20 Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free in 2020

Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free

Playing games is one of the best ways to relax your mind and see the world from a different perspective. Therefore, there are more than 2 billion gamers in the world. Who play games on various devices like smartphones, PCs, and consoles. And if you’re one of the PC gamers who always try to find the latest games to play. Then you’ve landed at the right place. Because here we’re going to discuss, the best websites to download PC games for free.

And now you can easily choose websites that have fast servers. And provides you the game you’re looking for ages. Because I’ve used all of these websites to download PC games for myself. And yeah, they’re the best and you can rely on these websites to download your favorite PC games.

20 Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free in 2020

Best Websites to Download PC Games for Free

So now, whether you’re looking for small 1 MB games or massive games like GTA V and State of Decay 2. These sites are your one-stop solution for all types of games. So without taking your time. Let’s start the countdown of the best websites to download PC games for free.

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

Ocean of Games is no doubt one of the best websites to download PC games. And this is because it provides high-end pc games in their most compressed forms. That allows you to save some of your data. And have real fun without paying a single dime. Almost every game you download from this website runs smoothly.

Although you must have check the specs of your PC first. And if you’re curious about the min’ requirement of the game. Then don’t worry, because the Ocean of Games does provide minimum specs of the game. Which saves your time from downloading unnecessary games.

Furthermore, the website has all the big names on its list. Like GTA V, NFS Heat, NFS Run, and many more. You can easily download large files from the Ocean of Games, thanks to its powerful servers. That run only if you donate to help the website to run and keep flourishing.

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My Real Games

My Real Games is one of the best websites to download PC games

If you want to download free PC games. Then My Real Games is the name you’re looking for. Because this is the website that made my childhood awesome with its mind-blowing games. The website has a very simple interface. Where you’ll find stuff placed in a good manner. And you can easily search out games from their respective categories. Like action, adventure, RPG, and more.

Although the website only provides small games. But those ones are more than enough for you to kill your precious time. And of course, it does have some of the best games for girls. Because girls contribute 44% of the gamer community in the world. Moreover, you won’t see annoying ads and redirection on this pc game website.

Which makes it a little bit different from other websites in this list. So don’t wait, and check out the stuff you’re looking for.


Gametop.com is one of the best websites to download PC games for Free

Just like My Real Games website. Gametop offers game from a vast variety. And you can easily find different genres’ games from their category. Although most of the games’ size will be lower than 100 MB. But the games Gametop provides are amazing. And some of them are exclusives as well. It means you’ll find those games only on Gametop.

But the best part of this website is. That all the games are well scanned. And you won’t get viruses on your desktop by downloading those games. No hidden costs are there to make you pay without your will. And the most interesting part, they update their gaming list in every time gap. That means you’ll get the latest games again and again.

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PC games is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

If you’re searching for a website to download the latest games but compressed. Then your search ends here. Because thepcgames.net is your full stop solution to get the best games. This website provides videogames in various files to help you download them easily and slowly. The servers are very fast, which boosts up your downloading speed.

Although you may face some redirection like stuff. But this is the way they earn money right. So you’ve to ignore that thing. And then you’re ready to go and download whatever game you like. The homepage have a lot of games already in it. This means you don’t have to search for things up to download unless you want to play an old or unpopular game.


Fitgirl repacks is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

Here’s another website that offers highly compressed latest games for your PC. That’s why it’s here on our list of best websites to download PC games for free. In Fitgirl you just have to search the name. And Ta-da! you’ll get your favorite game in a matter of seconds. However, the website doesn’t look that much great. And have an old is gold type look.

But still, it does provide games you’ve been looking for years. They compressed games and provide them to you. And if you’re facing problems while installing them on your PC. Then you can directly contact the website owner through the comment section. And they’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Miniclip is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

Miniclip is one of the most famous websites on this list I guess. Because we all sometime in life must have played any of its game once. Miniclip provides game from a vast variety. And does have assorted games in their respective genres. The website provides small games as well as big games to make its users happy.

And you’ll be excited to know that, it supports more than 10 languages. Which is an amazing thing for people who love to get content in their regional language. And yes, you can play games online as well as download them. To enhance your gaming experience.

Further, if you own a website, and want your audience to be engaged with you. Then you can embed some of the games on your website with the help of a simple code. And then, you’re good to go, where you’ll provide playable online games to your audience.


Fully PC games org is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

Just like the game of ocean, you can download your favorite games easily. And navigate them through the menu bar of the website. The interface is pretty clean where searching stuff is a cup of tea even for a kid. And you’ll get almost every game you’ve heard of on this website.

Further, you can download different mods of the game as well with all of their DLCs. And you can even check out the specs easily to match them with your lovely computer. This one of the best websites to download pc games for free does allow you to comment down your problems. And in a matter of hours, the admin of the website will help you out.

Or sometimes other gamers too help their colleagues to get over from the errors.


Skidrowreloaded is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

Another mind-blowing website to download PC games without any hesitation. Skidrow is a website that provides a comprehensive list of games. And you’ll get almost every high-end pc game on this list. That makes you happy without throwing you out through filthy redirections.

The best part of this website is, that you can ask admins for a special game. And they’ll provide you a link to download that specific game. Moreover, it has plenty of links to download a single game. Which prevents errors like server load or link not working. Although the website hasn’t maintained very well by the admins. But still, you’ll get good games with fast downloading speed.


G2A.com is one of the best websites to download PC games

G2A is an amazing website for people who have bucks in their pocket. Because like Amazon, G2A connects sellers to their audience on their own platform. Anyone can sell their games and deals on this website. And you’ll be amazed after seeing some awesome deals no one has offered in the market.

So if you’re a gamer, who always in need of stuff like keyboards, games, and computer parts. Then G2A is your one-stop solution for your needs.


