Medium Alternatives: 12 Best Sites like Medium for publishers & readers

Best Medium Alternatives or websites like Medium for readers and publishers

Medium, an online publishing platform, that hosts your articles. And helps you to earn money to make a living from your writing hobby. Beautiful heaven for publishers & readers alike. But in the past few years, Medium has introduced a lot of changes to its privacy policy & rules, which keeps pushing away readers as well as publishers from its platform. Therefore, people are constantly looking for some of the best Medium alternatives. Or sites like Medium to enjoy the freedom of reading and publishing.

Because a recent change in “privacy policy” allows Medium to earn money from your content through selling it to their partners. Moreover, one can read a limited number of high-quality articles, if he/she doesn’t purchase any of the premium plans of Medium. Apart from this, most of the writers on Medium have been complaining. That they receive only a limited amount of money, despite generating a good number of views on their articles. Which definitely discourages them to keep themselves writing on Medium.

Medium Alternatives: 12 Best Sites like Medium for publishers & readers

Best Medium Alternatives or websites like Medium for readers and publishers

Whether you’re an avid reader who loves to read the latest trends. Or a publisher who’s looking for a platform, that allows a good & clean environment to share his/her content. This list is the panacea for all your needs. And will definitely going to help you to choose one of the best Medium alternatives. That makes your life easy.

Also, I’ve broken this list into two different parts. One is for readers, where I’ve listed Medium alternatives for researchers. And another one is for publishers, where one can earn money. Through sharing his/her content.

So without further ado. Let’s dive into the list of best Medium alternatives. Or one of the best sites like Medium to read, write, and share the content.

Medium Alternatives for Readers

As I said earlier, first we’ll be checking out the top 6 sites like Medium for readers.


Quora is one of the best medium alternatives

From a reader’s perspective, Quora is a perfect and one of the best Medium alternatives. That provides high-quality info, people want to know or share. Unlike Medium, Quora is a Q&A website, where people come to ask questions. And if you’re looking for a specific thing. Then there might be 99% of chances that someone could have already asked that thing on this medium alternative.

Quora has more well-known individuals & professionals on its platform. That helps you to find answers from those who have expertise in a particular field. Apart from this, you can follow your favorite publications to read things that you care about the most. Moreover, if you’re a publisher & looking to earn some hard cash online.

Then Quora could be a good(not great) choice. Because anyone can create “Quora Spaces that helps you to build your audience base. Which later could be used to earn some pocket money. Moreover, it’s totally free and never asks money from its users.

Pros of Quora:

  • 100% free for life.
  • High-number of professionals & publications.
  • A good amount of active users.
  • Clean interface.
  • Allows you to earn pocket money.

Cons of Quora

  • Spammers are everywhere.
  • Sometimes irrelevant answers from people.


Live Journal is one of the best medium alternatives or alternatives to medium.

Livejournal is a totally different platform from Medium. But provides amazing personalized small articles to its users. Because in Livejournal, people tend to share their personal experiences in the fields they’re into. And of course, anybody can share what they feel or want to let other people know. You can easily follow people, from whom you’re willing to receive notifications.

Moreover, the website is more like an online family, where people share their thoughts. And other people react or share their opinions on those small articles. The website has a pretty neat interface and available on platforms like Windows, Android, & iOS.

Pros of Livejournal:

  • Small but quality content.
  • Ad-free experience.
  • Neat interface.

Cons of Livejournal:

  • Limited number of people.
  • Limited number of articles.
  • Hard to navigate.


Reddit is one of the best medium alternatives or alternatives to medium.

Reddit, the front page of the internet. An American tech giant that ranks #17 in the list of most visited websites, worldwide. Reddit is a community based social media platform, where people create groups on their favorite topics. And anyone can join those groups to discuss or read updates about those particular topics. The community is pretty spam-proof, thanks to their moderators, who always keep an eye on spammy links, texts, and images.

And if you’re a reader desperately looking for some of the best sites like Medium. Then this might be a great choice for you. Because here you’ll be getting small blogs about your favorite topics. And people are pretty active on this one of the best Medium alternatives. That helps you to discuss things with people in no-time.

Unlike Medium, here you’ll be scrolling your feed with never-ending content. And of course, everything is free, unless you want to buy those quirky Reddit Avatars or coins to look like a premium member on this platform. Apart from this, you can upvote or downvote your favorite content to show your love or hate to the publisher.

