GTA Trilogy: Missions You Probably Don’t Want to Replay in GTA Trilogy

Here are one of the most difficult missions in GTA Trilogy you wouldn't want to replay

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful gaming franchises in the world. The series is known for its massive open-world, hundreds of story missions, and the freedom to explore the world. However, these ain’t the only reasons why people still love these games. In its collection of hundreds of beautifully crafted story missions, there are plenty of other missions as well that spikes up the difficulty of the game.

The GTA Trilogy is about to hit the stores on 11th November 2021. And this trilogy will come up with 3 titles that are GTA Liberty City, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. All the games are coming with enhanced graphics, better controls, and a beautiful environment. However, everything like the story, missions, and characters will be there as it is to let gamers relive their memories.

GTA Trilogy: Missions You Probably Don’t Want to Replay in GTA Trilogy

It simply means that this trilogy isn’t a reboot but only a remaster for newer consoles. So if you’re eager to purchase this trilogy then we’re going to remind you of the hardest missions of all these games. So without wasting your time. Let’s check out some of the most difficult missions in GTA Trilogy no one wants to replay.

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New Model Army

If you’ve ever played GTA San Andreas and somehow managed to purchase Zero’s R.C shop. Then you must have completed or even played this mission. New Model Army is one of the most annoying missions you can play in this franchise. The only thing you’ve to do is clear the obstacles from your highly advanced remote control helicopter to make way for Zero’s car.

While clearing the route for Zero’s car, you’ve to bombard tanks that attack Zero’s car and make bridges over artificial rivers. Even if you finally manage to clean the road, then there’s another thing that pushes you backward, and that’s the timer. You’ve to destroy those tanks, remove the obstacles, and make bridges before that clock hits the times out button.

Demolition Man

A mission that took days to finally get completed. Demolition Man is a mission in GTA Vice City where you’ve to destroy a construction building with your remote control helicopter. The first thing that makes this mission harder is the controls. Then picking your bombs one by one and going again inside the building to plant them is another task that needs patience as well as speed.

The construction workers inside the building make this mission a nightmare when they attack your helicopter. After keeping everything in check, the countdown timer is there that makes this mission even more frustrating. Because many times you’ll manage to plant most of the bombs, but when you’re about to hit the last one, the timer hit the snooze and you’ve to start it again from the beginning.

So if you somehow manage to complete this mission on your first try, then do let’s know in the comment section.

Espresso 2 Go

A mission from GTA Liberty City is here. Espresso 2 Go is one of the most annoying missions in this game. The only thing you’ve to do is to destroy stalls located in different areas of the city. I know it sounds like a child’s play, right? But here’s the twist, all the stalls will be located too far from each other which makes it hard to destroy them quickly.

The mission gets more intense when you’ll see the timer. Nevertheless, the developers thought that it’s not enough and added gangsters who will try their best to kill you in this quest. So you’ve to keep yourself alive while looking at the timer and simultaneously destroying the stalls. I still remember the frustration while playing this mission in my childhood. That’s why I think you probably wouldn’t want to replay this mission in this new GTA Trilogy.

Supply Lines

Another mission from GTA San Andreas is here. Flying planes is one of the most exciting things in the GTA series, but the same doesn’t apply to this mission. As here you’ve to operate a remote control plane with ammunition and bad handling. The plane you’ll be flying has a limited amount of fuel that makes this mission a nightmare.

Apart from fuel, the vans and bikes you’ve to destroy from this plane are located in different areas of the city. To make this mission more stressful, those vans and bikes try to run away or hit back with guns. So you’ve to keep your plane safe as well because it can be destroyed by enemies easily. If somehow, you manage to destroy all the vans and bikes in the given fuel, then get comfortable. Because you’ve to bring that plane safely back to the rooftop of Zero’s shop. 

And this thing happened many times with me when I somehow destroyed all enemies’ vehicles but in the end, fuel gets finished. So it’s another mission that would annoy you in the new GTA Trilogy.

Death Row

One of the iconic missions in GTA history. The rules are pretty simple here, you’ve to kill Diaz’s men to save your best friend, Lance Vance. From one of the most crowded clubs in the world, the Malibu club, you’ve to make your way straight to the junkyard which is in another city. But, you’ve to keep Lance’s health in check as well.

After reaching the junkyard, you’ve to mow down all the enemies that are on your way. However, killing them isn’t an easy task as they’re huge in numbers. So you’ve to strategically kill them in a limited time.


As I said earlier, GTA games are known for their gigantic open-world maps, story missions, and more. But we can’t emphasize the fact enough that racing in GTA games is one of the worst things you can do. Yes, Turismo is a mission where you’ve to bring up a shiny car to race with fellow racers. You’ve to finish 1st to complete this mission. But driving your car with minimal damage and keeping yourself ahead of other racers is a real task. 

I personally hate racing in GTA games as they’re supposed to enjoy the environment with a crazy story. But whenever there’s a mission related to racing, I start trembling as I’m not very good with it in GTA games. However, I love racing games and would say that I’ve good racing skills as well. Driving in GTA 3 wasn’t that good as well, so this makes your mission a bit harder as well.


S.A.M is a GTA 3 mission where things are pretty normal. The poison packets are about to land in your city through a plane. And your task is to destroy the plane and kill the remaining enemies. I know this sounds easy, but you’ve to fight against numerous enemies and then destroy the plane before it flies off. 

After killing all the enemies and destroying the plane, you’ll also get a four-star wanted level. So you’ve to get rid of those cops as well. After leaving the airport, you’ve to run from the police and cool down the heat before completing the mission. S.A.M is one of the most annoying missions as here keeping yourself alive is the main task.

The Driver

A straightforward mission with a clear objective, win the race. This mission is coming up from GTA Vice City. You and your friend Hilary race against each other on the streets of vice city. The race starts and ends in front of the Malibu club. The race starts looking ugly as soon as you start driving your car against a well-trained computer. Your friend Hilary pushes you off-road to win the race and you’ve to do the same.

However, it’s not enough as you’ll get a wanted level, and cops will be there to spice up your race with different obstacles. You’ve to dodge from cops as well as from Hilary to win the race. The race gets intense when traffic, Hilary, and cops are against you and everyone wants you to lose this race. I personally didn’t like this mission much as I’m not a fan of racing in GTA games. But if you’re good with it. Then you might love this mission in the new GTA Trilogy which is coming on the 11th of November 2021.


So these are the mission I think are one of the worst moments in the GTA Trilogy and no one wouldn’t want to replay them. However, if you think that we’ve missed any of your favorite but hardest mission from this trio, then please let us know in the comment section below. 

We’d love to add people’s favorite/hated missions to our list.

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