FireCube Vs. FireStick Which one is Best?

fire cube vs. fire stick which is best for you and full comparison

There are numerous streaming devices available on the market. And even when considering just the Amazon made devices. The choice can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why here’s an article about firecube vs. firestick which one is best?

The two best sellers of Amazon streaming devices are undoubtedly the FireStick and the newly released FireCube.

Both of these streaming devices offer similar features and functionality. But differ in some key areas, not least the areas of design and price.

firecube vs. firestick which is best for you and full comparison

I thought it would make for an interesting and helpful exercise. If I was to compare the two products, their features, and functionality, their overall design as well as their price and value for money.

For those looking to purchase an Amazon streaming device, I have written the below comparison piece to help you decide which Amazon device is right for your individual needs and requirements.


Fire Cube vs. Fire Stick which one is best full comparison with design comparison

The most obvious and significant difference between the Fire Cube and Fire Stick is in their design and style.

The Fire Stick is a slick, slimline device that is as inconspicuous as it is functional.

The Fire Cube on the other hand is much more of a statement piece, a 3.4-inch box that requires more space, is slightly more attention-drawing, and has a bigger impact on your overall room aesthetic.

Fire Cube does boast a fashionable and stylish look and will certainly fit in with the look of most modern living areas. But it will require more space to set up and function correctly and safely.

In reality, if you have limited space around your TV. The Fire Cube is probably not the Amazon product for you and the Fire Stick is therefore the most appropriate choice.

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Features and Functionality 

Firecube vs. Firestick which one is best full comparison the interface and features and design

As previously stated in terms of major functionality differences between the Fire Stick and Fire Cube they are few and far between.

The Fire Cube does support 4K resolutions and HDR protocol. And the Fire Stick does not, if your TV is limited at 1080p. The Fire Stick will have the capacity you are looking for. However, if your TV exceeds 1080p then you will probably be wanting a Fire Cube.

Both of these products have full Alexa intervention as well as a voice remote controller. Meaning you can easily check traffic, the weather, or ask to access your music using your voice.

The Fire Cube is probably slightly better at this though. As with the Fire Stick, you’ll still be required to hold down. The microphone button first so that your commands can register.

If voice-controlled gadgetry is something that appeals you can also control lighting and heating via the Fire Cube. And although you can do this via the FireStick. You will be required to make the additional purchase and the setup of an Amazon Echo speaker.

Portability (firecube vs. firestick)

Firecube vs. Firestick which one is best full comparison portable or not

Both the Fire Cube and Fire Stick are lightweight and portable. Able to be reinstalled quickly and easily to any TV you want.

However, being a slightly larger item the Fire Cube is slightly heavier. And of course, to be set up and work safely. And correctly requires additional space when compared to the FireStick.

Although this is a relatively minor feature and one would imagine not something. That most users need to consider, if you do move your devices to different places inside your property. Or to other properties, this is something you should think about.

Also, remember of course that the portability of an Amazon device (or lack thereof). Can be easily overcome if you purchase additional Amazon Echo speakers. So you can have the premium AnaOn functionality you have come to expect anywhere you wish.


Fire Cube vs. Fire Stick which one is best full comparison the price

The price and therefore value for money of these products is potentially one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing which item suits you best.

The Amazon Fire Stick is currently being sold. At an exceptional price of just $40. Whereas the Amazon Fire Cube is significantly more at $120.

This price differential is mostly based upon the  Fire Cube’s capacity to act as an Amazon Echo. And this voice control functionality is something that comes at a significant extra cost.

For individuals not needing this functionality but still wanting all the other features of an Amazon streaming device. The FireStick is undoubtedly the less expensive and more appropriate product.

If however, money is of no object or you really desire the premium features and functionality of the Fire Cube. Then perhaps this product would offer you the greatest value for money.

Conclusion (fireCube vs. fireStick)

Fire Cube vs. Fire Stick which one is best full comparison the conclusion

In conclusion, then, both the Amazon Fire Stick. And Amazon Fire Cube offers amazing streaming functionality and features but can be easily differentiated by their price.

Choosing the most suitable and appropriate streaming product for your personal circumstances will depend upon both your specific needs and your individual budget.

For anyone looking to purchase an Amazon streaming device for the first time. I would suggest that the Fire Stick offers you an excellent opportunity to use. And get familiar with the exceptional functionality of an Amazon device.

If however, you are looking for a more all-encompassing product. Or are looking to upgrade from your current streaming device then the Fire Cube would probably be your best bet.

In the end please let us know your thoughts about this article fireCube Vs. fireStick which is best.

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