11 Best Piano Apps for Android to Cultivate Your Skills

Best Piano Apps for Android & iOS to cultivate your skills

Learning Piano is pretty hard, right? No! well, there’s a plethora of Piano apps on the Play Store. That helps you to cultivate your Piano skills without paying anything to anyone. However, all these one of the best Piano apps for android won’t be going to replace Piano in any case. But still, if you’re a Piano fan looking for some extra fun. Then these Piano apps could be your friend to help you out.

I know these days due to Covid-19, traveling becomes more problematic than ever before. So it could be a great idea. If you’re learning & developing new skills while drinking coffee on your couch. Consequently, it’ll help you to keep your family safe & secure from the virus & other problems.

11 Best Piano Apps for Android to Cultivate Your Skills

Best Piano Apps for Android & iOS to cultivate your skills

Basically, these Piano apps are the digital embodiment of real-world Pianos. Moreover, they’re more likely a Piano Keyboard app, that contains all the buttons(I guess) and basic functionalities from a real Piano. You’ll be seeing pre-loaded songs’ rhythms to practice from their beats. These apps will let you make music notes & other basic editing features in the songs. So that you can learn in your own way.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the rhythmic world of music. And finds out, one of the best Piano apps for Android.

Real Piano by Bilkon

Real Piano by Bilkon is an amazing and one of the best apps to learn piaon for beginners

Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn new skills or a professional cultivating his/her ability to play Piano. Real Piano by Bilkon could make your day with its amazing features. The first & foremost thing is, that you’ll be able to play not only Piano but also Flute, Organ, & Guitar. The app loads up with all the features a music lover could ever need.

However, this isn’t the only thing that makes it one of the best Piano apps for android. Because it’s 7 octaves that helps you to continue with your music flow. Not only that, if your smartphone supports multi-touch(most of the smartphone does), then you can play & practice music more smoothly. Apart from this, Real Piano has 88 keys that help you to play songs from the modern era to the traditional one.

You can record music & share it directly on your social media profiles. The app makes it easy to play songs as it allows users to adjust keys’ size according to their preferences. However, I still, didn’t mention all the points of this one of the best Piano apps for android. But I’d highly recommend you to try this Paino keyboard app & download it for more fun.

Piano Teacher by Mobobi

Real Piano Teacher by Mobobi is one of the best Piano apps for android & for beginners

The 2nd spot has been captured by Piano Teacher. The app is pretty powerful and makes your learning more interactive with its inimitable features. This one of the best Piano apps for android has a virtual teacher, as the name suggests. The virtual guy will explain to you all the basics of Piano and helps you to master these skills.

Moreover, the Piano app shows real-time results of your playback activity, which makes learning more fun. I personally love the real-time feature of Piano Teacher. Because it reads all my button movement even while I’ve connected my own Piano with the smartphone. The app has a plethora of quizzes to make you learn things more quickly.

Piano Teacher has different modes for various people. Like if you’re just looking for fun, then you’re good to go with the Game Mode. But if you’re keen to learn and want to cultivate your skills. Then Learning Mode will be going to work for you. In addition to that, in your free time, there’s a freestyle mode that allows users to play Piano in any way they want.

Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano by Smule isn’t your typical Piano app for android. Because the app has a totally different way to play music through Piano. You’ll be playing your favorite songs through the colorful dots. And the sound it creates is an aesthetic experience while learning new skills. You can search for songs from its vast library that contains more than 50,000+ songs.

You can record, view, & then publish your songs on various social media handles. This one of the best Piano apps for android or Piano keyboard apps to download has three different difficulties. That makes your work easy if you’re a novice or a professional, looking for some fun. Magic Piano, allow you to browse songs from your favorite singers like Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, & more.

Moreover, you can edit songs and make them your own. Every short period of time span, developers add new songs from different genres to make you feel refreshing. Although, If you’re looking for a perfect Piano app that lets you learn everything from scratch. Then Magic Piano by Smule isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for some fun. Then this could be one of the best Piano apps for android in 2021, especially for you.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano is an amazing & one of the best Piano Apps for android. That makes your learning an aesthetic way to enjoy yourself. Likewise Piano Teacher, Simply Piano could also be connected with any real piano to enhance your skills. The app provides real-time feedback as well as points to measure your progress. Moreover, you’ll find plenty of songs in their simplified version.

So that you can learn things from the scratch. Moreover, Simply Piano provides small lessons that make you get used to buttons and rhythms. Apart from this, you’ll get step by step lessons, that allows you to learn things slowly but effectively. Because learning needs small steps to remember what you’ve learned.

Simply Piano also has a membership plan, which unlocks all the classes for people who want to learn Piano in any way. Although, you’ll get the latest classes in every short period of time. Because developers always add new lesions to provide something more interesting to their users.

