Canva alternatives: 14 best websites like Canva to unleash designing skills

Looking for Canva alternatives? If yes, then I’ve listed some of the best websites like Canva for all the marketers & entrepreneurs. Because marketing is a key factor for businesses to beat their counterparts. And if you’re a small businessman looking for some creative ideas. Then Canva could provide you the best options to make your images more appealing. However, we’re living in the 21st century, where searching for alternatives isn’t a hard task.

After all, as a small business owner, we should never put our eggs into a single basket. Therefore, these Canva alternatives or websites like Canva will help you to make amazing images for your marketing campaigns. Although, Canva is a pretty powerful photo editor/creator that provides pre-made elements, icons, & adorable fonts. But still, if you’re not willing to pay a single penny to this platform because of the shortage of funds.

Canva alternatives: 14 best websites like Canva to unleash designing skills

Check out the best Canva alternatives or websites like Canva to unleash your graphic designing skills to their fullest.

Then you should be considering these alternatives to Canva, right now. Because some of these websites like Canva are way better than Canva. And provides extra-ordinary features to its users. In addition to that, you’ll be able to find some new templates or elements to make your images more appealing.

Therefore, this list will be your guide to choosing the best Canva alternatives for your graphic designing needs. So without taking too much time. Let’s dive into the list of the best websites like Canva.

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Visme is one of the best Canva alternatives or websites like Canva

There’s no doubt that Visme could easily surpass Canva in many ways. After all, that’s why it’s on the #1 spot on our list. But what makes it amazing to beat the Canva? The cloud-based app provides features like thousands of elements, images, graphs, & more. Even you’re free to share your projects with your colleagues to work with them simultaneously.

You can create different folders of designs to assort them in an easy manner. Apart from this, just like Canva, searching for templates like FB posts, stories, & presentation is a cup of tea for kids as well. Moreover, you can choose pre-designed templates to make your work easy like never before. Unlike Canva, you can easily increase the height of your canvas by just dragging it from the footer.

The drag & drop builder of Visme is pretty advance & feature-rich. Because Visme provides the freedom to make elements more flexible. This means you’re free to change curves of a straight line, add data in world-map, create more meaningful graphs, & a lot more. Further, you can give your images labels or put them in a particular folder to find them easily.

Features (Canva alternatives)

  • Users can create folders for designs & images.
  • You’re free to create labels to search for things more easily.
  • Feature-rich drag & drop builder.
  • Have palettes to make colors consistent in your designs.
  • Copyright-free images & videos.
  • 3rd party integration is pretty easy.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the best Canva alternatives or websites like Canva right now

So here’s an Adobe product on our list. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a novice, learning some basics of designing. You must have heard or used one or more Adobe products to make some sparkling designs. Therefore, while talking about one of the best Canva alternatives. We can’t forget this name to mention. Although, unlike its sister apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign Adobe Spark is very easy to use.

The app is pretty similar to Canva, where you can choose blank canvases for various social media handles & presentations. And after choosing the blank canvas, you’ll get hundreds of free & paid templates to choose from. While I was checking this tool, I find out, that this one of the best Canva alternatives has an easy to use interface for web users. But a pretty hard and not so easy interface for mobile users.

Therefore, I’d highly suggest Adobe Spark to those who work from their laptops & computers. And ready to create appealing designs from their web browsers. Apart from this, Adobe Spark has a quirky collection of mind-blowing fonts, that you should be checking out.

Features (Canva Alternatives)

  • A beautiful collection of fonts.
  • Have pre-made canvas sizes for various social media handles.
  • Provides tons of free templates.
  • Can create palettes for theme consistency.
  • A vast collection of vector icons.
  • Various ways to add images to your designs.


Stencil is one of the best alternatives to Canva or websites like Canva

Despite having a lot of limits in its free plan. Stencil provides almost over 1 million royalty-free images to its users. The app or website is definitely one of the best websites like Canva. And this is because the interface Stencil provides is remarkable. This one of the best Canva alternatives provides over 3.1 million icons(of-course they’re for paid users).

But still, you can create appealing graphics in its free plan. Because the free plan offers almost everything you’re looking for. You can upload images, logos, and elements to decorate your graphics. In addition to that, Stencil provides a quote section, where you can find almost every famous quote to use in your images.

So, I’d recommend Stencil to those who need a limited amount of graphics per month. After all, this website like Canva allows only 10 images per month to create.


  • A vast collection of royalty-free images.
  • More than 1 million icons.
  • Have pre-made templates to choose from.
  • Hundreds of Google fonts.
  • More than 41 custom sizes for various social media handles.


