10 best iPhone launchers for android

Android is dominating the smartphone market with a market share of 76%. So it means a lot of people are using Android not only because it have awesome features but because of its cheapness and it’s very affordable. Many people like me just can’t afford the iPhone because of its heavy price tag. But thanks to Android because it allows us to customize its user interface(UI) according to our likes and dislikes. So that’s why there are some apps in play store that offer you to make your android looks like an iPhone. And because of that, we’ve made this list of 10 best iPhone launchers of android.

10 best iPhone launchers for android

Now we know that in the play store we can find a lot of iPhone launchers for our android phone. But because there are a lot of apps, sometimes its very hard to find the right iPhone launcher for your smartphone. So that’s why we’ve made this list of 10 Best iPhone launchers for Android devices. And for users who love the iPhone but can’t afford them right now. 

Before telling you guys the best iPhone launchers for android. I want to tell you that these launchers are checked or tested on my Redmi Note 7 Pro. And all the launchers are available for most of the android smartphones in the market. 

So let’s start the countdown of 10 Best iPhone launchers of Android. 

iPhone X Launcher – Os 13 Theme

10 Best iPhone Launchers for Android

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A launcher with a very small size that gives you the feeling of an iPhone on your android device. This app reminds you, the latest notifications you’ll get from your important apps. And also shows a badge on the app which have some notifications. The size of the iPhone X Launcher is just 3.5 MB it means you don’t have to worry about your storage. Like the iPhone, you’d simply swipe down the screen to search anything on your phone or from the internet. 

You’d easily change the icons of the apps if you want them to look different from others. This launcher also changes your notification bar and turn it into an iPhone notification bar. Hide your personal apps from your friends and family with the help of this tool and without downloading any app locker. Set up gestures to save your time and open your favorite apps instantly.

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iLauncher of OS13 – xLauncher for Phone XS

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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If you’re a fan who loves the latest iOS versions and want to check out iOS 13. Then you must download this application or launcher on your phone. Because this app is based on iOS 13 and it have all the features, which are available on iOS 13. You can use the very popular control center of the iPhone with the help of this app. And search for things from your home screen with the smart search feature. 

It also has a locked screen feature from where you’d see the latest notifications and news easily without opening the app. This launcher also have a notification bar of iPhone XS that is pretty similar. The size of iLauncher is 11 MB which is not a big deal for small storage phones. In the end, this app is compatible with most of the android devices available in the market.

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X Launcher Pro for Phone X – OS 13 Theme Launcher

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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Well designed and smooth iPhone launcher comes here on the 8th spot on our list. This Launcher comes up with a beautiful and simple screen lock and have most of the features you need. Control Center of this app is also very nice and responsive with so many options like Brightness, Torch, Airplane mode, and many more. The setting of this launcher is totally like an iPhone’s setting app. 

The latest and best icons are here available in the app. X Launcher also has a very good collection of wallpapers. which helps you to make your android device more like an iPhone. It also supports the notch feature which is good news for those who prefer phones with a notch. You can check the weather also from the inbuilt weather app in the launcher. Easily customize your control center and make it more classy.

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X Launcher

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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Here comes another well-designed launcher which is very low in size but big in features. After installing this app it will only take 6 MB of space in your android phone. The design of this app is very simple which looks like an Apple iPhone while using this app. You can select different types of themes like iOS to make your phone cooler. Select various types of icon sets to look different from other phones. 

The weather and time widgets of this app just look like Apple’s widgets. Hide your apps with a double finger zoom on the home screen and protect your privacy from strangers and unwanted people. You can also change the name of apps and customize the icon to make fool of people easily. Make folders for the same category of apps to find them easily. This iPhone launcher also reminds you to check your notifications from different apps. 

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Launcher iOS

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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This app is totally based on iOS 13 which gives you the power to customize your own iOS without restrictions. Launcher iOS gives you a notification bar from which you can see all the notifications easily with their time and category. A well designed and customizable control center is also here to give you the elite feelings while using it. Easily swipe down in the middle of the home screen to use the spotlight search feature.

The lock screen of Launcher iOS is also very smooth and well designed. This app gives you a premium UI without any charges and fulfills your dreams to use an iPhone. Icons are also very realistic which is another good thing in this launcher or app.

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Launcher iPhone

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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A beautiful notification center with a stunning lock screen is available in this launcher. The control center of this iPhone launcher is very cool because it covers all the screen with a blurry effect on your screen. You can control songs on its lock screen and increase or decrease the volume of your phone with just a single swipe. The design of this iPhone launcher is also inspired by the iOS 13 version.

over 100K people are already using this app with a good experience. So it means you can trust this application and also can use it without any problems. Set different types of gestures to open apps instantly and save your time. Change icons of your apps with thousands of icon sets that are available in the gallery of this iPhone launcher. A custom notification bar is also here to make your phone more like an iPhone.

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iLauncher for OS 11

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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This app is a masterpiece because of its size and design. The size of this launcher is just 4 MB and the design is also fabulous. A very vast collection of wallpapers and icons are available in the market of this app and all the stuff is free here. Check out the app manager of this launcher to check your recent activities easily. Create folders of your apps easily by just dragging your apps on each other which is a very easy task. 

This app also works like an app locker which is a good thing for those who want to hide their personal stuff from other people. Check all the notifications from the status bar of this app which looks like an iPhone bar. I personally love the icons set of this application because they look so real while using this application. Add your favorite widgets on the home screen easily.

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Launcher iOS 13

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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Here comes the first iOS version which is fully customizable and easy to use. This app’s temperature app is very good because it has all the features required by a normal and average person. The design of this launcher is also very simple which helps you to boost your phone’s speed. It also have assistive touch which helps you to use your phone very efficiently and smoothly. 

In the gallery of this app, you’ll find a lot of original wallpapers of the iPhone and you can use them without paying a single dime. This ios launcher also supports various types of the notch which helps you to use this launcher in various types of notch devices. it also have all the features which a normal iPhone have so don’t worry you’ll not miss anything here.

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Phone 11 Style Launcher

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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This iPhone launcher is inspired by the iPhone 11 and 11 Max Pro. It means that developers have tried to give to the feel of this flagship phone in your android device. Features of this app are well developed and have more functions than any other apps. It has a beautiful lock screen which also shows you the notifications of your apps. The control center is also very customizable which means you can make it more easy to use.

It also has a smart app manager which helps you to manage your apps easily. if you love 3D animations then it also supports the 3D transitions to look more awesome. Gestures are the very awesome part of these types of launcher and it also has a gesture feature in it. I personally think that this is one of the best iPhone launchers for android available in the market right now.

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iOS 13 Launcher – Control center & Lockscreen

10 best iPhone launchers for android

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So here comes the best iPhone launcher for android on our list. This app helps you to make your phone like an iPhone with a perfect look and some features. The control center of this iPhone launcher is also very good because of its smoothness and usability. I personally love the notification bar of the launcher, because it really looks like a real iPhone notification bar. 

The screen lock of this launcher is stunning and real. This app also shows a personalized message on your lock screen to motivate you. It also has a weather widget that always keeps you up to date with the weather. You can put passcodes to secure your phone and the app size is only 10 Mb. It means this app consumes less battery and ram to give you the better performance of your smartphone. 

*Note- all the images of apps are uploaded from the play store.

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