Spotify Alternatives: 15 Best Apps like Spotify to Stream like a Boss

15 Best Spotify Alternatives to Stream Music like a Boss

If you’re looking for one of the best Spotify alternatives. That provides amazing services and the latest songs. Then you’ve landed at the right place. Because we’ve curated this list of 15 best Spotify Alternatives. For people who want to try something new in their life. Or maybe, Spotify isn’t just released yet in their country. Because it’s one of the biggest issues with Spotify.

Although now, this music streaming app is available in most of the countries. Like most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Asia. But still, there are plenty of countries, where this biggest streaming app is not released yet. Therefore, we can understand their needs and desire. To stream music seamlessly without any limitations.

Spotify Alternatives: 15 Best Apps like Spotify to Stream like a Boss

15 Best Spotify Alternatives to Stream Music like a Boss

That’s why we’ve searched and gathered. Some great names in the music streaming industry. That provides amazing services than that of Spotify. And after using these apps. You won’t gonna miss Spotify again in your whole life. Because these music streaming apps are more than enough for the latest songs even in your regional language.

So with that said. Let’s dive into the list of 15 best Spotify alternatives to stream songs and podcasts like a boss.

Youtube Music

Youtube Music is one of the best Spotify alternatives

Youtube itself is one of the biggest and best alternatives to Spotify. And this is because of its colossal collection. You can find almost every song, lyrical video, artist, and even ringtones on this platform. And this isn’t enough, because YouTube Music, has the biggest collection of regional songs as well. That makes you feel overwhelmed by a platform that is just released yet.

It has the most powerful AI to provide the recommendations even that you’re not expecting. Moreover, you can find all the versions of a single song that is available on YouTube. Because most of the time I love to hear songs from other artists who just re-sing the song but in their own way.

You can choose between audio or video format. That helps you to save some of your data. And becomes a handy feature when you’re traveling on a train where you want to listen to the audio. Or lying on your bed where you’re in a mood to watch videos to kill your time.

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Sound Cloud is one of the best alternatives to Spotify

I guess Soundcloud is one of the oldest music streaming apps. That still works seamlessly and provide amazing content. Because this streaming app is known for its active community and the songs it provides. You can find the latest artists that are just starting their music career. And releasing some of their new singles to make a statement.

Basically this app is a heaven for collaborators, audiophiles, and musicians. Because here you can collaborate with other artists easily. The collection of Soundcloud is huge as any other streaming apps in this list. Because it’s more than 130 million songs, covers, and mix for its users. You can directly share your favorite music with your friends.

And let them know, how you’re feeling right now. Further, Soundcloud is one of the best alternatives to Spotify. Because it’s an active community that keeps your feed fresh. And in every day you’ll get something new in your feed to feel the new era of music.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Music is one of the best Spotify Alternatives in the world

Apart from special offers, prime videos, and fast deliveries. There are some under-rated features, people never noticed of Amazon Prime subscription. And one of them is Prime Music. Because it’s a new service by Amazon which have the latest songs and amazing features to offer. But in most cases, people never use this extra-ordinary service. Although they’ve already purchased this subscription.

So if you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you don’t have to do anything. And you can start streaming your favorite songs right away with the help of the Amazon app. Even though it’s not on its final stage and they’re still improving it. But don’t worry, because Amazon is a big player and you’ll definitely gonna love this app as well.


Gaana App is one of the best Spotify Alternatives

If you’re reading this article from India. Then you must have already known about this app. Because at once Gaana was the number one music streaming app in India. With over 50 Million songs from English to Hindi. You can find songs from regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and more.

I personally prefer the interface of this beautiful app. That allows you to shuffle, repeat, and change your songs in seconds. You can easily keep a track of your listening history. And every song you listen comes up at the top of your homepage. That helps you to feel that song again and again. Even it provides trending songs in your local area.

Moreover, now you can create and watch short videos like TikTok. That makes it a dynamic music streaming platform. And yes, one of the best Spotify Alternatives for Android and iOS.

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Jio Saavn is one of the best alternatives to Spotify

JioSaavn is no doubt the number #1 music streaming app in India after dethroning Gaana from that spot. Because it provides songs from independent artists and creators. Afterward, you can find songs internationally from English to Hindi. And from regional to the old ones. Everything is available in its huge collection.

The User-interface of JioSaavn has improved and now looks classy in every aspect. And buttons and slides are very smooth. You can search for songs from its gallery that contains more than 60 million songs. And even you can directly set your favorite song as your caller tune. If you have a Jio sim or connection.

You can also listen to your favorite radio stations. And make a playlist of them to keep things in a manner. Jiosaavn does have more songs than that of Spotify. So if you’re ready to ditch Spotify right now. Then JioSaavn is one of the best alternatives to Spotify.

Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the best Spotify Alternatives

What makes Apple Music different from its counterparts? And that’s the three-month free subscription. After that, it charges the same as Spotify and Google Play Music. Apple Music have more songs and exclusives than any other app on this list. The interface of Apple Music is mind-blowing and very smooth just like butter.

It has one of the most powerful AI. That recommends songs more accurately and provides a real personalized experience you’re waiting for. And if you’re an iPhone user who does have Apple Watch. Then you’ll feel the real power of synchronization and personalization. Therefore, it’s one of the best Spotify Alternatives right now.

The radio stations are up and running for 24×7. And the live radios are up to the mark, where real DJs play their music. Because it’s one of the best ways to keep yourself inspired by the new songs from DJs themselves. And of course, these things are the key factor to make Apple Music one of the best alternatives to Spotify right now.