Snappa is one of the best websites like Canva or Alternatives to Canva

Just like Stencil, Snappa is a lightweight online web-based Canva alternative. That provides a simple interface to edit your images or create lovely graphics. This one of the best Canva alternatives provides exclusive images & thousands of free templates. You can create more than 29+ social media images directly from its template library.

The app have sections like images, effects, fonts, graphics, & more. So that you can easily navigate through one section to another. Snappa is known for its simplicity, so if you ain’t fond of crazy long tutorials and looking for an easy graphic designing tool. Then Snappa could be a great fit for you.

Apart from this, Snappa makes photo editing easier. So I’d say it’s a good alternative to Photoshop as well. Because it offers to edit your images maturely without destroying them.

Features (Canva Alternatives)

  • Photo-editing tools.
  • 29+ custom sizes for social media posts.
  • Exclusive copyright images in thousands.
  • Simple drag & drop editor.
  • You can organize your images, elements, & icons in folders.
  • You’re free to share images & folders with teams to collaborate.


Fotojet is one of the best alternatives to Canva or websites like Canva

Whether you need an outstanding graphic from scratch or just want to edit your images. Fotojet is your one-stop solution, that provides a plethora of pre-made templates. Unlike any other one of the best alternatives to Canva. Fotojet doesn’t provide a particular size for posts and stories. But still, you can find pre-made templates of banners, posters, logos, business cards, & more.

Fotojet can import images directly from your Facebook account(of course it needs your permission, first!). Looking for images was never that easy because Fotojet have assorted images in various categories to search from. This one of the best Canva alternatives do have a simplistic UI but very similar to Canva.

This is pretty good for those, who’ve already used Canva. And looking for a simplistic version of the graphic designing tool. But still, if you feel stuck anywhere between. Then no worries, because Fotojet have plenty of tutorial videos to help you out.


  • Video tutorial for novice graphic designer.
  • Pre-made templates for all the custom sizes.
  • A perfect online photo editor.
  • Simplistic UI, very similar to Canva.
  • Can pull images from your Facebook account.

Design Bold

Design Bold is one of the best Canva alternatives or websites like Canva

While we’re searching for the best Canva alternatives or websites like Canva. We’ll definitely look out for those apps that look pretty similar to Canva. Therefore, Design Bold is here on our list. Because if you ever used Canva, then the whole website of Design Bold will look like an exact copy of our lovely graphic designing tool. Although, it isn’t a big deal.

But the features it provides are pretty good. You can create social media posts easily from custom sizes. The app allows users to upload images & icons not more than 2 MB in size. And free users will get 2 GB of cloud storage to safeguard their data. This one of the best alternatives to Canva have beautiful templates for its users.

You can easily create graphs and informative maps to demonstrate in front of people. The app is pretty good & one of the best alternatives to Canva for printing as well. Because the elements it provides are pretty neat and quirky.


  • The interface looks similar to Canva that helps users to get used to it in a matter of minutes.
  • A nice collection of elements.
  • Have a plethora of templates.
  • Provides custom sizes for social media channels.
  • A vast collection of fonts.


Crello is one of the best graphic design tool for novice people

I personally like this one of the best Canva alternatives. Just because the interface it provides is mind-blowing. You can search for custom sizes or just choose from the bottom, whatever you prefer. Crello is an outstanding alternative to Canva for printing as well. Because you can create animated videos, short GIFs, & a lot more, unlike Canva.

Crello have some cool & exclusive copyright-free images. That you can use to sky-rocket your marketing campaign. In addition to that, Crello has a plethora of royalty-free videos in high-quality. There’s a lot more than I’ve covered in this article. Because Crello makes your animated videos more meaningful with its copyright-free(third-time) songs.

Although, you’re only allowed to download 5 images in a single month. So choose wisely before downloading your creative canvas for your marketing campaigns.

Features (Canva Alternatives)

  • Hundreds of videos.
  • A pretty big collection of animations.
  • Royalty free music.
  • Thousands of objects.
  • Allow users to upload files.
  • Affordable plans.


Fotor is one of the best Canva alternatives to design new and trendy visuals

As the name suggests, Fotor is a photo editing as well as a graphic designing tool. You can edit your images just like Photoshop with the help of layers. So if you ain’t having a high-end pc, then Fotor could easily replace photoshop, especially for you. Apart from this, Fotor provides amazing features to create mind-blowing designs from scratch.

Although, most of the elements are available only for paid users. But if you’re good enough in creativity. Then you’ll definitely find a way out to design amazing graphic designs. Fotor is definitely one of the best Canva alternatives with tools like background editing, quirky elements, & a lot more.

