12 Best Open World Games For Android

I know that playing games is fun and most of us love to play them for hours after all that’s why we call ourselves a gamer. Once there was a time when playing awesome games on cellphones is just a dream but now the time has been changed. Smartphone companies are focused to make good specs phone because now people are spending their time on mobile games more than social media.

12 Best Open World Games For Android

If you compare some games of pc with android then you’d see that in some cases Android games look better than that of pc even Android games are challenging pc games in graphics and many more things. Before the arrival of android OS you’d only play Open World games on pc and console but thanks to the Android. Because of this OS, we can play awesome games with good graphics on our smartphones.

Open world games offer a lot to a player like killing random people, side quests, stealing cars and many more things. So this type of game is the first choice of maximum numbers of gamers that’s why we’ve written this article about 12 best open-world games for Android users.

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Radiation Island

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Radiation Island is a Zombie survival game that is released on 29 January 2015. In this game, you’re part of the Philadelphia experiment because of which everyone who lives nearby the experiment center or the island turns into the zombie. You’re the one who is not infected by the virus and now have to survive the deadly island with your survival skills and bravery.

If you’ve ever played Far Cry 3 or a die-hard fan of Far Cry franchise then you must check out this game. Because here you can glide on the island craft new weapons and upgrade them, kill animals to not let yourself die from hunger and find the military base to solve the puzzles and escape the island and reach the real world. And I forget to mention that the island is very big so be ready to lose yourself in the zombie world.

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Battle Dogs: Mafia War Games

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Battle Dog is a game where you are the rule maker and breaker in the Beverly Hills. This game gives you a very vast map that is inspired by the real Beverly Hills and you have to become the leader of the mafia world. In Battle Dogs, there are some illegal capsules which could turn you into different types of creature and give you some extra powers. So now it depends on you that you want to consume those capsules and rule the city or sell those capsules to people and become very rich. 

Like GTA V, Battle Dogs give you some extra features like if you are a person who prefers FPS games then you can play in that mode or if you’re a person who loves third-person shooter games then you can play this game in that mode also. The graphics of this game are very awesome, police chase makes it more thrilling and weapons are on the next level in this game. If you want to complete quests before main missions, then you’ll get calls to start quest missions every time. 

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12 Best Open World Games For Android

Imagine a world where resources are infinite and you have control over everything, you can create and destroy, do whatever you want. Does this sound like a joke? But wait because it’s true in Minecraft you can do whatever you want and make your dream world with infinite resources. You are free to make weapons for yourself to fight against dangerous mobs and live in the artificial world with your friends by connecting Facebook. 

If you’ve small kids in your house then you must play this game with them because Minecraft increases creativity in children’s mind and help to boost their understanding skills. And the most interesting part of Minecraft is that this game is the second best selling game in pc with 30 Million copies sold. which shows that how much people love and like this game across all the other platforms. 

Westland Survival

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Westland Survival is an MMO RPG(Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing game) game. In which you have to survive from the robbers of the western world and collect precious items in this game’ map. You’ve to trade with the native Americans and set some traps for your enemies. In Westland Survival, you’ve to create your own house with collectible items and protect it from strangers and robbers. 

You can explore this game map with your horse and find new places and earn some money from completing missions. This game is very easy to play and comes up with good graphics and story. Love hunting then go out and hunt some deer for your dinner and hunt many more animals.

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Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Here comes another survival game with the zombie apocalypse theme with it. This game is based on 2033 where a virus-infected the human race and turn them into walking dead bodies. So you’re one of the lucky survivors who survives from the virus and now have to save yourself from the zombies in the zombie open world. In Prey Day you have to find the cause of infection by completing quests in this game. 

Prey Day offers you to build your own shelter and defend it from the zombie attacks and find relatives in the abandoned city. The graphics and interface are very good while playing this game and controls are very easy to understand. In Prey Day you can communicate with other players and make team with them and gather loots and share with everyone. It’s a very good multiplayer game where you can learn how to build a team.

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Crazy Taxi Classic

12 Best Open World Games For Android

If you’re searching for a game full of craziness and fun then you must check out Crazy Taxi Classic by SEGA. Because this game gives you so much freedom and I can say that the best open world game for android is Crazy Taxi Classic. You can run your taxi on the rooftops and there is no limit for earning money from your passengers while giving them a ride. You can jump from bridges, roofs and, many more things you can do.

