Flexclip: An Easy-to-Use Web-Based Video Editor for Almost Everyone

Flexclip is an online video editor tool for novice videographer

As per the reports, 51% of marketers worldwide believe that video content provides the best ROI. And more than 500 million hours of video content is being watched on YouTube every day. I know these statistics are crazy, but if I go a bit deeper. Then you’ll get some frenzy numbers about video content, no one ever thought about. Therefore, if you’re one of those marketers who’re looking to find easy ways to curate some out-performing videos. Then I’ve tested a web-based video editing tool named Flexclip. That makes your work easy like never before.

Because, as I said earlier, video content is the future. And if you’re not focusing on it. Then you’re making a mistake, that can’t be undone in the nearest time. However, if you’re not good at Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora, or any other video editing tool that requires determination, practice, & of course time then no worries. Because Flexclip is an online video editor that brings forth all the tools you could need to create mind-blowing videos.

Flexclip an Online Video Editing Tool

Flexclip is an online video editor tool for novice videographer
Flexclip’s Dashboard on Chrome

The tool itself provides hundreds of pre-made templates for almost every occasion or marketing plan. Whether you’re running ads on Facebook or just want to post a video on your Twitter account. Flexclip got your back with its editable video templates & royalty-free stock images, music, & videos.

So without further ado, let’s check out why you should be using Flexclip rather than wasting time on video editing tools that require a high-end PC & a pure skillset from the user?

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Key Features of Flexclip

To make things more comfortable, I’ve listed some key features of Flexclip. That’ll make your work easy to find things you’re looking for in an online video editor. So let’s check out the features I personally love.

User Interface

User Interface of Flexclip while editing the video on your web browser
Flexclip interface on Chrome, Windows 10

As you can see in the above image. Flexclip has a pretty neat & clean user interface. If you’re a newbie in the video editing world & have zero experience in this field then no worries. The website provides almost everything in the dashboard. You can upload your own images to create a presentation or use royalty-free images of Flexclip to make things more meaningful.


Flexclip usability is pretty easy and anyone can use it without any prior experience

Usability is just like a child’s play. Flexclip has already made everything clear with a short tour of tools that you’ll be using to edit your videos. However, I’d say that you won’t be wasting your time understanding tools & their work. Because on the dashboard, you’ll see templates just like Canva to make videos in their particular resolutions.

The developers or the designers of this tool made things pretty clear for users. Consequently, you’ll be seeing all the options from elements to royalty-free music on the left side of your computer. Nonetheless, some options will also be available on the top of your canvas to make things more clear between and your project.

Instant Preview

Instant Preview feature of this video editing tool
Instant Preview

One of my favorite features is Instant Preview. While wandering in the alley of templates, one can easily hover over stock videos or templates to check ’em out. Moreover, you can click the preview button to know more about that template/video. The tool provides a brief description of the template and tells you that in which scenario you should be using that template.

Flexclip Pricing

prices for annually subscriptions
Annual Subscription Charges of Flexclip

FlexClip is no doubt an amazing online video editing tool. But to experience, everything I mentioned above comes at a cost. If you have a non-existence budget. Then you can try their free plan that lets you curate videos in 480p resolution with up to 12 different projects.

However, the basic plan is pretty cheap & could do a lot of your work. So if you’re a small agency or business, then you should definitely go for the Basic Plan, which lets you curate videos in 720P HD videos with up to 50 different projects.


In the end, I’d say that Flexclip is a perfect video editing tool for small teams who’re looking for ways to work efficiently. However, if you’re able to pay for a basic or plus plan, then you can experience the real power of this video editing tool.

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