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Did you ever notice that your better-half smiling while using his/her phone and hides their smartphone from you whenever you’re nearby? Or just refuse to give you their phone always and every week or month they are on a business trip. If you’re noticing all these things then you must aware because maybe your spouse is cheating on you. That’s why we’ve made this list of 11 best ios and android apps for cheaters.

So if you want to monitor all the activities of your partner then we’ve made your work easy. Because we’ve made a list of 11 Best ios and android apps for cheaters and with the help of these apps you can monitor everything from his/her location to text messages everything in your hands.

10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

Because a relationship is a thing that needs trust, loyalty, and honesty that’s why you need to understand your partner more than anyone. But in some cases, people failed to save their relationship because of misunderstandings and trust issues. And also some partners just think that they are very smart and easily can make fool of their loved ones. So this list of 11 Best iOS and Android apps for cheaters will help you to save your relationship or save you from the relationship.

Before starting the list I want to tell you guys that these apps are for spying on people, so they don’t fulfill the Google Play Store’s privacy policy Rules. It means you’ll not find these apps on the Play Store or app store. You’ve to download or purchase them from their respective websites.

So let’s start the list of 11 Best ios and Android apps for cheaters

Top 6 best android apps for cheaters


10 Best ios and Android apps for cheaters - Techy Nickk

This is an app that was made for the parents who want to secure their kids from the online threat. Or for employers who want to secure their company’s files from getting sold by the employees. But nowadays couples are also using this application to spy on their partners. Fonemonitor is compatible with the latest android and iOS versions. The dashboard of this app is very cool and easy to understand and design is also very smooth and good. 

You can get every information from this app like what’s the percentage of battery, how many times sim card is swapped, what’s copied in the clipboard, who is messaging, who is calling, location, who is emailing, and even take screenshots of the targeted mobile. These are one of the most used features otherwise in Fonemonitor you can do a lot more things which are not mentioned here. A social button is also available in this app from where you can select a particular social media app to spy on.

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10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

This is an app that gives you a lot of things to do like monitor messages, track location, checks call logs, explores the search history of the spouse. Or the targeted person and check all the messages from social media apps easily without getting caught. You can select particular geolocation from this app that gives you notifications only when your spouse crosses that particular area. Easily access all the data from the app and browser which is very handy.

The dashboard of this app is very similar to Fonemonitor but works very different. On the first page of the dashboard you’ll see the model name of the smartphone, location, recent calls, phone activities like which app your spouse uses the most. Download photos from the phone of your spouse and check all stuff in the gallery. Keep your eye on every social media platform because this app supports so many apps easily.

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10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

If you think only spying on phones is not enough and wants to spy your spouse on their computers and laptops then PCtattletale is an app that is made for you. This app works on Windows computers, Android smartphones, and tablets. This app crosses all the limits to spy on someone because you can make secret videos from their on camera with the help of this application. Even make videos of all those things that they’re doing on their phone or computer. 

From the Lollipop version of android to Pie and from Windows XP to Windows 10 everything and every operating system is covered by PCtattletale. You can access all the data from anywhere or everywhere because you just have to sign in to see all the files and recordings. Use the click count chart feature that tells you which time your spouse uses their device. All the data which is recorded is backed-up only for 7 days, or more it depends on your plan. 


10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

An app with a colorful dashboard and features. In the dashboard, you can see recent call logs with the number of times your spouse calls them and as well as duration. You can create a backup of all the evidence if you think you’ll need all this stuff after some time. This app has its own technical support team and they claim that they are available to serve you at any time which is a pretty interesting thing. Track the most usable apps with your fingertips.

Spyhuman app is very easy to install and understand. If you’re not sure to download or use this app then you can also try the trial version of Spyhuman for 7 days which is available only for one device. And there’s another plan also which costs you 9.99 dollars per mobile with all the spying features you need. But I’ll suggest you guys check the free version first because everyone have their own preferences. 

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XNSPY is one of the most used and top monitoring apps. It gives you a remote control feature that lets you control your targeted device without physical access. You can get as much information through call logs, emails, text messages, and chats on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms.

You can track the GPS location of the targeted device using XNSPY. It even lets you check the social media activities of your kids and employees using its features.

XNSPY also offers a tool that lets you monitoring activities using specific keywords and record the targeted surroundings. You can access all of the collected information through the control panel.

