10 Best Football Offline Games for Android to Become a Champion

Best Football Offline Games for Android & Best Offline football games for android

Football is the biggest sport in the world. Because it’s more than 3.5 billion fans around the globe. Hence, we’ve come up with a list. That covers some of the best football offline games for android. Because there are a lot of football lovers out there. Who wants to play this game while they’re sitting comfortably on their couch.

After all, not everyone is quite active in terms of playing real-life sports. And some of them are like me. Who loves to sit in front of their PCs & mobile to pass their time. So if you’re one of those exceptional kids with an enormous amount of love for football. Then, you’ve landed in the perfect place.

Best Football Offline Games for Android to Become a Real Sports Star

Best Football Offline Games for Android & Best Offline football games for android

Therefore, all one of the best football offline games for android. Has been tested or to be more specific played by me. On my android device, which is a Redmi note 5(quite old). But still works fine for me, because I ain’t a ruthless smartphone user.

So without further ado. Let’s find out some of the best football offline games for android. That’ll blow everyone’s mind.

Fifa Soccer

Best offline football games for android and iOS

The #1 & one of the best football offline games for android is here. Fifa Soccer has been developed by EA Sports. A very powerful and big company in the video gaming industry. Fifa Soccer offers modes like online leagues, PvP, single-player career mode, & more.

The graphics of this offline football game is amazing. As a result, it looks like you’re playing it on a high-end PC(not exactly true). And this football game contains more than 550 teams. Which is a colossal number for a soccer game on android.

The game has a lot of famous trophies like Fifa, UEFA, Europa League, & many more. That even I don’t know the name of. Because I’m not a big follower of Football in real life. So if you’re a crazy fan of football & wants to win every league you’ve ever heard of. Then Fifa Soccer is the perfect & one of the best offline football games for android. Especially for you.

Head Soccer La Liga

best football offline games for android

Well, if you’re from Spain or living there for a very long time. Then you must have heard of Football La Liga once in your life. Because La Liga is a very famous football tournament in Spain. And for people who want to play that championship with his/her bare hands(I think it’s foot).

Then Head Soccer La Liga has been just curated for you. Because the game offers all the team available in those tournaments of La Liga. Although, here you won’t be running with your football to score a goal. Instead, you’ll be fighting one on one with AI(if opt for offline) or a real person. Just like Tekken 3 or an arcade game.

The game is pretty interesting and unique. That’s why it’s on the #2 spot on our list of the best offline football games for android. In Head Soccer La Liga, you’ve to score goals from your head, as the name suggests. Moreover, you can unlock new skills and powerups to beat the opponents more efficiently.

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Dream League Soccer

best online & offline football games for android to kill your time

Dream League Soccer is a Sim itself. Where you’ll be creating your own teams, managing them, & training them as well. To make them more skillful which will help you to win the matches. The game has adorable graphics with not so complicated controls.

The game is known as one of the best offline football games for android & iOS. Because of its vastness. As a result, you can play with the real & full team that covers every single player with small detailing.

The game is free as well as paid. So if you’re a gamer who loves to spend some of their bucks on worthy games. Then you must check out this one of the best offline football games for android.

Score! Hero

Best offline games in football genre

A very big and adorable singleplayer football game for android is here. Score! Hero is a beautifully crafted soccer game. Where you’ll be completing more than 550+ levels. With different difficulties and tasks. You can control every single movement of your characters. And can move them to score the goal ASAP.

The game also offers a multiplayer mode. Whereby connecting your game to Facebook. you’ll be able to compete with your friends in terms of levels, scores, points, and more. Further, the game has a lot of features one can’t think about.

The AI of Score! Match is very smart. As a result, you’ll be facing difficulties, whenever the AI finds out you’re scoring goals easily. Also, all your data will be secure and saved in Google Cloud. So there’s no need to worry about progress lost or anything.

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Final Kick

Best offline football games for android to kill your time

I’d definitely say, that Final Kick is the only game on our list. That has the best graphics & animations. Because the game doesn’t allow you to run across the playground. Instead, you’ll be scoring goals through the penalty kicks. Therefore, the graphics look more polished.

The game has various types of tournaments, singleplayer matches, & more. Further, Final Kick offers multiplayer matches as well. That allows you to play with your challenging friend.

Also, there are a lot of features. That makes it one of the best offline football games for android. And you should definitely try it once in your life.

eFootball PES

top games on play store to play without internet

If you’re looking for a perfectly designed offline football game. That offers various tournaments, special events, iconic players, amazing multiplayer, & excellent graphics. Then eFootball PES is an offline football android game, just made up for you. Because you’ll be experiencing a feature-rich game.

And of course, the controls are also amazing. That makes it very easy to play as well. eFootball is a freemium game and a perfect time killer for those. Who wants to play small matches in a short time span.

Although, the game forces its player to spend their bucks. that annoys a lot. But if you’re okay with those annoying ads. Then you must try this one of the best offline football games for android.

Soccer Hit

Best offline Football games for Android

I personally love this game a lot. Because of its simple gameplay and quirky design. The animations & graphics are beautiful. Also, the controls are very simple. And you can easily win a match with the help of your single finger. Because of its unique way to play a football match.

Here you just have to stretch the bar. And shoot in the direction of your teammate or goal. You can choose teams, change their jerseys from tons of options. After all, the game offers almost every country that plays football.

You can customize your characters. And can travel across the globe while winning those shining tournaments’ trophies. The game has it’s own to enjoy football. So if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy football. Then Soccer Hit is a perfect and one of the best offline football game, especially for you.

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Ultimate Soccer – Football

Top Games to kill your time with android device

Wanna control players like you’re playing on your PS4? If yes, then Ultimate Soccer is a must-try game for you. Because here you’ll be roaming around the playground with your football. And your main task is to score as much as goals you can. The graphics of Ultimate Soccer looks adorable and have simple controls. That enhances your gaming experience.

The sound effect, commentaries, and 3D graphics make this game a true masterpiece. You can set different formations of players. And easily can use various types of tactics to deceive your opponent. The game has more than 1000+ real & iconic players.

That makes this game a very large and quite impressive offline football game on android.

PES Card Collection

I’ve tried to include games with different formats. Because not everyone is looking for a single thing. Therefore, the PES Card Collection has been landed on our list. Because this game is totally different. And offers various types of cards that represent your favorite football players & their skills.

And your task is to collect them to unlock the players. Then you’re free to use them on matches. Also, every action in matches will be decided by those cards that you’ve collected or unlocked in this game.

The game can be played offline as well as online. It’s totally up to you, how you prefer to play games on your android device.

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Soccer Stars

Amazing game for your android device right now

A freemium game, that offers a lot of things and items to collect. The graphics are okay and the controls work fine. Although the game isn’t the best offline football game for android. Because it works fine only when you’re playing with your friends. But it’s better than any other soccer game available on Google’s Play Store.

The game offers a lot of teams. That you can customize and win tournaments with. You’re free to customize the jersey of your team. And can curate your own team to beat other nations in those shiny tournaments.

Soccer Stars is better than nothing. And of course, a good time killer as well. So you can check out this adorable one of the best offline cum online football games for android.

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