which looks cool and works fast, And the keyboard should be very Good in predictions, And nowadays every smartphone keyboard looks cool.

But, In Fleksy keyboard you will get fast typing speed, while others are still typing BOOM you send it in seconds.

Fleksy Keyboard is very good in predictions and it looks very good, The classy design and simple button pop-up feature look so good while you are typing.

The swipe feature of Fleksy keyboard is very awesome, I personally use this app for texting, You can easily add extra home buttons in the keyboard which includes shortcuts of apps, You can add Numerical nos. in front of the keyboard.

This app has a cool pack of themes, and many of theme are free which is very good.

And the app gives you to download any regional language if you prefer to text in your native language.
This is one of the best keyboards in the market.


U-Dictionary is a very good app for those who want to learn a different language,
Because nowadays learning two languages is normal to learn.

Because in today’s corporate life you must know a language that can boost the probability of your promotion.

This app supports 108 languages which are very good for many users, You can choose, In which language you want to increase your efficiency and skills.

The lock screen feature tells you every single time a new word is very good because every time you open your phone you learn a new word.

In this app, there are so many games to play, from which you can learn the language you want, and they are very fun and enjoyable.

The copy and translate feature of this app is very handy, because whenever you copy a sentence which you don’t know the meaning of, you can simply copy the sentence and the app translate it automatically,

It’s very fast and accurate, I also use this app, because I’m also learning English.


This app is created by DoMobile Lab. This app is known for its good app lock services, You can simply lock your apps just after of few settings and then your AppLock is ready to protect you.

Sometimes we don’t want, that anyone uses our Whatsapp or Facebook or any other app, then this app comes as a savior for you. The app hiding feature of its is very cool, this feature can disappear your apps from the menu, And whenever you want you can bring your apps back in the menu bar.

You can also hide files in this app, you just need to open the app and select the file you want to hide, and that’s it your file is hidden.

You can hide any type of files like Videos, Songs, PDF, or your personal documents. This app is very trusted and good.

You also must have this app, because this app gives you the privacy you want.

ES File Explorer

The ES File Explorer is a very good app for managing files and many more. In this application, you can do whatever you want to do with your files.

You can extract your RAR file in it, and you can unzip the zip by this app, You don’t need to download multiple apps for multiple works, Because ES File Explorer comes up with so many features.

There is an inbuilt Media player in which you can play songs or videos, And a very lovely user interface is so good while using this app.

This is smooth and fast, Even if another person also have this app you can easily share files from it directly, You don’t need to install ShareIt or any other app.

And Hide features also there for the protection of your Important documents. And there are so many themes for you to make ES File Explorer-like you designed this app for your personal use.

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In today’s world, everyone is busy in their lives, And in this busy world, every person is irritated or frustrated by something or someone. Someone is pressurized by work.

Everyone needed a break or some free time to relax, So for countering this, Here is Headspace a meditation app that helps you to come out from the pressure.

This app tells you how to meditate with a free mind, and audio and video helps you to meditate.

But you have to pay for this app monthly, But this app is worthy of the money.

This app is very easy to use, it is like a game there are stages that you have to cross each and every stage while learning how to meditate.

And in the 21st century, you must need this type of app,

So, I Hope guys you like the list of must have smartphone apps.If you guys have any queries please ask it in the comment box.

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