Your earning depends on how much you can give an adventurous ride to your passenger because with every stunt passenger gives you money. In this game, you’ll get four different playable characters with different cars which is very cool and interesting. The time limit may annoy you sometimes but without challenge playing a game is not fun right. 

Six Guns

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Again a cowboy game comes here in our list on the 6th spot. Six Guns is an awesome good looking game with great gameplay and storyline. I personally love this game a lot I’ve played this game for hours because of its awesome missions and crazy storyline. This game have a very vast world where you can search for things with your horse and explore the whole map while riding the horse’s back.

Multiplayer mode in this game is just awesome and simple because you just have to connect your Facebook account and play with 8 players and win the battle. In Six Guns you’ve so many outfits and with every new update, you’ll get some extra outfits to check out. Weapons in this game are so much cool and new you’ll get new weapons with the latest updates. And in the very vast world of Six Guns, you can collect a lot of things to buy and sell.

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Gangster New Orleans

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Here comes the Gangstar New Orleans open world game which is a creation of Gameloft, a very famous gaming developer company. The release date of Gangstar New Orleans is 7 February 2017. A customizable character with so many skills is ready to rule the New Orleans city. I personally like this game a lot because of the police chase, stealing the car and awesome weapons. Make your own gang and kill everyone who is against you or in other gangs.

Story missions are very awesome with detailing and soundtracks give you the feeling that you’re in the game. Raid other’s gang to capture their area and expand your gang with customized weapons and cars. You can get your own island to build a mansion in it and live the luxurious life which you’ve dreamt of. Side missions are also amazing and you’ll enjoy funny cinematics in Gangstar New Orleans.

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

12 Best Open World Games For Android

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is a game by rockstar that is totally made for the PSP and after the success in PSP. Rockstar decides to launch this game on Android/iOS platforms. This game is based on Huan Lee whose father was killed by their enemies at the airport and now the son has to control his empire of gangsters and return the sword to his uncle Kenny. GTA Chinatown Wars is an open world game where you can steal cars, kill people and explore the 2009 liberty city map. 

This game is full of side missions with amazing quests you’ll love the storyline while playing this game. Controls are very easy and smooth, side missions are related to the main storyline. The police chase is fun as hell helicopters are ready to chase you whenever you’ll do anything illegal and cops are just waiting to capture you. And because of all these things, I added this game on our best open world games for android users list.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

12 Best Open World Games For Android

If you’re a lover of Assassin’s Creed franchise like me and want to play Assassin’s Creed when you’re not at your home. Then you must download this game because of its awesome gameplay and lovely graphics. In this game, you’ve to explore the Italian city and assassinate people with your awesome skills. Parkour of this game is one of the best in all open world games which are available on the android or iOS platforms. 

Like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, in this game, you’ve four different characters to choose and they are Berserk this boy have some powers to kill enemies quickly. ShadowBlade this assassin can hide from enemies very quickly and Thief can steal items from people very easily and the last one is Trickster he is the master of tricks and copy anybody’s outfit to look like them. And every time while playing this game you need an active internet connection.

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Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime

12 Best Open World Games For Android

The king of open world games on the Android platform is here another Gameloft creation. I personally love this game a lot and you can do whatever you want in this beautiful city. You can run tanks on road, kill random people with guns, do some parkour to entertain yourself. Gambling is everywhere in this city. And become a boxing champion if you want to be the champion. You can take pictures of your real-world game in the AR mode. The map is very beautifully designed and very easy to understand and navigation in Gangstar Vegas is awesome.

You can customize your character like a leader and if you love racing then street racing is already waiting for you and beat your all opponents with your racing skills in this game. Side quests are amazing like main missions every step is related to your previous steps so be careful to make decisions in this game. You can fly helicopters, ride bikes and drive cars from the streets map is very big. So you can enjoy this game with fun and joy. In the end, I just want to say that this is one of the best open world games for android users.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

12 Best Open World Games For Android

I think Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas doesn’t need any introduction because every person who is claiming themselves as a gamer definitely knows or played this game. This is my all-time favorite game on PS2 and PC because it was the first game at that time which was offering so much in a single game like a very big city to explore, story-wise missions, you can go to hairdresser to get awesome hairstyles, you can buy food from shops and give them money and even you can go to gym for your physical fitness.

The android version of this game is much better than that of the PC. Because graphics are improved and the game is very much optimized for the Android version. Controls are very easy and adjustable, so you can adjust controls according to your needs and suitability. The storyline of this game is just amazing and this is an award-winning game so get ready yourself to become the leader of Groove Streets.

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