Half-Life 2 Remastered is on Its Way, But Here’s The Catch

Half Life 2 Remastered Collection is about to hit the store

After waiting for decades, we can finally get our hands on the new Half-Life 2 Remastered collection. The last game from this franchise was a masterpiece, and I’m one of those 90s kids who were in love with this game. If you’re too an old-school kid looking for some classic games to get remastered, then this is the news you should be reading out loud.

But before getting too excited, Half-Life 2 Remaster isn’t coming straight from the Valve itself. Instead, a modder name Filip Victor is behind this upcoming classical remaster. The news was first reported by PCGAMESN over SteamDB which shows a collection of Half-Life in works from Modder Filip Victor.

The collection itself mentioned “not Valve-related”, but the company has already given consent for this fan project. The report that claims Valve has given consent to this project was reported by Tyler McVicker, a person who’s known for reporting specifically on Valve.

The modder who’s responsible for the development of this game isn’t a newbie to this industry. He was a team member of the Half-Life 2 update team. A team that was responsible to provide substantial updates to Half-Life 2. Albeit, the game is in development by an independent developer. But still, I’m hoping for the best and looking forward to this game.

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