Kissanime Alternatives: 20 Best websites like Kissanime for Anime lovers

Best Kissanime Alternatives to watch and download anime for free

As we all know, our beloved Kissanime website has been shut down. Therefore, people like me who love anime a lot. And had spent their whole lockdown with their favorite anime shows will definitely gonna miss this amazing website. Because Kissanime was known for its quality and the content it provides. But for now, we’ve to keep ourselves satisfied with some Kissanime alternatives. That provides the same or even more anime shows than that of Kissanime.

Because there are plenty of websites from which you can watch and download anime shows. All these websites are trusted and don’t steal your data. But if you’re still concerned about your privacy. Then you can use VPN apps to avoid any discrepancies with your data. Although I’ve tested all these websites by myself. And there’s nothing have to worry about.

20 Best websites like Kissanime for Anime lovers

Kissanime alternatives or best websites like Kissanime to watch your anime shows and movies for free

But still, you can check those Kissanime alternatives by yourself to make sure they’re safe. The websites are one of the finest anime sources. That has anime shows in dubbed and subbed. Even all these websites are accessible from windows, mac, android, and iOS. That helps you to watch anime anywhere and anytime.

So without taking a lot of your precious time. Let’s roll the list and start the countdown of 20 best Kissanime alternatives for anime lovers.


9 anime is one of the best websites to download anime for free

Here’s the #1 and one of the best Kissanime alternatives right now. Because here you can’t just watch your favorite shows and movies. But can also download them without paying a single penny. I know it sounds good, but the number of shows, 9anime provides is limitless. And, you’ll be amazed, when I’ll tell you that the servers are super fast.

Although, you’ve to use a third-party online video downloader to download your favorite shows. But this isn’t a big deal, after all, you’re getting high-quality anime shows for free. Apart from this, 9anime has been up and running for years. And it does make a pretty big fan following from all over the world. As a result, millions of people are already using this one of the best websites like Kissanime.

The interface looks very clean but does have annoying ads. You can easily choose light/dark mode as per your preferences. And all the basic options will be available in the player you’d need while watching. Further, you can see upcoming anime shows and their release dates.

anime frenzy is one of the best Kissanime alternatives or websites like Kissanime

Animefrenzy is another one of the best alternatives to Kissanime. That provides anime from a wide genre of shows and movies. You can schedule shows easily with the help of the “schedule tab” of the website. Because there you can easily keep track of the latest shows and movies. The page shows the release date and time of every episode.

Animefrenzy does allow to sort shows that are dubbed or subbed. Although this isn’t the reason why Animefrenzy got the limelight. Because Animefrenzy is known for its huge collection of American cartoons. Where you can watch cartoons from history to today’s date.

Furthermore, you can chat with other people through the chat room feature of this Kissanime alternative. However, these features ain’t yet completed. And this one of the best kissanime alternatives has a “Random button”. Which is helpful for those, who can’t decide what to watch next.


I personally want to put this site on the #1 spot on our list. But due to its availability in limited countries, Animelab ended up here. Although it’s not available in many countries. But still, people are streaming anime shows on this one of the best websites like Kissanime with the help of VPN apps. That allows you to change or fake your location.

Animelab has hundreds of anime shows and movies. The interface of this website is mind-blowing. And could provide the premium look, although it’s totally free. And you don’t have to pay anything to stream your favorite shows. But there might be chances, that you won’t find anime shows older than 10 or 20 years.

The best part of this one of the best Kissanime alternatives is, that it doesn’t frustrate you with annoying ads. And have a look, every person would fall into. Moreover, the way Animelab describes an anime genre or shows is remarkable. And no website on this list could give you the premium feel like it does.

An Anime streaming website, that runs a Discord channel. Where hundreds of Anime lovers share their favorite shows, movies, and more. You can talk with people and share your thoughts if you love to talk with strangers. And of course, Animepahe does has a colossal collection of Anime shows and movies. Which you can easily search through the navigation bar of the website.

The interface looks pretty decent. And doesn’t annoy you with thousands of redirections. Moreover, you can change the video player according to the speed. And can reduce the quality as per your network connection. I know, these things sound pretty good. But another amazing thing on this website is, that you can choose the download quality of the video.