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Tidal Music

Tidal is one of the best Spotify Alternatives

With over 60 Million breathtaking songs. Tidal is providing extra-ordinary services with high-quality music. Although Tidal isn’t available in most of the countries like India and more. But still, if you’re living in a supported country. Where Tidal works perfectly. Then you must try this one of the best Spotify alternatives once in your life.

Even though, this music streaming app only have 3 million paid subscribers. But still, it’s growing and ready to compete with giants like YouTube Music and Spotify. Because it provides high-quality music and high fidelity music videos. That only a few streaming service apps provide.

Further, the Tidal app looks perfectly balanced with its power and design. The personalized recommendation works perfectly. And provide songs you’ll love the most. Moreover, it’s one of the best alternatives to Spotify for android and iOS.


Deezer is one of the best Alternatives to Spotify

Deezer is basically a twin brother of Spotify. That provides more than 60 million songs from all around the world. You can easily search and listen to songs you want. And the interface is a carbon copy than that of Spotify. Deezer never annoys you with unskippable ads after every song you heard.

This app allows you to create and rate your custom playlists. And here you’ll get over 30,000 radio channels that’s insane. Moreover, just like any other Spotify alternatives in this list. Deezer too have some premium plans. If you’re willing to pay and want an ad-free experience in your life.

Because almost 14 million people have already trusted this one of the best Spotify alternatives to stream their music. Also, in the paid version Deezer allows you to stream your music with 16-bit Flac quality. That enhances your experience and makes you the king of every party. is a music streaming website

Unlike any other Spotify alternatives on this list. is for those, who love to find new songs and artists. Because here this website suggests news songs and trending artists. That you might like and later you can listen to them on your favorite streaming apps. Even you can check out a song’s popularity.

And see in which country people are listening to a particular song. The interface is darkish but looks royal and works smoothly. So you can check out this one of the best Spotify alternatives too. If you’re fond to search for new songs every weekend.

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Wynk is an online Music Streaming platform like Spotify

Wynk is also an amazing and one of the best Spotify alternatives. That provides songs from Bollywood to Hollywood. And regional to the international. Everything is available on this music streaming app. Even if you’re an Airtel Simcard user. Then you’re going to love this Spotify alternative.

Because then you’re free to download songs to play them offline. And directly set caller tunes from the app. It just works like Jiosaavn but specially designed for Airtel users. You can personalize the radio stations according to your preferences.

And create playlists of your favorite songs to enjoy them later. Although this app is more Bollywood centric. But still, you’ll find some famous international artists’ songs as well.

Pandora Radio

Pandora is an online music player

Unlike any other Spotify alternatives, Pandora Radio works totally different. Because it only operates in the US. And if you’re living anywhere else than the US. Then you can’t even open this website on your device. But let’s suppose you’re lucky. And lives in the US, then it only provides songs on 192 kbps of quality.

So if you’re a person who loves high-quality songs. Then Pandora isn’t for you. Although it’s a pretty old company that’s founded in the year 2002. And this website provides Radio stations according to your preferences. And recommend you the stations you might like the most.

But still, it’s not a perfect choice to find new and the latest songs. Moreover, it has a large library of music. That contains millions of songs.


Audio mack is an online music streaming service like Spotify

Finally, a music streaming app or one of the best alternatives to Spotify. That’s specially made for the African continent. Because here you’ll find most of the local African songs. Even the app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Which is an amazing thing for people who browse songs on different devices,

The best part of this one of the best Spotify alternatives is. That it doesn’t force you to purchase the premium plan. And do let you download songs you like the most. Moreover, an artist can share his/her mixtapes, songs, and covers. So that people can hear what’s coming new in the music industry.

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Hungama is an online music streaming platform

I guess Hungama is one of the oldest music streaming apps in India. And at once, it’s the #1 music streaming app in India. Although it’s dethroned by the Gaana app. And now only a few people use this app for their music streaming needs. But still, it provides the latest and amazing songs to its users.

Hungama have more than 10 million songs in its song’s library. Also, it has a clean user interface with a smooth design. You can easily navigate songs and search them directly. Further, it does have different music genres like Pop, mix, hip-hop, and more.

Sound Hound Inc

Sound hound inc is an online music streaming websites like Spotify

Sound Hound Inc, is an amazing and one of the best alternatives to Spotify. Because it shows popular songs near your location. And let you know, which songs are booming and people are fond of. Sound Hound have a vast library of songs that makes your day. Also, it’s a good alternative to Shazam. Because it identifies songs just like Shazam.

And you can read the lyrics of those songs as well. This one of the best Spotify alternatives has a built-in YouTube player. That makes your work easy. Because you can directly watch videos and sing them along with lyrics. The direct sharing buttons are very handy, which helps you to share your stuff as quickly as possible.

And last but not least, you can connect your premium Spotify player or Apple Music player. So that you can stream your music from those platforms as well.

Music Pleer TV

Music Pleer is one of the most different alternatives to Spotify. And this is because doesn’t provide you the list of recommendations or playlist. But here you can search for songs just like Google Search and bam. You’re ready to go. Then you’re free to download or play that particular song for free. There’s no hidden charge or anything else.

It totally works as a search engine but for MP3 music. Although it’s not a legal service. So use it at your own risk. But the services it provides are remarkable. And no-one can ignore how fast it provides the songs you want to listen to. Therefore, it’s here on our list of best Spotify alternatives to stream music like a boss.

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