Pros of Reddit:

  • Various type of content like Links, Texts, Videos, Images, & more.
  • Spam-proof content.
  • Active community.

Cons of Reddit:

  • Excessive advertisement.
  • Sometime force to buy Reddit coins.
  • Design is pretty boring.


Tumblr is one of the best medium alternatives or sites like medium

Tumblr is no-doubt amazing and one of the best Medium alternatives on this list. Because here, one can make his/her own blog without spending a single penny. Although, the blog will be on Tumblr’s domain and will act like a subdomain of this blogging website. But still, if you’re looking to find content in an amazing way. Then Tumblr could be a perfect & one of the best sites like Medium.

The website allows an enormous amount of customization options, which helps you to make your page outstanding. And you can read & share content in forms like text, images, gifs, links, videos, and more. Apart from this, Tumblr works almost similar to Medium. Because you won’t be able to move your content and can’t directly monetize your blog.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to run your blog simultaneously with Tumblr. Because this platform exposes your content in front of millions of users. And if you’re sharing your content in a good way on Tumblr. Then you might be hitting the sky from your success.

Pros of Tumblr:

  • Millions of active users.
  • Too many ways to customize your page.
  • Allows you to create your own blog.
  • One can share content in forms like links, images, gifs, videos, & more.

Cons of Tumblr:

  • Can’t move your content, just like Medium.
  • Monetization isn’t available.
  • Custom domains ain’t available.


If you’re more into entrepreneurship. And constantly looking for the latest industry updates, worldwide. Then Beam is one of the best Medium alternatives, especially for you. Because here, people share the latest news about startups, entrepreneurs, and industries. You can meet startup owners from worldwide and easily can chat with them. The website has a pretty good interface with a lot of amazing features.

Moreover, if you own a startup, you can create its profile to let other people know about your vision. And unlike Medium, Beam doesn’t offer random people to share anything on its platform. That helps them to keep their website spam-free. And allows them to provide high-quality legitimate news from the trusted sources.

Pros of Beam:

  • Latest news from Startups, gaming, and tech industries.
  • Legitimate news from trusted sources.
  • Spam-free content.
  • Allows you to create your startup’s profile.

Cons of Beam:

  • A limited number of people.
  • Asks money to send messages and some other important activities are paid.


Hubpages is one of the best medium alternatives or sites like medium for readers and publisher

Hubpages is one of the best Medium alternatives for readers as well as publishers. Because here one can easily earn money through writing high-quality content. This website is a well-known name in the online world. And Hubpages covers almost every topic one can search. Apart from this, like Reddit, you can start a discussion or just become a part of one, to gain some extra insights.

Moreover, the content being shared on Hubpages is high-quality spam-free content. Because before a post goes live, moderators check that article. And if it doesn’t meet the minimum quality requirement. Then that article never goes live on the platform.

Pros of HubPages:

  • Allows users to earn money from their content.
  • Moderators are pretty active.
  • Short & long articles on almost every topic.

Cons of HubPages:

  • You can’t earn enough money to feel good.
  • So many ads.

Medium Alternatives for Publishers

So without wasting a single second. Let’s go to the next part of our list of best Medium alternatives for publishers and readers.


WordPress is one of the best sites like Medium

WordPress is a pretty big name in the online world. And if you’re writing on Medium to earn some hard cash. Then WordPress is the best Medium alternative you should be going for. Because here you’ll be owning everything from the content to rights. Moreover, on WordPress, you don’t have to follow so called rules & privacy policy of other websites.

Because here you can create your own brand and easily can challenge big players in your field. Although, maintaining a WordPress website is pretty hard. Because you’ve to purchase a premium hosting that provides the fastest server response time. And sometimes you could be fixing technical issues of your website, which isn’t a cup of tea for many people out there.

Moreover, once you establish a brand. Then there’s nothing to stop you from reaching new heights in your life except Google’s algorithm update. Therefore, WordPress is one of the best Medium alternatives for publishers who want to earn money or want to build a brand.

Pros of WordPress:

  • You’ll be the one & only owner of your blog/brand.
  • Limitless possibilities to customize your blog.
  • You don’t have to follow other people’s rules, except Google.
  • Freedom to write anything.

Cons of WordPress:

  • Hard to maintain blogs.
  • Need investment from day one.
  • Need basic technical knowledge of how websites work.
  • Takes time to rank on Google(only when you’re new).


I personally love Ghost to build a personal brand. Because the tools it provides are amazing. And helps in every aspect to create an appealing brand for your readers. Ghost also has an in-built monetization feature. That allows you to monetize your articles right-away you start publishing content from its platform.