And directly can choose the desired episode. Through the dropdown menu available at the bottom of the Video Player. The homepage is pretty rich, where you’ll see the latest episodes and movies every day.

crunchyroll is another amazing website to watch anime

After the release, of this one of the best websites like Kissanime. Crunchyroll has been growing at a rapid pace. And people do love the content it provides. Because unlike any other Kissanime alternatives on this list. Crunchyroll provides news, videos, shows, and updates related to every anime show and movie.

You can watch shows from its colossal library in Japnese, English, and other languages. Although all these stuff ain’t free. And you’ve to pay some bucks to enjoy all these things. But if you’re kind of a person who likes to watch premium content. And doesn’t support piracy. Then Crunchyroll is the website you’re looking for.

Moreover, some parts of the website are free to access. And if you ain’t the guy who daily binge-watch anime shows. Then you’d try the free version of Crunchyroll. Although the free version of this one of the best websites like Kissanime does suck. But you can try that, at least once.

animerush tv is one of the best websites to download anime for free

This Kissanime alternative is your one-stop solution. From where you can get subbed as well as dubbed anime shows and movies. The website has a decent interface. And updates its library in every minute, which is an amazing thing.

Just like Animefrenzy, you can chat with fellow viewers in real-time. And hide it, if you’re not that very social guy. However, things become easy when you can directly change episodes from the bottom.

The homepage of Animerush is pretty rich in terms of content. Because there you can see the latest episodes and trending shows.


gogoanime is one of the best websites to download anime for free in 2020 and 2021

One of my favorite websites like Kissanime. Because here, dubbed and subbed anime shows are clearly assorted. That helps you to watch the content you’re searching for ages. The interface of Gogoanime looks adorable.

Gogoanime, allows you to choose the servers as per their speed. Although, this kissanime alternative needs an account to download anime shows and movies. But don’t worry, because the account is free. And just need an email to create.

The best part of Gogoanime is, that it never or sometimes irritates you with redirection. And the video player just feels like you’re streaming on YouTube. because you can adjust the speed of playback and directly can download videos.


Funimation is owned by Sony, one of the biggest distributors of the latest anime shows. However, it’s not available around the globe, only accessible in 47 countries. But if you’re lucky enough to live in one of those countries. Then Funimation is a blessing for you.

Although it’s paid and considering it as one of the best Crunchyroll alternatives could be a great fit. Because Kissanime is a free website. And Funimation is a paid and premium subscription website. Therefore, it’s a direct rival of Crunchyroll.

Just like it’s competitor, Funimation provides news, articles, videos, and more related to your favorite shows. You can watch and bookmark shows you’re thinking to complete later.

anime-planet is one of the best kissanime alternatives or best websites like kissanime

Unlike any other Kissnaime alternatives on this list. Anime-planet has a gorgeous interface with some amazing features. The interface is pretty clean and have a light skin, which looks pretty cool. You need a free account first to watch and bookmark anime.

The video player allows you to select video quality. And has subtitles in more than 6 languages like German, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and more. The speed is undoubtedly amazing. And provides video streaming video loading again & again.

Every anime show’s page has information regarding the release-end date, a brief description, and more. As a result, it’s a complete Wikipedia as well, from where you can get info about every show and movie.


chia-anime is an amazing website to watch and download anime for free

Chia-anime is also a very popular name in the anime industry. Therefore, this one of the best Kissanime alternatives has fans in millions. You can easily select mobile or desktop mode. That adjusts the video player and screen according to your device.

And just like Gogoanime, you can choose the server according to their speed and load time. The website provides features like playback speed, video quality option, and more. As a result, you’ll definitely gonna visit this one of the best websites like Kissanime again and again.

Chia-anime has content from almost every genre you’ve ever heard of. And you can directly search shows from the genre tags on the website. Further, if you’re in love with Manga, then don’t worry, because Chia-anime does provide manga as well.

Anime freak is one of the best kissanime alternatives or best websites like kissanime

I’d say all the websites on this list are amazing. And Animefreak is just like them. Because here, you’re free to watch anime shows like a boss. The homepage has all the latest and upcoming shows listed. That helps you to schedule your plans.

You can browse anime by their genre, release date, popular ones, hot ones, and more. Everything has been assorted like a perfectionist. You can create a watchlist of your favorite or most awaited shows. And even follow them for the latest updates.

