20 Best Secret Dating Apps for Android & iOS, You Never Knew Existed

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If you’re an introvert, struggling to find your significant other in this beautiful world. Then buckle up your seatbelt as we’re about to see some of the best secret dating apps, you never knew existed. All these apps are handpicked for my single friends. In my opinion, if you’re shy, taciturn, or thinks a lot, then you should be using these apps to get mingle as quickly as possible.

All the apps are free to download but in-app purchases are available to let you search people thoroughly. However, I never really need this type of apps as I’m not so shy and love to go to parties. But my friend had used and tested all these secret dating apps to find his love of life.

20 Best Secret Dating Apps for Android & iOS, You Never Knew Existed

Some of the best secret dating apps for android and iOS to find your love one as quickly as possible
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Therefore, we’ll be trusting his experiences of all these fabulously curated apps for singles and cheaters. Finally, if you do end up finding a loving partner with the help of these apps, then do let us know in the comment section below.

With that being said, let’s dive into the list of 20 best secret dating apps for android & iOS, you never knew existed.


Happn is one of the best secret dating apps for android and iOS

As you know, dating apps are minefields in themselves, where looking for a perfect partner isn’t a cup of tea. But this isn’t the case of Happn as here whenever you’ll cross the path with another Happn user, it’ll start showing you their profile. And likewise Tinder, people should like each other mutually in order to connect and chat with each other.

This one of the best secret dating apps lets you see the locations of other people on the map. Moreover, you can see people with whom you’ve recently crossed paths. It’s a fantastic feature that allows users to find people without breaking a sweat.

If you’re ready to get yourself a committed tag ASAP, then Happn could help you reach that milestone in the best & smoothest way possible. So don’t waste your precious time and find your significant other before someone else claim them as their love of life.


Okcupid is one of the best secret dating apps for android and iOS

After getting more than 195 million matches each year, OkCupid is here at your service. This one of the best secret dating apps has more than 10 million monthly active users worldwide. I know the numbers are huge, but these statistics are good for you as you don’t have to prepare them for your exams.

And it’ll increase the probability of getting your significant other as fast as you can. Users are allowed to showcase their skills, interests, photos, & able to share a short but sweet bio. Moreover, you can see whether another person is interested in a long-term relationship, or looking for a short errand of fun.

I personally like this feature a lot as it helps users to find the person they should invest their time on. OkCupid has some quirky trivia for people who’re talking with each other for a long time and they want to test each other’s loyalty and how much they’ve known their partners.


TInder is one of the best secret dating apps for android and iOS you never knew existed

I really don’t think that Tinder needs any sort of introduction in this article. Tinder is a giant in the online dating industry as this is the app that created a totally new industry worldwide. After the release of Tinder in 2012, this app is growing rapidly and has matched millions of people worldwide.

The rules are clear, some lovely girls/boys will be presented on your screen and you’ve to swipe them left(if you don’t like ’em) or right(if you’ve think they’re the one). If you ended up matching with a cute girl/guy, then you can start chatting & calling with ’em immediately.

There will be no restrictions as Tinder only charges you when you cross their daily quota of swipe left/right. I’ve also tried this app as it’s a widely popular app worldwide but never got enough luck to find someone to make my life more beautiful(maybe I’m ugly).


Lovely is one of the best secret dating app that looks like games

As the name suggests, Lovely is too lovely for people who’re looking to find the love of their lives. With over 10+ million downloads, Lovely has become one of the best secret dating apps for our introvert gang. Likewise any other secret dating app, you need to fill in some basic info like interests, gender preference, & more to find the perfect match.

If you don’t want to miss out on any chance to find your better half, then you’ve to make your profile 100% complete with all the necessary details. Because the app recommends people only when they have a robust profile to lure another person.

You can find people who live nearby to you, which makes it easy to communicate with each other without any distance or time hurdles. Moreover, the app is worth trying, and would highly recommend this as one of the best secret dating apps to find your loved one.

Bloom – Premium Dating App

Bloom is an amazing dating app that helps you to find your loved one quickly

Looking for true love who knows you better than you know yourself? Bloom dating is here to help you out in the best way possible. Because this secret dating app has more than 40 million singles wandering around the streets to find the love of their beautiful lives.

