Disadvantages Of Online Games in the 21st century

disadvantages of online games

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss the Disadvantages of online games. I remember my childhood at that time I was the only kid in our society who had different types of gaming consoles.

At that time I had Keyboard TV video game console(I don’t know the exact name of it), Ps1 and many more. Every kid of my society knows that this guy(me) have the gaming consoles.

disadvantages of online games

You can say that I was the most popular kid in that society. But now the time has been changed and gaming is also changing too much. At that time no-one ever thought about, we could play games online but now the online gaming industry is growing very fast.

And every second person is playing online games through their smartphones, computers and gaming consoles. You can simply get the rough idea that how fast this industry is growing.

The entire worldwide market is projected to increase from an estimated 1.76 trillion US-dollar in 2015 to 2.20 trillion US-dollar by 2021. It’s a very huge number right. And by 2020 there will be 60 million consoles users around the world.

The most important part of the Gaming industry is online games, this is the fastest-growing branch of the gaming industry and you should know the disadvantages of online games before you started to play one.


disadvantages of online games

Online games give you entertainment with good visual effects. You can play games with the latest updates and because of these updates, you just can’t get bored from these games because you will get new things within a week or daily.

And if you will not get bored from it then what will happen. You want to play these games every time and this will cause you the addiction to online games. Everyone knows that addiction is the worst thing can happen to a person.

Many kids are addicted to these online video games and because of this their parents are very worried and trying to stop their kids to play games. and because of addiction to gaming so many kids are isolated from their consoles and computers.

If you are playing online games with a schedule time table then it is okay, but playing online games every time will give you this problem so be careful about this thing.

Loss Of Eyesight

disadvantages of online games

This is the second most common reason for any gamer who is playing games either online or offline. Playing too much will cause you an eyesight problem which is also a bad thing if you are a teenager.

Nowadays kids are using specs from a very small age because they are spending too much time on the computer screen for video games or playing late-night games on their smartphone or gaming console. And this is one of the most common disadvantages of online games.

So for avoiding this eyesight problem you should not play games too much or should not play games in a darker area because it takes a lot of focus of your eyes and after focusing too much will see the side effects very quickly.

Kids Can Communicate With Strangers

disadvantages of online games

This is another very big reason why parents are worried about their kids while they are playing Online Games. Every person who plays an online game knows that you can communicate with your teammates and this looks awesome right.

Yeah, it’s a pretty cool feature but if you are only playing with your friends. Because in so many online games you can create your group and add unknown players across the globe. and you know what you can even talk to them while playing.

So how can you identify which person is good or bad by just reading their username or profile picture it’s difficult. So this is a very important disadvantage of online games.

I really recommend you not play online games with unknown players instead play with your friends whom you know very well and even your family members should know about them.

Bad Effects On Health

disadvantages of online games

Everyone knows that if you want to play games on a computer or gaming console you have to sit at a place without moving and sitting in a place for more than two or three hours. And this task is tough and not good for health.

If you are playing Video games for more than three or four hours it will lead you to a very stressful and unhealthy life. because playing games more than normal timing is a slow killer without letting you know.

You can become very fatty in very little time and your body posture could become very shameful for you and playing excessive video games can give you unwanted stress which is very irritating.

So if you want to avoid these types of health problems you should make a time table from which you can become an organized person and you will always feel good without getting unwanted body postures and stress.

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Hacking and Cheating

Disadvantages of online games

This is a very dangerous part of online gaming and online industry. Nowadays kids are using the internet more than adults and making fool of them is the easiest thing a hacker can do with his hacking tricks.

The online gaming industry is so big because there are plenty of games in which you can purchase premium items for your player in the game. So hacker knows about these things and they are always in a search to find an innocent kid and make money from him/her.

Even hackers can harras small kids who are playing online games these are very little things a hacker can do. So we teach our kids about hacking and tell them that don’t give your user id password to any stranger it can hurt your kid.

So hacking and cheating is the major issue of online gaming. You should always check that with whom your kids are sharing data and playing multiplayer games because strangers can be hacker or cheater.

I hope you guys like this list about the Disadvantages of Online Games. 

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