Apart from this, you can create your own brand by connecting a custom domain. Unlike WordPress, here, you don’t have to worry about hosting, theme, and plugins. Because Ghost will be managing everything for you. In addition to that, it provides one of the best tools to edit your posts, blog, and easy to install themes.

All these things made Ghost, one of the best Medium alternatives for publishers. So if you’re looking to monetize your writing skills without having prior knowledge in coding. Then Ghost could be one of the best sites like Medium.

Pros of Ghost:

  • Easy to setup a brand new blog.
  • Allows to create your own brand.
  • Provides exceptional editing tools.
  • Super-friendly dashboard.
  • No need of technical background.

Cons of Ghost:

  • Only for paid users.


Steemit is a perfect alternative to Medium, to be more specific for publishers. Because here one can easily earn money from his/her content. You just need an e-wallet connected to your account. And whenever someone likes your post and gives an upvote to your article, you’ll get some easy money. Although, getting likes and upvotes from people couldn’t be an easy task.

Moreover, anyone can create an account and easily start sharing his/her content without any restriction. Steemit allows its users to join communities. And make friends to read the content you care about the most.

Pros of Steemit

  • Easy to monetize your content.
  • Easy to share articles on the platform.
  • You can join communities or make friends.

Cons of Steemit

  • Doesn’t cover a lot of topics.


Blogger is a renowned publishing platform, which is changing the lives of thousands of people. Because it’s totally free and doesn’t require any sort of technical knowledge which helps people to simply focus on their writing skills. And the best part of this platform is, that you can directly monetize your content through Google Adsense. Because they’re connected and blogger has a separate section for it.

Moreover, Blogger allows its users to create their own brand under their own domain. And of course, all these things are free except the domain, which you’ve to purchase from a domain registrar like Godaddy. Furthermore, this one of the best medium alternatives provides a beautiful dashboard to curate your content.

The only thing that may annoy you sometimes is, that you can’t fully customize your blogger website. Because of its limitation in the coding part. Either you’ve to purchase a premium theme or just use a free theme from itself, which doesn’t look that great.

Pros of Blogger

  • Totally Free.
  • Provides a beautiful dashboard.
  • Easy to monetize with Google.
  • No need of technical knowledge.

Cons of Blogger

  • Don’t have extraordinary themes in its free section.
  • Can’t optimize like WordPress, and takes a lot of time to rank.
  • Users can’t customize core parts like header & footer.


A new and emerging player in the CMS(Content Management System) industry. You must have already seen a lot of ads of Wix on platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and on & on. They do heavily promote their CMS, but you can easily create blogs and monetize them without editing a single line of code. The website has amazing features and supports many big plugins like Mailchimp & Hellobar.

Apart from this, Wix offers a powerful visual website editor. That allows you to curate your blog while seeing its prototype. Wix is a CMS like WordPress and Blogger, it means you’ve to generate traffic from Google’s SERP or through social media. Because like Medium Wix doesn’t offer views from its own users.

Pros of Wix

  • Easy to create a blog
  • Anyone can monetize their blog.
  • An appealing website builder.
  • Allows users to connect their own domain.

Cons of Wix

  • You’ve to rely for everything on Wix.
  • Only for paid users.

A beautifully designed website that provides minimalistic design to its users. Because here you just have to create an account and start sharing your thoughts without any problem. The content editor also looks beautiful with a clean background. That never disturbs you.

It’s a highly recommended one of the best Medium alternatives. Because of its simplicity and unique design. You can write articles and host them till the world ends. Just like WordPress, Blogger, and Wix, you’ve to drive traffic from Google’s SERP. Because here you’ll be managing your own website.

Pros of

  • Minimalistic design.
  • Easy to write and manage your content.

Cons of

  • Unlike Medium, you won’t have powerful domain authority.
  • You’ll need to drive traffic from Google, which takes a lot of time.

Square Space

To be honest, Square Space is just like a sister of Wix. Because it offers almost the same features just like Wix. No doubt, Square Space is one of the best Medium alternatives for publishers. That provides a powerful visual website editor. And have tools to make your website amazing and catchy.

Square Space is a recommended, one of the best sites like Medium. That provides tools to make your task easy.

Pros of Square Space

  • Easy to understand.
  • Provides a visual website builder.
  • Anyone can curate adorable websites.

Cons of Square Space

  • Limited number of plugins supported.

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