You can simply create an account and start exploring the allays of this app like a nomad to find your soulmate. All the rules are akin to Tinder, Happn, & more so you won’t need to take classes to understand how this app works. But keep one thing in mind, you’ve to keep your profile ecstatic and lovely to entice people to connect with you.

Likewise Facebook, you can see who is active and ready to chat and who’s offline for ages. This one of the best secret dating apps have various filters to prevent any type of mismatching. That helps you to find your baby quickly and easily.


Don’t want to leave your comfort zone but still want someone to date? Lovoo is here to turn your dream into astonishing reality. This amusing secret dating app has all the features an introvert could need. You can find people sitting on your couch, and yes, they’ll be talking like a real friend.

This dating app has more than 50 million registered users and still counting. As the number suggests, Lovoo doesn’t have any shortage of singles. Even If you’re willing to pay some bucks from your pocket, then Lovoo could share a deluge of single users with you to chat and make healthy relationships.

This one of the best secret dating apps have all the features every big dating app provides. Whether you’re looking for someone who lives next to your street or one who lives thousands of miles away from you. Lovoo has all the filters you could need to find the perfect match for yourself.

Jaumo Dating

I don’t know the meaning of this dating app’s name, but it’s a nice app to find your loved one in this world of 7.5 billion people. The app has simple rules, first, create your account, second, put in some interests, third, set some preferences. Finally, go on the hunt to find your prey(just kidding).

Jaumo has more than 50 million singles worldwide. Therefore, it could be a place where finding the right one shouldn’t be a hard task for anyone. However, I’d recommend you to show your best cards on the profile as your first impression is your last impression.

If you’re ready to get full-fledged mingle, then here’s your chance. Download this one of the best secret dating apps to make your life astonishing.


It’s time to make some real friends as Twoo is an astonishing stranger chat app available on the Playstore. However, you can find the opposite gender to flirt and be in a relationship to enjoy every moment of your life. But still, if you’re not sure about a commitment, then Twoo is an app you should be checking out.

This one of the best secret dating apps has good reviews and millions of download on the Google Play Store & Apple’s App Store, that suggests the popularity and usability of this app. You can trust Twoo to make friends worldwide seamlessly.

Likewise Facebook, users can go live and interact with their friends. You can interact and send hearts to other users. Moreover, one can send emojis, GIFs, images, videos, & more to their favorite person.


Looking for a succinct way to find the perfect match on the web? Neenbo is here at your service. This one of the best secret dating apps has fewer but effective features for its users. It’s akin to Tinder, where you can give heart to the person you like or press cross to reject them.

Likewise Tinder, users must like each other mutually, or else the app won’t let you talk with each other. Neenbo uses GPS to let you find perfect matches who live nearby to your house or workplace. If you’re like me who prefer real-time meeting over chatting & call, then feature is especially curated for you.


Mooq is an amazing one of the best secret dating apps for android & iOS users. This dating app has millions of active users worldwide. As you know, dating apps ain’t the coolest way to find your significant other. But yeah, you could give this app a try for sure.

The app is pretty simple, create an account, fill in all the details, & boom, you’re good to go. The app’s interface doesn’t look the best in any way. But tons of active users make it amazing dating apps for newbies & introverts.

Some features, that I’d like to highlight of Mooq are, you can see who viewed your profile, you’re free to send text messages to anyone, & last but not least, the app doesn’t have any in-app purchases. However, it does mean that Mooq will annoy you by showing ads after every short period of time.

Hi5 – Meet, Chat, & Flirt

It’s time to give a Hi-Five to your new friends in the online world. It’s a mind-blowing secret dating app that has all the features people like us could need to find the best match. I admire the way developers have made this app. You can browse people easily from the browse section.

The rules are pretty generic as here you’ve to swipe left/right to like/dislike a person. I know, it sounds similar to Tinder or any other secret dating app on this list. But, because of the same industry, developers don’t have so many options to provide inimitable features to the people that could make their app different from others.

However, most of the dating apps are trying their best to provide features that could differentiate them from others. In addition to that, the Hi5 team added some games to entertain its users. Because of these games, we can all Hi5, one of the best secret dating apps that looks like a game.


With millions of single active users, Tagged is here to help introverts to find their soulmates in the best way possible. You can browse the gigantic arsenal of single people, and make them your friends. If you’re looking for fun then go for people who love to talk with strangers on an occasional basis.

