Top 3 Kinds of Casino Games You Can Play on Your PC

Top 3 Kinds of Casino Games You Can Play on Your PC

With the pandemic still keeping many casinos closed, players have turned to online versions instead. This gave casino operators and investors confidence that despite the physical distance, the industry is nothing but flourishing. A year after this temporary shut down, casinos all over the country are still setting record-high revenues. In just the first three months of this year, the income accumulated from online casino gaming nationwide reached $11.13 billion.

Top 3 Kinds of Casino Games You Can Play on Your PC

So, whether you’re a casino regular or an interested newbie, here are the top casino games you can play right on your computer!

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One of the most popular games in both physical and online casinos, slots attract players with their simple rules and great potential for winnings. The game starts with you choosing an online slot machine and familiarizing yourself with its details, such as the paytable, which shows you how much the symbols are worth, and your bankroll. Once you have placed your bet and decided on how many paylines you’ll have, spin the reels. If you win, your winnings will be displayed, and you can have the opportunity to win more in bonus games.

If, in case you are used to playing slots in brick-and-mortar casinos, do not worry! The online version of slots is pretty similar to the physical ones. However, because of the virtual element, some may think that online slot machines are rigged, which leads to them losing their bets. But, that is not the case. Online slot machines on reputable online casinos run on software that underwent strict regulatory requirements. Also, they are repeatedly tested, thoroughly analyzed, and carefully audited to make sure the algorithm to be used is based on fairness and integrity.

So, if you will play real-money slots, just be sure to choose licensed casino operators to ensure honesty and fairness. Some of the most popular online slots today are those by RedDog Casino and Big Spin Casino.


Probably the first thing that comes to the minds of most people when they hear of casinos is poker. Why wouldn’t they when it is considered one of the most popular card games in the world? Poker has been a staple in casinos since the early 1900s, and it is still enjoying unprecedented growth, even amid a pandemic. In 2020, the revenue from online poker increased by 106.7% compared to that of 2019, and that is only in New Jersey. Pennsylvania and Nevada also raked in record-high revenues.

Aside from its immense popularity, poker also offers different kinds of games and different ways to play, contributing to why so many people are drawn to it. The most famous poker variation is Texas Hold’em, which you can play with two hidden hole cards and five community cards face-up. Another variation that is taking the spotlight recently is Omaha, which starts with four hidden hole cards. Other kinds of poker include Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, and Pai Gow Poker.

Players can also choose from playing a regular game, being in a live casino with a dealer and opponents, or even video poker! They have the option to gather friends for a quick game online and even play poker online for real money. To do this, you just need to find a secure poker site, input your details, and make a deposit to start! You can also withdraw your winnings at any time, letting you live the full poker experience from the comfort of your home. Some of the biggest names in online poker you can try out are PokerStars and partypoker.


Invented in 1400 in Italy and introduced in the late 15th century in France, Baccarat is one of the simplest casino games you can play. It simply requires you to place bets on the spots for the Banker, the Player, or a Tie by putting your chips on one of the sections and waiting for the dealer to draw the cards. The jack, king, and queen cards, along with 10, have a value of zero, while cards ace through nine is taken at their face value.

Only the joker is not used in this game. Once the bets are placed, the dealer will draw two cards each for the player’s and the banker’s side. Since the winner of the game will be the hand that comes closest to a total of 9, additional cards may be drawn depending on the first four cards dealt.

Although there is no concrete strategy that can assure you of victory, be sure that you have a good grasp of the rules. With online baccarat, the results may be already programmed, but if you understand the rules and especially the payouts, you can be guided to better choices.

Moreover, if you have the opportunity to try playing online baccarat for free, use it as your practice. Since there are no real stakes present yet, your betting strategies will not be limited, and you will see which one can affect your game greatly. You can also start with mini-baccarat games, which are less intimidating, so you can hone your skills more. Players interested in baccarat can turn to popular options like Jackpot City and Unibet Casino.


No matter what game you choose, you must first look for a secure and trustworthy online casino to be assured that aside from enjoying, you will also really receive your winnings. It’s also a good idea to read through the fine print on rules and system of payout, especially when you are already using real money. Furthermore, grab any opportunity you can to practice for free, familiarize yourself with the game, plan your strategies, and secure victory! If you need more gaming insights, you can check out more of our reviews and news on other online games!

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