You can easily manage all of the features using your XNSPY web account. Also, you only need one-time access to the targeted device for installation. Once you install the app, you are all set to monitor the activities. All of these advanced features makes it one of the best Android monitoring software.


10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

Mobistealth is the only app here that has a different and unique type of dashboard or interface. Its dashboard is very simple and very easy to understand. You can spy on very few apps like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat. If you want to hear the voice of the surrounding of your spouse then you should use this app. Even record calls of your partner without getting caught. The whole gallery is open for you which helps you to check out the gallery without touching their phone.

The best thing is, that you can use Mobistealth on every device like Android, iOS, Windows pc, and Mac. Which is a very good thing for those who want to spy their spouse or partners who have Mac. Over 500000 people are already using this application and a lot of happy customers are also there. This app also tells you how many apps are installed on the phone and which app is installed by the manufacturer or your spouse. 

5 Best ios Apps for Cheater


10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

I personally like the design of the Cocospy dashboard because it has a blueish finish and blue is my favorite color. Like any other app, on the dashboard, you’ll see the current location of the suspect, latest call logs, messages, and normal phone activities. Here you can select geo fencing which notifies you only when your spouse crosses that marked area. You can track the location of your partner very easy and the stealth mode of Cocospy is very cool because no one can catch this app easily. 

Check all the reminders from the calendar and also spy on important dates of your loved one. Cocospy also alerts you whenever your partner changes the sim card. It also has a keylogger feature that allows you to check what they are typing on some particular apps.

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Best apps to spy on apps in minutes or seconds

Spybubble is also very good with awesome features. Simply log in to your account and start checking all the stuff on your spouse’s phone without letting him/her know. You can easily spy on everything which is on their phone without any problem. But the only problem with this app is that you’ve to check first that is this app compatible with the targeted device or not. Or sometimes you’ve to root or jailbreak the phone to install this app which is a bit risky.

Spybubble have two plans, in the first one you’ve to pay 19.99 dollars for the one-month subscription with one device cover. In the second one, you’ve to pay 39.99 dollars for the one-month subscription with five devices covers. After installing Spybubble you’ll see every notification first comes to your and you’ll feel like James bond.


10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

This is the only app on this list that offers you to use itself for free without any plan. And after using the free plan, if you think that this app is good than you’d go for the premium subscription of Ikeymonitor. You can easily mark those words which don’t sound good for you and also get notifications whenever your partner uses them. The geo-fencing feature is also available here if you want notifications only when your spouse crosses the nearby area. 

After purchasing the premium subscription of Ikeymonitor if you feel to not use this app anymore you can take your money back. With 30 days of the money-back guarantee. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone and use this app without doing hacking things. Easily get notifications whenever your spouse goes online or calls someone. Ikeymonitor covers so many social media apps so you don’t have to worry if you’re spouse is using some app other than Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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One of the best spy to hack someone's smartphone in minutes

Flexispy is an app that is all-rounder, it means you can use this application in most of the devices like iPhone, iPad, and computers as well. The only thing which annoys you before using this app is that you’ve to jailbreak the target phone before installing this app. But I’d say that the have so many features to offer you which is a pretty good deal. The dashboard of Flexispy is very good and understandable. 

The design of this app is also very good. Most of the important details of the targeted phone are already available on the front screen. You can see the latest pictures that your spouse captures and their location. Even check their call logs text messages from all the social media apps. See the passwords of your spouse or partner’s apps without letting them know. Send spoof messages to your partner and a lot more things.

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Spy Fone

10 best ios and android apps for cheaters -  Techy Nickk

Finally, we’ve come to the end of this list, and the last spot of 11 best ios and android apps for cheaters goes to Spy Fone. Instant monitoring from this app is very easy and fast. This app allows you to check all the data instantly without any problem. You can restrict your partner to download apps like Tinder, Happn, and more. The live screen feature helps you to see what is happening on the phone at the same moment.

Easily record every voice nearby to the targeted phone. You can also turn on the camera and see what is happening nearby to the phone or your spouse. The dashboard is very awesome because it is full of features. Spy Fone show you stats like at what time your spouse uses his/her phone the most or more data like that. Check data from the internal or external storage of the smartphone. So a lot of features are already waiting for you in this awesome app. 

So this is the end of this list of best iOS and Android apps for cheaters. I hope you guys will like it. And please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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