10 Best Superheroes Of All Time in History

10 Best Superheroes of all time in histor

Here is the list of Top 10 Best superheroes of all time in history. I know that there are so many Superheroes in our world. And every person have their own taste.

So, did you ever think that which is the most loved superhero by people?

You can compare superheroes with each other in many aspects like their abilities and the way they look.

10 Best Superheroes of all time in histor

Many people love Superheroes because of their appearance and many people like a superhero because of their superpowers and some like superheroes because of their funny, serious and emotional characters.

So today, we are going to discuss the top 10 best superheroes of all time in history according to their appearance, superpowers and their lovely and fun-loving characters.

Before starting the list, I want to tell you that this listing is totally based on my personal research about the best superheroes of all time and some of my personal views about these superheroes. So please don’t be angry if you will not get your favorite superhero on this list.

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10 best superheroes of all time in history

I really like Hulk and he is one of my favorite superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The smartness of Banner is super cool and the aggressiveness of hulk is awesome.

Hulk is a character who cares for those people even when he is not in a conscious state. The power of hulk’s proved why he is the most badass superhero in the marvel cinematic universe and movies of Hulk are also very amazing.

And this character was created in May 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The comics of hulk become popular in very little time. And Hulk is also a very loved character by people.

The most interesting part of Hulk is, that if you hit him. Then that hit will make Hulk stronger and angrier which is bad for the enemy.


10 best superheroes of all time in history

This character was introduced by Marvel in 1991 in their comic book. Deadpool is a mutant superhero. And I really like the sense of humor of this superhero. Because when I watched his movie I wasn’t able to stop myself for not laughing.

Deadpool gets his power When he finds out that he has terminal cancer than for curing that disease he agreed to become a part of an experiment and after that experiment, Wade Wilson (Deadpool) gets his powers.

The powers of the Deadpool are very similar to Wolverine, like auto-healing, disease immunity and many more. But there is maybe only one thing that you will not like about Deadpool and that is his face like rotten tomatoes. 

But you can ignore that thing because Deadpool is a very funny character. And the most lovable part of the Deadpool is that after recognized as a failure he still hopes for the best.

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10 superheroes of all time in history

The god of thunder is one of the best avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And one of the powerful Avengers in the MCU. I really like thor because of his powers and his very famous Mjolnir.

The son of Odin has Mjolnir which is made by a dead star’s heart. And in Avengers infinity war Thor gets a new weapon which is like an Axe. Both weapons are awesome and look good in Thor’s hand.

This character is the strongest character in MCU after Captain Marvel. They both are very strong characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it’s not hidden that Thor loves Earth and loves people who live on earth.

And there are many more reasons why people like Thor is Handsome he is invincible and have godly powers which make him more badass and cooler than any other Avenger or Superhero.

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Captain America

10 best superheroes of all time in history

So here is the first Avenger in our list. Captain America is a very awesome character and one of the most important characters in MCU. So why Captain America is one of the most important characters in MCU. 

Because Captain America was introduced in 1941 at the time of WWII. And Captain America is the most patriotic Superhero than any other. So because of his patriotism Captain America is more famous than any other superhero.

And what I like in Captain America is that he is very good in decision making and he knows how to handle team after all he should be the best Captain if he is representing America.

The most interesting thing in Captain America is that he survived 70 years behind the ice. And 70 years is a very long time for survival. So Captain America proved why he is called the captain. And his small fights with Iron Man also gives us fun.


10 best superheroes of all time in history

The very famous name comes here. I think that everyone who is living on planet earth knows about this name. Everyone loves that teenager who accidentally becomes the most iconic superhero. In my childhood, spiderman was my second most favorite superhero of all time.

I’ve watched every movie of spiderman and also played every game of this superhero. Spiderman is a smart and very active teenager who have to face a lot of trouble in a small age.

And there is only one reason why Spiderman’s life sucks because he is a human with so many powers. I really spidey-sense because of this power he can get the idea about what bad things will happen nearby him.

