6 Biggest Reasons Why Fortnite is Still So Popular and Even Growing

6 biggest reasons Fortnite is Still so Popular Even after years of its release

Fortnite has reached an unassailable spot in the world of battle royale. The game has more than 350 million registered users and 80+ million monthly active users. Nonetheless, Fortnite is still growing with an average growth rate of 35%. So, Today we’re going into a deep dive to find why Fortnite is still so popular? And how it has successfully retained gamers for so long in a time where gamers have tons of options and hundreds of titles in similar genres.

6 Biggest Reasons Why Fortnite Is Still So Popular

Every year Fortnite makes billions of dollars, thanks to its gigantic userbase that loves playing, streaming, and sharing content about this game. Consequently, Fortnite has become a sensation amongst teen gamers as 62% of Fortnite’s players are teenagers. However, you can find a good number of adult gamers too.

So If you’re one of Fortnite fans or a curious person to know why this game is booming. Then let’s stick to this article to find out the biggest reasons that why Fortnite is still so Popular even after 4 years of its release.

The Art Style Graphics

A girl in Fortnite taking selfie with dinosaur.
A girl in Fortnite taking selfies with a dinosaur

Many of you guys must disagree with this point and say that Fortnite doesn’t have good graphics. But the artistic environment it provides is adorable. While playing Fortnite, you’ll feel like you’re in the world of Pixar’s Toy Story and wondering in your dreamland. At first glance, even I didn’t like this game and amongst those gamers who always find a way to criticize this game. 

But after giving it a try and getting the hands-on experience, Fortnite has completely changed my perspective. You can feel the artistic touch as soon as you land and start running around the cities and forests. 

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No Competition in Pricing ‘Cuz It’s Free

Fortnite is Free to Play Game and it's one of the biggest reasons why Fortnite is still so popular
Fortnite’s Pricing

One of the biggest reasons why Fortnite has a gigantic userbase is its no-cost availability. Anyone with good internet and a device with supported specs can download and play this game. This phenomenon helps users primarily test this game first, then later they can purchase things like game passes, skins, and more. The game has a plethora of things to offer even if you choose to play it for free.

So why a teenager wouldn’t play this game? When you’re getting a free battle royale game with good graphics, multiplayer with up to 100 players, and a dynamic map. I guess this could be enough to entice a teenager and even an adult gamer who has the money to make in-game purchases.

This is an excellent but risky strategy as well because the developers have to make something that people will like and wouldn’t leave as soon as they start playing the game. However, the technique works for Fortnite and is a big reason why Fortnite is still so popular. 

Frequent Updates

Fortnite Gets Frequent Update and it's another reason why it's still so popular
Fortnite Cover Image

Ever wondered, Why single-player games have a short life span? They didn’t get updates, add-ons, and new features that could hold up gamers for a long time. Once you beat the game, there’s nothing but to replay the game with some new features and some unsolicited collectibles.

But this isn’t the case with Fortnite as it gets frequent updates once in two weeks. Every update brings new things and features to make your gameplay seamless.

Even once in a while, you can see Fortnite’s collaboration with actors, studios, and games. These collaborations help Epic Games to bring your favorite superheroes from movies like Marvel to appear in this game. The characters from these collaborations are playable and can be won by players with a game pass or completing certain tasks.

Cross-Platform With Multiplayer

Cross platform multiplayer support is another one of the biggest reasons why Fortnite is still ruling in people's heart.
Fortnite Log In Screen

Multiplayer looks normal as most of the games nowadays offer multiplayer. Even Santa Monica Studios in 2013 tried it and miserably failed when they launched God of War: Ascension. So what makes Fortnite’s multiplayer different from others?

The answer is pretty simple, it’s the cross-platform multiplayer compatibility feature that makes Fortnite’s multiplayer a charm. Even in a world full of battle royale games, Fortnite is still standing like a dragon.

You don’t need to have the same device your friends have as people with PC, smartphones, consoles can play together without any interruptions.

Sometimes, this feature could work as a disaster as people with a PC always have an edge on mobile gamers. So if you’re ready to feel the challenge, jump right into it and start playing Fortnite with friends without any device restrictions. 

Kids Friendly

Fortnite is Kids Friendly and it's amazing for many parents and that's why they allow their kids to play it.
Fortnite’s Characters

As I said earlier, more than 60% of Fortnite players are teenagers, many of them are kids that can be afraid of things like blood, deadly voices, and more. Epic Games knows this fact and works towards making their game kids friendly in the best ways possible. Users can only talk to their teammates as gaming lobbies do have people with sick minds. 

Unlike Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite doesn’t have realistic weapons, intense graphical scenes, and more. Hence, kids can play Fortnite with their parents as the game has a cartoonish vibe with fun gameplay.

While shooting enemies, you’ll notice that Fortnite doesn’t have blood spurting as this could affect kids’ minds. Moreover, there is no screaming of characters when they’re getting shot.

Limitless Options for Customizations

Fortnite Hero Customization Screen. Fortnite allow users to customize their heroes/characters on a very different level.

The battle royale industry has grown rapidly. You can find hundreds of battle royal titles like Valorant, Pubg, Call of Duty, Nuclear Winter, and many more. Many of them have good customization options and many of them have limited things to do.

But Fortnite on the other hand crossed every limit of personalization of your in-game characters. You can change characters’ skin color, eyes, gender, etc. 

The list of customization options ain’t completed yet as you can win superheroes characters and also customize them further. 

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