Piano+ by Rubycell

I’d say, it’s the most dynamic & one of the best Piano Keyboard apps to download for android. Because the features it provides are mind-blowing. I personally use Piano+ or Pianist in my free time to create my own rhythms(in which, I’m very bad). The interface & keyboard of Piano+ is exceptional. You can easily play and learn new songs on the Piano.

The app supports multiple keyboards that allow users to play complicated songs without any hustle. Moreover, unlike any other piano app, you’ll get animated dropping bars that’ll tell you to press the following buttons. I know these things sound great, but the list of features Piano+ provides didn’t end here. While checking out this app, I figure out, that it’s a lot of new & trending songs to play.

To be more specific, Piano+ has more than 50,000 songs in its library. If you’re a dynamic person who wants to play other instruments as well like Music Box, Pipe, Organ, & many more. Then you’re good to go with Piano+. And it could a great & one of the best Piano apps for android, especially for you.

Flowkey: Learn Piano

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, trying to cultivate his/her skills. Flowkey is your one-stop solution for all your Piano needs. The app is a panacea for all the novice & connoisseurs out there. Flowkey provides more than 1500+ songs from the old era to the new one. Although, 1500 isn’t a big mark and other apps like Piano+ provide thousands of songs.

But the simplicity it provides is remarkable. You can connect your Piano with your phone & Flowkey will start showing music notes as well as your hand positions to play songs easily. You can choose hands if you prefer to play the Piano with single or both hands. Moreover, Flowkey allows users to choose their difficulty, according to which you’ll get notes & music to play.

The thing, I love the most is its courses. If you’re totally a novice seeking to learn something very different. Then Flowkey is a blessing in disguise for you. The app provides step-by-step lessons so that you can slowly build your skills without giving pressure on your mind. Apart from this, Flowkey always tracks your progress and tells your progress, so that you can continue with new motivation.

Piano Melody

Looking for a simple companion that only provides a smooth but powerful Piano Keyboard? Piano Melody is here to make your day. The app is very simple. You just have to search for songs and try to play them. Unlike any other one of the best piano apps for android on this list. Piano Melody doesn’t show notes concurrently, instead, the Piano will play the song by itself & then you’ve to copy those notes.

Piano+ provides more than 1,000+ songs and have a vast variety of genre. Apart from this, you can create a list of your favorite songs and set the difficulty on individual songs according to your skills and progress. You’re free to resize the keyboard size of Piano Melody so that you can play difficult songs easily.

Piano by Yousician

Piano by Yousician has all the features that makes it one of the best Piano apps for Android. The foremost feature, I love from Piano by Yousician is, the style it has to teach you. You’ll get the colorful hand on your screen, denoting which fingers you’ve to use. It does provide a music note that helps you to play songs without any hustle. However, if you’ve a small android smartphone, then it could be a tough task for you.

You’ll need an account to use this one of the best Piano Keyboard App to download on Android. Because an account helps you to track your progress and tells your activity like how many days you’re learning & per day how many hours you’re giving to learn a new skill. Likewise most of the apps on this list, you’ll get tons of songs, so that you can easily learn the latest & trending songs right away.

The app provides lessons and real-time results, which makes it easy to track your skills while you’re playing.

Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 isn’t a Paino Keyboard app to download. It’s a simple game, that I personally love. The songs while you’re pressing tiles are amazing. The game has everything you need to make your mind fresh and productive. You’ll play songs while completing different levels. The app provides songs according to occasions that make it very eurhythmics while playing some songs.

If you’re a person looking for some fun. And don’t want to learn Piano as it isn’t an easy task. Then you’re good to go with Magic Tiles. The game is worth trying and makes your mood refreshing.

Piano Connect

If you’ve a Piano & a MIDI cable in your house. Then Piano Connect is an app, you should be checking out. This one of the best Piano apps for android provides all the features a professional could need. If you’re in the mood to play some games, you’re free to choose the Piano Tiles game which is available in it. Moreover, if you don’t have a keyboard or a MIDI cable, no worries, you can play Piano on your smartphone as well.

The app is pretty powerful and lets you play songs from its vast collection that has more than 650,000+ songs. I know it’s crazy, but you’re free to play songs from any genre to learn things a little faster. Moreover, you can record your own songs and share them with your friends like a pro.

Piano Connect can also read MIDI files. So if you’re trying to learn something not available in the app. Then no worries, Piano Connect is an app that covers almost everything you’re looking for. After all, this is why it’s on our list.

Piano Master Pink

Well, nothing special here. I just added this app for girls who’re looking for some pinkish app for themselves. Just like any other Piano learning apps for beginners. You’ll see dropping bars and press them according to their falling speed. On top, you’ll get a bar to complete and of course, a beautiful interface specially designed for beautiful girls.

Moreover, the app has a few songs like Despacito, Twinkle-Twinkle, & more. So if you’re a girl looking for basic piano apps for beginners to learn this skill. Then you should be checking out Piano Master Pink. Because it has an inimitable interface with cute animations.

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