I think that’s there is a very big fanbase of spiderman. Because of this fanbase, spiderman movie is made three times from the start. And people still watch them because they love spiderman and his movies.

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10 best superheroes of all time in history

Most popular Anime is here and I think this character have the least number of haters or I can say that Goku is the superhero who have no haters. I’m personally a very very big fan of Dragon Ball and Goku.

And I personally think if we compare superheroes from all the television series and movies and even anime at that time Goku will be the strongest superhero amongst all of the other superheroes. 

Goku is a very fun loving guy who can hit you with a spirit bomb if you look like a threat who can hurt Goku’s earth. And Goku is one of those Saiyans who survived from the attack of Frieza and Frieza force.

Another loving part of the Goku is the transformations. I really love the Super Saiyan Jin 2 form of Goku and Vegeta. These transformations also can increase the power levels of these Saiyans and even increase their looks after some transformations they look like a god and even they can surpass gods in power level of gods.


10 Best Superheroes Of All Time in History

Superman is one of the best superheroes of DC comics. And I think Superman is the strongest character of the DC Comics universe. This character have incredible strength, X-ray vision, Superspeed, invulnerability to most attacks, super hearing and super breath.

And the only weakness of superman is kryptonite which is only available on his home planet. Superman is also a very old character. And this superhero was created by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster in 1938.

The iconic symbol of superman is also very cool. And this superhero also has one of the best and simple costumes. Superman is really a good superhero for those who love those heroes who can’t get beaten easily.

I think that there are only a few superheroes who can stand with superman and can fight with him because superman is also one of those heroes who can’t get beaten easily. I love Superman a lot that’s why he is on our list of best superheroes of all time in history.

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10 Best Superheroes of all time in history

I don’t know but this superhero is mindblowing. And, I personally love Batman and this superhero is my favorite superhero of all time. I know that some guys compare Batman with Iron Man. But personally, I think that in techs and gadgets there is no-one who can defeat Batman.

I think that batman is amongst those heroes who don’t have so many haters. I really love the chemistry of Batman and Joker. And there is a very big reason why you can’t compare Batman with Iron Man. Because Batman is a detective and Iron Man is just a superhero. Who beat villains and everyone knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man.

If you ever played any game of Batman then definitely you should know about how batman uses his gadgets and perform awesome attacks. I really like the combos of Batman they are just so cool.

I know that Batman doesn’t have any superpowers but this is the specialty of this superhero. He can beat extraordinary villains with his martial arts and gadgets.


10 best superheroes of all time in history

The Dangerous superhero is here in the 2nd spot of this list. I really love this superhero. I watched every movie of Wolverine and really like his acting and the story of this character is also awesome like him.

Games of wolverine are deadly like his movies but those games are enjoyable. Wolverine is famous for his healing power and for his blades. That’s why wolverine is one of the best superheroes of all time in history.

And because of these powers wolverine survived an atomic blast and many dangerous attacks from which a normal superhero can’t escape. So many people think that the real name of Wolverine in his movie is Logan but it’s not true.

The real name of Wolverine in his movie is James Howlett. James took his name from his actual father Logan. Who shot and killed the man James thought was his father.

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Iron Man

10 Best superheroes of all time in history

After watching Avengers Endgame I think those people who don’t like Iron Man are now in love with this superhero. Tony Stark is a very funny person who knows how to motivates team members and he is very possessive for his family.

This superhero is a guy who creates the latest technology and uses them for good. And the suit of Iron Man is iconic. And Iron Man is also one of my favorite superheroes who can defeat extraordinary villains without superpowers.

The special thing about Iron Man is that he is a very good engineer and he creates an awesome suit and great technology. Iron man was created in 1963. By Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby.

And Iron Man is most loved Avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe because of his friendly and funny nature. This is the hero who saved the entire universe from the very dangerous and powerful creature Thanos without thinking about his life. 

So This is the List of 10 Best Superheroes Of All Time In History. I Hope You Guys like this list.

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