You can write in some basic interests & preferences that you need in another person, then Tagged will start showing you the best match possible. The app has a pretty powerful algorithm that never lets you feel alone, and always finds ways to give you the perfect match.

Tagged have some games as well to make users feel good and entertain. Therefore, Tagged is one of the best secret dating apps that looks like games.


It’s time to beat your loneliness and find the one who cares for you. Yes, Wooplus is here to change your relationship status from single to committed. All you’ve to do is, create an account, make your profile astonishing, write in some interests, and boom you’re good to go.

The app will start showing you girls/boys you’ve been looking for ages. I know it sounds good but yeah, users can interact with each other in any way they want. Whether you’re a chat pro or one who loves talking on phones. Wooplus has all the features you’ve ever dreamt of.

In Wooplus, you don’t have to like each other mutually in order to message another person. Therefore, if you’re ready to make a move, then go ahead and start texting your crush(but remember, don’t be a creep).


Are you the one who believes so hard in zodiac signs, and want a compatible partner according to your sign? Well, no worries, Zoosk is here to make your day. Because this one of the best secret dating apps does find people with these filters.

It prevents all the possibilities to get matched with someone who doesn’t even a good fit according to your zodiac sign. Moreover, you can put in some basic interests likewise any other one of the best secret dating apps on this list to filter out unwanted people.

Zoosk has more than 10 million active users, which suggests the popularity of the application. You can easily find your loved one without breaking a sweat. Therefore, Zoosk should be on your list, if you’re looking desperately for true love.


Want total control of what type of people you should be chatting with while looking for love? Blendr is here as a blessing in disguise for you, then. Because here you can refine people from tons of customizable filters. The app totally works on your command.

With over 180 million users around the world, Blendr is one of the biggest online dating apps for single introverts. You’ll definitely get lost in the highly dense world of singles, where everyone is looking for true love.

However, if you’re not into true love and looking for some fun, then Blendr is still a good option. You can meet people from all around the globe and make them friends who have similar interests.

Hinge – Dating & Relationship

After getting a ton of amazing reviews from websites like Washington Post, Tech Crunch, & The NextWeb. Hinge is here to make your boring single life a lovely adventure. With over 5 million active users or I’d say singles, this app is a perfect place to find your significant other.

The algorithm is robust and rapidly understands your interests and likings. Therefore, it’s able to provide close to perfect matches in your feed. You can manually search people by their locations, interests, & more.

The app’s interface looks good and helps users to find the perfect one without breaking a sweat. If you’re not so concerned with privacy, then Hinge does read your chats. And when you exchange numbers with each other, they read and study your conversation to provide better matches in the future.

The League

Not so popular but a good application for singles. The League solely depends on quality over quantity. Therefore, you’ll find fewer matches than that any other secret dating apps on this list. But yeah, those matches would be meaningful, and you will love those people.

The league have some in-app purchases to offer that help you to find friends or significant others like a child’s play. Moreover, if you’re worried about getting found by your friends, coworkers, or any other person. Then you can integrate Facebook & Linkedin to keep those people away from your secret life.

These types of features definitely make The League one of the best secret dating apps for android & iOS users.


Ready to bring peace & harmony to your life? Eharmony is here as it’s some fantastically curated features that help you to find beautiful girls/boys easily. Likewise, any other secret dating app, Eharmony asks your details to build your robust profile.

Then it starts showing you the people you could find interesting. Afterward, you’re free to text them to make your life full of happiness.

Eharmony has a feature called Video Date that helps you to video call each other before meeting them in real life. I don’t know why they call this feature Video Date as it’s similar to video calls.


As the name suggests, Taptodate is another simple but powerful one of the best secret dating apps. That has a succinct user interface and a plethora of single users. You can start texting your crush without wasting a single second.

Likewise, in other apps, you can send messages and check other people’s profiles to make connections & even relationships. Moreover, unlike other dating apps, Taptodate has three different likes: Nice, Cool, & Wow. That helps you to show the intensity of your like.

The app is worth trying and you should check out this one of the best secret dating apps to find your significant other.

Inner Circle Dating App

Another small but worth trying secret dating app is here. Inner Circle Dating App is a panacea for people who are looking for a serious relationship. This amazing secret dating app like game has tons of filters that helps you to find people easily.

You can find people by their profession, interests, skills, hobbies, & more. The app has everything you could need to find the perfect match.

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