Although, you may need an account for all these things. But don’t worry, because just like any other website like Kissanime. Creating an account is also free. Animefreak is a must-try website for anime lovers. So don’t wait and check out this amazing website now.

chauthanh is one of the best websites to download anime for free and you can watch online as well

From Doraemon to Kiteretsu, everything is available on this Kissanime alternative. The interface looks pretty amazing. Where every latest and trending show comes up on the homepage. And searching for old and new anime shows is nothing but a child’s play.

Because everything has been assorted like a pro. While watching anime movies and shows. You can chat with strangers to discuss battles and scenes. Although you may need an account to do that, which is totally free.

And of course, you’ll be able to download shows without paying a single dime. After all these things, the best part of this one of the best websites like Kissanime is. That you can watch reality shows, dramas, & movies for free. Which is one of my favorite things about this website like Kissanime.

anime heaven is one of the best websites to download anime for free

The next name on our list is Animeheaven. A perfect spot for anime lovers to stream and download movies and shows in high-quality. The servers are pretty fast. And you can easily rely on this one of the best Kissanime alternatives for your latest shows need.

You can use light/dark mode as per your preference. And just like Google, it’s a search engine of Anime movies & shows. Where you’ll get a search bar that fulfills all your wishes. While using this Kissanime alternative.

You’ll be going to see a “Random Button” that suggests random shows and movies. that’ll help you to find new and latest titles in this industry.

As the name suggests, this website really gives you real fun. Because all the latest and trending anime can be found on the homepage easily. All dubbed and subbed shows are assorted. That helps you to watch the right content in the minimum time.

Furthermore, every anime has its own encyclopedia. That helps you to find out things like their release date, info, and more. The interface is pretty good with a greyish finish.

You can change the video quality from HD to SD, which helps you to save your data and time. Apart from all these things, this one of the best kissanime alternatives does have a pretty colossal library of anime shows and movies.

Animekarma is one of the best Kissanime alternatives and best websites like Kissanime

Anime Karma is another colossal and one of the best Kissanime alternatives. And the reason is pretty simple. You can watch thousands of anime shows. With hundreds of American cartoons like Micky Mouse and more. That allows you to never run out of shows.

You can find shows from their name’s first letter. Or directly check out the best IMDB shows to watch and kill your time.

A pretty simple Kissanime alternative, where you just have to search the name. And boom, you’re good to go and easily can binge-watch all episodes together. Because just like any other websites like Kissanime. The homepage is pretty rich.

Where you’ll find the latest episodes and with their brief details. The website allows you to donate some money to help this site keep running. Moreover, you can chat with strangers and discuss your favorite anime shows.

aniwatcher is one of the best Kissanime alternatives that provides amazing anime shows and movies

This one of the best Kissanime alternatives has a lot of features that you’ll gonna love. So the first one is it’s newly added list where you’ll get only the latest anime shows and movies. The second one is its vast library of content from old to the latest.

And the third one is that it does provide some American cartoons. Although they’ve recently started this service. But yeah, they have some pretty good titles to watch.

Aniwatcher is definitely one of the best websites like Kissanime. Because while watching anime shows, you can choose the server according to their speed.

A perfect website for those, who love to watch anime. And also wants to read the latest news about their favorite shows. Because this one of the best Kissanime alternatives does provide news from the industry.

Also, there are many anime stories available. That you can read and feel a totally new experience. Because this is the only website, that provides anime stories.

The interface of is pretty amazing. And does look legitimate with only a few ads. That enhances your anime streaming experience.

Nwanime comes up with a simple motto, which is the track, watch, and discuss your favorite anime shows. Because here you’re free to schedule anime shows and watch them later. And easily can chat with other viewers to feel more connected.

Although the website is pretty new. So sometimes you may face some site down issues. But altogether it’s a nice and one of the best Kissanime alternatives. That provides the latest anime shows for free.

Animetosho is totally different but the best Kissanime alternatives right now. Because it’s basically a torrent website from where you can download the latest anime shows without any problem. And no doubt, that it provides amazing downloading speed.

Although you can’t stream anime shows directly on this website. But if you’re the kind of guy, who loves to make a collection of anime shows and movies. Then animetosho could be the best fit for you.

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