5 Best Games Like Pokemon GO for Android to Explore the World

Best games like Pokemon Go or Alternatives to Pokemon Go for Android and iOS

Niantic Games have played a pretty good move by launching a totally new niche of games like Pokemon Go. That includes more user interaction because of the integration of AR(Augmented Reality) into the gaming world. Since other gaming niches like RPG, MOBA, FPS, Battle Royale are already so saturated, using such a popular title like Pokemon resulted as a big hit for the Niantic team.

Not only Pokemon GO was the only game in the competition, winning the market share was so obvious. However, this idea opened up opportunities for other developers too. As a result, there are various android games similar to Pokemon GO available these days. Which also uses AR technology to make the game more interactive and interesting.

Since Pokemon GO requires the users to actually go out and catch Pokemons by themselves. Although this idea is quite new, there are people who just want to relax at home and still enjoy the same gaming experience. Well, no big deal since there are many Pokemon GO Android Hacks available. That allows you to play the game as normal without the need to go out anywhere.

You can check out this joystick hack from Devsjournal if you like the idea. So, without further waiting, let’s quickly check out. Which are the best games like Pokemon GO for Android that offer a similar experience. 

5 Best Games like Pokemon Go for Android

Here’s the list of top 5 games like Pokemon Go for Android. That you can enjoy on your smartphone right now. All the games are quite unique and use the concept of Pokemon GO. Hence we can ensure you that there is no lack of enjoyment in these android games similar to Pokemon.

So, according to your taste and likings, you can pick whichever storyline. That feels more fascinating to you and download the game via the links which are given below as well.  

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Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is one of the best games like pokemon go for android and ios

Download: Click Here

If you want to come out of the Pokemon GO world and play some monster-catching games instead. You can try out the Bulu Monster game as it offers far near gaming experience like Pokemon GO. It is quite an interesting app because you will be entering a world full of small monster-like creatures with more than 150 kinds of varieties.

Your main aim in this game is to catch the powerful monsters and make them fight with your opponents. What makes it slightly different from Pokemon GO is that there are 14 different maps in this game. Where you can go with your pet monsters and fight battles with opponents. 


Ingress is another one of the best games like Pokemon Go for android and iOS

Download: Click here

Since Niantic Studios have gotten pretty good at implementing AR in their games, Ingress Prime is one of the interesting games like Pokemon Go for android that you can play for absolutely no price. This game is entirely based on science-fiction ideas which make you look at this world from an entirely different futuristic aspect.

This android uses Portals in a similar way as Pokestops. You will be getting access to the whole world map and amazing quests all around you. Hence, if you wish to time-travel and want to have a look at the future world, Ingress is good enough to provide you with a brief idea.

Amazing architecture, monuments, historic buildings, and many more elements of this game make it one of the best games like Pokemon Go.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter is an amazing Pokemon Go Alternatives for Andorid and iOS

Download: Click here

Using big names and making games on their real storylines has become a second nature of the Niantic Studios. For this time, making ties with the Warner Bros. production, you can enjoy a pretty realistic experience of the Harry Potter world and be a wizard yourself. With the engaging story, you will learn to cast new spells, meet some interesting. And popular characters of Hogwarts and the rest of the Harry Potter universe.

Since it comes from the Niantic team as well, you can consider it as one of the best games like Pokemon go because of several similarities. From choosing your own wand to fighting mythical creatures, every bit of this game will make you feel nostalgic.

One important thing to mention here is. That DevsJournal’s Pokemon GO Android Hack also works the same for this Harry Potter game too. Hence, if you are a Potterhead, and slightly lazy as well, you can still enjoy the game while relaxing at home. 

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds is one of the best pokemon alternatives for android and iOS

Download: Click here

Next on our list is quite a popular title that has its own huge fan base like Pokemon GO. But what are the features that make this android game like Pokemon? As we said earlier, the implementation of AR has opened doors of opportunity for other developers. Like most other Pokemon like apps, this Angry Birds AR game lets you see all that interesting action right in front of you.

Instead of defeating the pigs in a 2D environment. Now you can get involved in the scene more thoroughly and enjoy the action right in your room. Currently, Rovio has included only 40 different levels of this game. However, the development is still going on and you will get to play more levels with the upcoming updates. Hence, if you liked the idea of this game, the download link is given below. 

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Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run game is an AR game in 2020

Download: Click here

We are including “Zombies, Run!” only because of its unique game idea that even focuses on your fitness while offering you a similar real-world interaction like Pokemon GO. As the name suggests, you will be playing as a character who is trying to save his town from a zombie apocalypse. So, how will you be doing it?

The game basically offers you certain tasks in which you will need to collect items. Now those tasks include tracks that you need to walk or jog, whichever you prefer, from the fitness perspective, and collect points to help save people from the zombies.

It’s definitely a nice way to add some fun elements to your workout routine. Thus, we consider it one of the best games like Pokemon GO because it requires you to go out and do some activities to get achievements in-game. 


Although Pokemon GO’s features and experience are unmatchable. These are some of the best android games similar to Pokemon GO which offer very similar gaming experience.

All these games are quite different from each other and offer a unique environment. And we suggest you try them out at least once. Thus, if you liked any of these games. The download links are also mentioned along with them so you can install and start enjoying your time. 

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