10 Best Websites to Watch Anime for free

Anime websites are one of the most searchable websites on the internet with over 12+ million searches monthly. You’d easily get the idea, that how much popular anime series are. So because of the popularity we’ve made a list of 10 best websites to watch anime for free without restrictions. I personally love anime a lot and I’ve watched so many series of this awesome Japnese industry.

10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

The craze of anime is increasing rapidly in the region like North America and Europe. People from these regions are searching for streaming websites more than Japanese people. Because Anime is from Japan and in many countries watching anime is banned or not allowed. 

So before watching episodes of anime from any of these websites. We recommend you guys to install a VPN first. Because many websites are only available for the Japnese people. So guys, install a VPN and then set your location in the Japan region to watch anime without any problem. 

I hope you guys have downloaded the VPN and now ready to watch awesome series of this epic Japnese industry. And last but not least, Before you start to watch your favorite anime you can go to speedcheck.org to test your internet connection speed and make sure that everything will work without a problem (lag)”

Let’s start the countdown of 10 Best websites to Watch Anime.


10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

I think many of us already familiar with this name. Netflix is serving more than 190 countries in the world which means any corner in this world is under the Netflix area. I’m also a subscriber of this video streaming platform and I’d say that this is one of the best places to watch videos. In Netflix, you can watch many anime shows like Naruto, One Punch Man, Bleach, Death Note, and many more. This platform offers you to watch shows in HD or 4K quality.

The only problem with Netflix is that you can’t watch a single episode free here. You have to spend some money to buy its different plans according to your budget and need. But after purchasing any of the plans of Netflix, you can watch so many things like web series, latest movies, cartoons, and more. So if you want to watch Anime with zero ad experience than you must try Netflix. 

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

Tubi Tv is a very nice platform where you can watch your favorite anime without any problem. The interface of its websites is black which looks awesome. The designer of this website worked very hard to make a good website with good user experience. So many anime series are available on this platform which is enough to fulfill your dream to watch anime. You can also watch Anime movies old and new.

If you don’t like to watch videos on websites than you can also download its mobile app which is also good. Thousands of movies, shows, cartoons and more are available on this well-recognized website/app. why I like tubitv, just because it will not annoy you by showing so many ads. this platform is not ad-free but they show you ads in a good time gap.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

aniwatcher.com is a website that is totally dedicated to the anime and you can find most of the anime shows here on this website. You name it and aniwatcher have it. From the oldest anime shows to the latest episodes of dragon ball everything is here for free. The only thing which will annoy you is ads in every corner of this website and filled with promoted content.

But if we’re getting free anime shows than I think we can tolerate some ads because website owner also wants to earn something. The user interface of aniwatcher is not so cool and friendly but “content is the king” and this website already have awesome content that forces us to watch the latest shows here.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

It is an official website to download or watch your favorite anime shows. The only thing which sad for us is, that you must be in Japan to access this website. But I’ve told you in the beginning that you must have a VPN to access some sites which are mentioned in this list. So don’t be sad if you’re not Japnese because there are so many VPN extensions or apps that help you to change your IP and location.

After downloading or installing VPN apps/extensions you can easily access this website. The user interface of this website is very good and it is a very fast website with good video loading speed. You can purchase or add shows in your cart and even download shows to watch them in your free time. Add shows in your watch later queue to remind yourself.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

If you don’t know which anime to watch or having trouble to find the best anime on the internet then you must check out this website. Because Chia-anime have a list of anime shows from A to Z and from tv shows to the latest movies. This is a station of all your needs related to anime. This is a fast and good website and with good speed of video loading. 

The interface of Chia-anime is not so user-friendly and also sometimes ads will annoy you but that’s ok, I guess. Because this website have a vast variety of anime shows and movies. I also watched Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Broly movie from this website. All the videos on this platform are subbed with awesome quality. The homepage of this website is loaded with the latest content. they update this website every hour.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

The user interface of animefreak.tv is pretty similar to Chia-anime.me but it is a bit faster than that. The design of this website is also good than chia-anime. You can easily search any show from the top left bar of the website. The homepage of this awesome platform is also filled with the latest and awesome content. Before watching videos on this website you must log in or signup first with your email for security reasons.

Quality of videos on animefreak.tv is HD and you can also adjust them according to your internet speed. Here also you may feel a bit irritated with so many ads and promoted content but because of video loading speed, we can tolerate that. You can chat with random people to share your lovely moments while watching anime. Also comments on your favorite anime show to support and more.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

As I said earlier you need a VPN to watch videos on some of the websites which are mentioned in this list. So anime-planet.com is one of those sites, if you’re in Japan then you don’t have to worry about anything. But if you’re living somewhere else than you must need a VPN otherwise you’ve to become a premium member to watch your favorite anime. The user interface of anime-planet.com is very awesome and good.

This website is very fast and you don’t have to tolerate so many ads here because ads are so much limited on this website. I personally love this website because of its unique user interface and awesome design. I really recommend you guys to watch anime here on anime-planet.com but don’t forget to use a VPN. And the very important thing I forgot to mention is that you need to make an account to watch videos here.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

If you’re an anime fan and watching shows for a long time then you must already know about the crunchyroll.com website. Because this is one of the best websites to watch anime with an awesome experience. You can watch any anime here it means from the oldest shows to the latest ones you can watch anything anytime and anywhere. But first, you need to create an account to watch videos or shows on this website.

The design of this website is very simple and smooth you can find your favorite shows easily without any problem. You have the option to purchase its premium subscription to watch anime ad-free. But here you won’t see so many ads so its a good thing for those who don’t want to spend their money on anime or any cartoon stuff. I personally watched a lot of shows on this website.

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10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

gogoanime.io is also a very well known website amongst all the anime lovers. Here you can watch anime with their subtitle which is good for people like me who don’t know Japnese and can’t understand a single word of Japnese language. All videos here are available in the HD quality. Ads are also very much limited so don’t have to tolerate so many ads here. 

Adjust the video’s resolution according to your data speed. If you feel that videos are loading very slow then you can also change the server to speed up your videos. The website is pretty fast so you don’t have to change servers again and again. Overall experience on the gogoanime.io is awesome and good. So I recommend you guys to watch anime from this website. 


10 Best Websites to Watch Anime - Techy Nickk

So ani.me is the no.1 website to watch anime shows and movies. Because of its awesome interface and smooth design. The website looks cool and every anime from shows to movies everything is available here without any restrictions. ani.me is your station for all your needs related to anime. You can read news about this Japanese industry and also talk with people on its forum where people are very active. 

You just need to put your favorite show name on the search bar and watch it till the end without ads. The homepage of this website is loaded with the latest anime episodes, movies, and news. If you like the services of this website then you can also purchase its premium subscription. But I recommend you guys to watch free. Because the free version is also coming up with good user experience. 

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