Users are free to upload images but with a limited size & number(Free users only). The interface is pretty clean, so that nothing will be disturbing you while you’re cultivating designs.


  • A powerful photo-editing tool.
  • Hundreds of quirky fonts.
  • Tons of custom sizes.


Piktochart is one of the best Canva alternatives right now

Piktochart is definitely one of the best alternatives to Canva. And if you’re more into informative data & want to create infographics. Then Piktochart could be a perfect fit, especially for you. This one of the best websites like Canva for printing provides powerful tools to make your infographics & presentations more appealing & informative.

The app provides more than 800+ templates for infographics & presentations so that you’ll not be wasting your time brainstorming new ideas for your business. Although, Piktochart is trying to slowly shift its image from an infographic tool to a perfect Canva alternative. But still, this transition will take some time.

Features (Canva Alternatives)

  • 800+ templates for Infographics
  • Provides custom designs for banners, presentations, business cards, & more.
  • Powerful drag & drop builder.


Picmonkey is one of the best websites like Canva

Unlike any other one of the best Canva alternatives on this list. Pickmonkey is for those who’re more into photo editing and do limited work on graphic designing. This website like Canva provides powerful photo-editing tools like touch-up, effects, & other Adobe Photoshop tools.

If you don’t want to work on projects from scratch. Then this is your call. Because Picmonkey makes photo editing easy. You can easily use pre-made elements to make your pictures meaningful. Further, Picmonkey provides the theme feature, that allow users to edit images in a single way to keep things consistent.

Moreover, one can curate collages in various sizes. This one of the best alternatives to Canva allows working with the team. So that collaboration could be an easy task for you guys.


  • A lot of photoshop editing tools.
  • Amazing for Photo editing.
  • Users can work on layers to secure their editing.
  • Picmonkey provides themes to edit images in a consistent way.
  • Pre-made custom sizes.


Desygner is one of the best graphic designing tool

Desygner makes designing very easy with its powerful & easy to use tools. The app can edit your PDFs without moving a needle. You just require to upload PDF, then editing becomes easy like child’s play. Moreover, this one of the best Canva alternatives provides more than 1000 templates. And 100% copyright-free images for your marketing campaigns.

You can upload your images and elements or directly use those things from its dashboard. Also, you can use this one of the best alternatives to Canva for printing & publishing. Because this website like Canva allows users to upload their own fonts, which is a pretty unique feature of this graphic designing tool.

If you’re comfortable with mobile apps. Then Desygner got your back. Because this app also has an app to provide extraordinary features directly into your smartphone.


  • 1000+ pre-made templates.
  • This alternative to Canva have an app to provide extraordinary features.
  • You can add YouTube videos to your designs.


Venngage is an amazing infographics making tool and one of the best websites like Canva

Venngage is amazing & definitely one of the best Canva alternatives in the market. But I’d suggest this app to those, who’re more into infographics & not into social media posts. Because the provides a powerful drag & drop editor from which you can easily create informative infographics in seconds. You can create everything in details like maps, graphs, charts, & a lot more.

Venngage’s drag & drop builder is pretty easy to use. You’ll get everything assorted on the left side. Apart from this, Venngage introduces a new feature named My Brand Kit. That allows users to use their logos & color palette to make infographics identical to their brand’s logo.

So if you’re looking for one of the best Canva alternatives to make educational content. Then Venngage is the app you should be going for.

Features (Canva Alternatives)

  • Perfect for Infographics & educational designs.
  • Venngage has a powerful drag & drop editor.
  • It provides graphs, maps, charts, & a lot more to edit.
  • Plenty of templates.


Easil is one of the best designing tool to make adorable visuals

Whether you’re looking for a photo editing tool or just a simple Canva alternative. Easil will do almost everything for you. This one of the best Canva alternatives provides features like upload attachment, drag & drop editor, graphs, elements, royalty-free images, & a lot more. You can work on layers to safeguard your progress.

And lock different layers to not destroy them while curating or testing something new. Just like Canva, this alternative have some cool templates to use. And custom sizes are a bonus on this one of the best websites like Canva.


  • Provides layer while curating your designs.
  • 1 million-plus copyright-free images.
  • Have tables to assort things more clearly.


Be funky is one of the best photo editing tool online

It’s more like a photo editing tool instead of graphic designing. You can edit images like a pro without having prior experience in this field. The app has an easy to the user interface, where curating new things is child’s play. You can touch-up your own images or add effects to make them glossier.

Although, I’d recommend this app only to those, who love photo editing but can’t use photoshop right now. Because it could be one of the best alternatives to Photoshop.

Features (Canva Alternatives)

  • Photo editing tools.
  • Tons of effects.

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