Kahoot Alternatives: 11 Free and Paid Learning Platforms Like Kahoot

Kahoot Alternatives: 20 Best Kahoot Free and Paid Alternatives to make learning fun and engaging

There are tons of ways one can make learning exciting and enjoyable. Kahoot is one of them, that lets you create quizzes, and provides a challenging environment to ignite one’s learning desires. However, Kahoot isn’t the only charm in the market, and the internet has a plethora of one of the best Kahoot alternatives in it. Therefore, we’ll be checking out some of the best free and paid alternatives to Kahoot that lets you teach kids in a quirky way.

11 Free and Paid Learning Platforms Like Kahoot

Kahoot Alternatives: 20 Best Kahoot Free and Paid Alternatives to make learning fun and engaging

These websites or apps like Kahoot have a gamut of games, quizzes, trivia, etc. Moreover, we’ll be covering some paid as well as free substitutes to Kahoot, as not everyone is looking for paid apps. These websites are more than enough and able to create amusing tasks for kids so that they can complete their homework in their leisure time.

With that being said, let’s check out some of the best free and paid Kahoot alternatives in 2021.


Seesaw is one of the best Kahoot alternatives to study

Seesaw is a remarkable alternative to Kahoot, which lets you collect assignments from students without going to your classroom. The website is able to give homework, projects, & more to your exceptional students. Moreover, it has a powerful dashboard where you can assign tasks to specific students, and keep an eye on their progress.

This one of the best Kahoot alternatives lets you create notes, drawing, etc. to keep your student busy. Further, if you’re a Google Classroom user and already had created classes then you can export your data right from the Google Classroom. Teachers can upload videos, images, and share links with students to keep everyone in the loop.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is one of the best Kahoot Alternatives to educate your students remotely and worldwide

Poll Everywhere is an inimitable learning platform that is suitable for any sort of need. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to make your employees connoisseurs in their respective fields, or a teacher digging-in, to find ways to make your students love studies. This one of the best Kahoot alternatives has a plethora of modes, where you can select them according to your need.

You can collect surveys, conduct competitions, and ask Q&As. The foremost feature here you’ll get is the clickable image, that lets you ask questions on maps. Moreover, Poll Everywhere has more than 20 different types of ways to ask questions and make studies compelling. Users can download sheets and other info to share them with parents. However, it’s a paid tool and if you’ve more than 40 kids in your class, then you might need a premium version to solve quizzes with all your lovely students.


Acadly is one of the best alternatives to Kahoot

Acadly is another one of the best Kahoot alternatives which have tons of features. Users can create a free account and start teaching their kids right away. You can ask various types of quizzes, conduct live-in class polls, and import your data. The website is pretty easy to handle, where you merely need to focus on better quality education.

Acadly often used as a collaborative tool amongst teachers, where they can easily interact with each other’s students. The learning website has an in-built chat feature as well that helps facilitators solve questions and clear doubts of their Philomath students. Along with tons of amazing features for teachers, Acadly lets you keep an eye on activities with the help of a timeline bar.


Quizizz is one of the best alternatives to Kahoot to study like a pro

Quizizz is a robust teaching and learning website that lets you create lessons as well as quizzes. It could be one of the best free Kahoot alternatives, where learning becomes fun. You can easily create a free account and start creating multiple choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blanks, polls, and various types of questions. Moreover, this alternative to Kahoot is available on almost all platforms.

You can show live leaderboard results on your screen. Apart from this, if you’re running out of questions, then you’re free to look out for other people’s quizzes to get a rough idea that how you can effectively ask questions. The search bar works amazingly fine and throws a bunch of topic-related questions, you should be adding to your own trivia.


Socrative is one of the best alternatives to Kahoot

If you’ve budget constraints and looking for some of the best free Kahoot alternatives, then Socrative is here to help you out. This educational website/app has tons of features for free as well as paid users. You can easily create a free account and start conducting tests.

Moreover, the interface is seamlessly fine and easy to understand. You can import quizzes from other apps if you already have an account and previously conducts tons of trivia on other Kahoot alternatives.


Quizlet is one of the best Kahoot alternatives or websites like Kahoot to educate kids easily

Quizlet is here to make your studies impressive with its brilliant ideas. This one one of the best paid or free Kahoot alternatives has all the features one could need to teach his/her kids. This educational tool easily allows teachers to create test sets to take exams easily. Moreover, you can either create or find already made quizzes and flashcards to make your test excellent.

The website has an amusing interface where you can single-handedly manage everything. Apart from this, This one of the best Kahoot alternatives has over 30 million users. And the website/app is available in over 15 different languages, which makes it accessible for people who ain’t comfortable with English.


Whether you’re looking for ways to make your presentation exceptional or just searching for Kahoot alternatives to teaching school kids. Ahaslides has got your back with its mind-blowing teaching as well as presentation features. The website has tons of options available like a word cloud, Google Slides, pick an image, pick answers, direct links, and a lot more.

Ahaslides lets you create slides where you can present something or ask questions from students. The app’s interface is neat and is a cup of tea to understand that how to conduct tests. Along with these things, you can add your school’s logo to make your questions more authentic. And anytime can close or open the test links for students or your employees.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is an amazing online eudcational platfrom for teachers and students

Blackboard Learn is solely a paid tool where you can teach your kids like never before. The website has premade courses as per your needs and classes. However, you’re free to create your own tests and notes for your smart students. The website focuses on high-quality education, where conducting tests and sharing results with students’ guardians is a cup of tea for a non-technical teacher as well.

Blackboard Learn makes education available for all. Students can easily participate in contests or tests. This one of the best Kahoot alternatives is amazing for those, who are willing to pay some bucks in order to provide an exceptional and fun study experience.


As the name suggests, Quizalize is an outstanding educational website, where you can ask advance quizzes. Users can create a free account and start testing kids on the brink of their eye. The app seems easy to use where creating quizzes won’t take much of your time, which allows teachers to merely focus on teaching. Moreover, you can add a text-to-speech feature so that students can hear what you’ve written.

Teachers are allowed to upload audio files, which helps them to ask questions on a totally different level. Along with this, you can set timers, start math mode, etc. If you’re looking for Kahoot alternatives solely for quiz purposes, then Quizalize is an astonishing alternative to Kahoot, especially for you.


Nearpod is an amazing educational website to study remotely

Whether your students live in Mumbai or in Los Angeles, Nearpod has characteristics that make your teaching experience an aesthetic movement of your life. This one of the best Kahoot alternatives provides dynamic media and personalized assessment to students to perform well in their exams. Nearpod has thousands of premade assessments that help you to save your precious time.

Moreover, you can customize premade assessment as per your need or upload your own. This free website like Kahoot has a succinct interface where looking for things isn’t time taking at all. You can test your exams before making them available to kids. And also examine how your test will appear on their screen to get a better idea.

Kids A – Z

Kids A-Z is one of the best educational apps for students and teachers

Kids A – Z is here to make studies fun and enjoyable. This Kahoot alternative provides professional tools to create quizzes and tests. You create an account by requesting their team for one, afterward, you’ll receive an email with all the credentials. Parents and teachers can keep an eye on kids’ progress as the website automatically provides the progress data of kids.

The website provides already curated resources to learn something new.

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