Gamejolt is one of the best websites to downlaod PC Games for Free

A mind-blowing and one of the best websites to download PC games for free. Gamejolt offers games from a vast variety. You can easily sort games with the help of tags. And grab the one that suits you the most. You can find games like Super Mario, Forgotten Fields, and many more. Further, the games it provides are amazing with awesome FPS.

Also, you can follow your favorite game for the latest updates. Even every page of the game contains appropriate images and videos to give you a rough idea about that game. And you can share your thoughts through the comment section and see how people think about that particular game. So don’t hesitate to join a Facebook-like community where you’ll find stuff you love the most.


GOG.com is one of the best websites to download PC games for free

Here’s another website that is especially here for paid users. But still, you’ll find a lot of games for free. And of course with some great deals that help you to get your game authentically. All the latest games are available as well. So if you’re a latest game lover. Then GOG is an amazing website for you.

The interface is mind-blowing and everything is presented clearly. Moreover, the website is pretty fast so you can download your games at a solid pace.


Agame is videogame downloading website

Agame is one of the best alternatives to My Real Games and Gamestop.com. Because the games it provides are small in size but high in quality. You can directly play them on your browser. And if you love to play them offline, then just hit the download button and start playing them on your computer. The website also updates its videogame gallery in a few days.

That makes gamers happy because all we need is the latest games. Further, every game has its own description with all the details you should’ve known. Moreover, you can play some android games directly on your smartphone. Which is an amazing thing for people who loves some android games and still want to play them.


Origin website download videogames

Origin is no doubt an amazing and one of the best websites to download PC games for free. But the only flaw this website has is, that it’s totally paid. And you can download games if you’ve some bucks to get them. But I’d say, that all the games it provides are authentic, virus-free, and with zero glitches.

You can read articles and videos to follow the latest news about your favorite game. And you’ll get some free games as well. But I’m not sure how many games are available without any cost. And most of them are online and need a paid version to feel the power of those Origin exclusives. Lastly, I’d say, it’s one of the best alternatives to Steam.

Cnet Games

Cnet is a name, most of you guys have already known. Because they provide news, videos, and other stuff to its users. And if you’re following the latest game news for a long time. Then Cnet must be on your list to keep yourself updated. You can find paid games as well as free ones.

Also, you can download software and other stuff as well. The servers are undoubtedly fast and provide extreme downloading speed. That helps you to download big as well as small games quickly on your desktop. And you can filter games and software through their rating and on platforms they’re available.

The interface is beautiful and everything is clean and easy to navigate. Moreover, every app and game in Cnet is secured and virus free. That helps you to keep your data safe from malware and hackers.

EA Games

EA is a game developing company, right? But they too have a website that allows you to download the latest games. Although you can’t download them directly from EA’s website. But it redirects you to the game’s official website from where you can download that game. But you’ve to pay for them, which isn’t quite for small gamers.


steam is a website for videogame lovers

So here’s come one of the most famous websites that offer a lot. You can find almost every game on steam. And start playing them right away with your friends and family. Steam has thousands of games for hundreds of categories. But the only thing that could bother you is, that it’s a paid website. And you need money to feel the power of Steam’s games.

But the money it charges does worth it. And you’ll definitely enjoy yourself. Moreover, every game has its own page. where you’ll get details, images, and videos related to that game. Also, all the specs will be mentioned at the bottom of the page. This makes your work easy and helps you to find whether your PC supports that game or not.


Blizzard is an amazing websites for videgames lovers

Blizzard is another amazing website to download PC games. Although this website is only for paid users. But still, you can try some of the most famous games for free. And then, you can pay for them after trying for a while. You can pre-order or pre-purchase games as well. Which is very handy for those who love gaming at the highest level.

Further, the interface of this website is cool. That makes you feel like you’re wandering in the space. And you can play some games directly on your browser as well. But the number of those games are not so much.


A perfect website to download PC games for free. Downloadpcgames88 provides all the latest games. And everything they provide will be fully compressed. Moreover, the website doesn’t have filthy redirection which makes it an amazing source to download the latest PC games. They provide screenshots of games.

And you’ll find specifications and details of every game they provide. Further, the interface of this one of the best websites to download PC games for Free is stunning. And you’ll find things easily without indulging yourself into a hassle. Moreover, they update their game gallery frequently. That helps you to find the latest games in a small time gap.


OVA is an amazing website for video games

Finally, we’re on the second last spot of our list. This one of the best websites to download PC games for free is a blessing for gamers. Because just like Ocean of Heaven, this site doesn’t irritate you with unwanted redirections. And the interface is also amazing likewise Origin and steam. OVAgames does provide the latest games.

And you’ll be happy to know, that every game they provide is fully compressed and tested. It means you won’t regret your decision to download PC games from this website. Further, you’ll get various links from different servers. That helps you to download your game from the fastest server.


Green Man Gaming is a videogame website

Greenmangaming is basically a website that provides premium games. And you can only download and get them. If you’re willing to spend some bucks from your pocket. But they do have good deals with extra discount rates. And yeah, Greeenmangaming doesn’t provide games for free. So it wouldn’t be the first choice for gamers who are searching for free games.

You can watch videos, images, and descriptions of the games. That helps you to choose the game you want to purchase. Moreover, the site provides good speed and awesome content. So you can try it if you’re willing to pay some bucks.

Note: I know playing games for free is fun. But downloading paid games for free could be a bad thing for the developers who’re working on them for ours. And of course, it’s not that much safe. Because who knows from which game you PC get infected.

So we recommend you to download games from their respective websites to boost the morale of developers. And we’re not associated with any of these websites to list them in this article. We’ve personally checked them and list them in this article.

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