Little Nightmares II Hit Another Milestone; Sold 1 Million Copies in 1st Month

In less than a month, Little Nightmares II sold over 1 million copies worldwide. The creators of this amusing game, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe confirmed this milestone via their website. The company emphasizes the fact, that it’s their first-ever title to sell more than a million copies in a single month.

Little Nightmares II sold 1 Million Copies in its First Month

Little Nightmares II is a single-player game, where you’ve to solve normal-looking paradoxes without any time limits. The game has fantastic visuals with robust gameplay. It’s more like its predecessor, based in a 2.5D world, where you’ve to make your way out. However, going through levels wouldn’t be a cup of tea, and Mono(protagonist) has to break through jails, traps, & fight with big & small foes to reach his freedom.

Unlike its predecessor, Mono isn’t helpless here, and capable of picking things to throw and hit small foes. Albeit, you’ll feel defenseless whenever a gigantic foe confronts you in between your journey. At that time, your last resort would be to find a place to hide or run like a crazy dog.

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Real Developers ain’t Going to Make More Little Nightmares

According to IGN, the real developers of Little Nightmares II, Tarsier Studios, aren’t gonna make new games for this franchise. Because it’s been acquired by Embracer Group in 2019. However, Tarsier’s CEO, Andreas Johnsson said, that they’ll create new IPs and explore new worlds to create marvelous games for their fans.

In a nutshell, it remains to be seen that how Namco will continue this amusing franchise to keep their audience happy. In my opinion, changing the developers could make a huge difference in the new installments of this franchise, they could make or break it. So right now, we can only hope for the best and wait for the next big update from Namco. After all, Little Nightmares II has already won millions of hearts and made its own place in the market.

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