15 Best Hacking Tools for Android Games to Become a Hacker

Best Hacking Tools for Android Games and Best Hacking Apps for Android Games

The global mobile gaming industry is worth more than $165.9 billion in 2020. And the expected annual growth rate of this colossal industry is 12.9%. With an enormous amount of users, 1.39 billion. And if you’re one of those android gamers looking for. The best hacking tools for android games. That’ll allow you to do anything in your favorite online-offline games. Then you’re in luck.

Because I’ve tried and listed. Some of the best hacking tools for android games. That’ll be going to enhance your gaming experience. And will allow you to bypass in-app purchases as well as annoying ads. I know these things sound cool. And make most of the gamers happy.

15 Best Hacking Tools for Android Games to Become a Game Hacker

Best Hacking Tools for Android Games and Best Hacking Apps for Android Games

But some of these hacking apps for android games could need a rooted device. So if you’re using a rooted android device. Then you’re free to use them to their fullest potential. But don’t worry, if you ain’t having a jailbroken phone.

Because most of them can be used without breaking the laws of Android. And can provide the experience you’re looking for. So without further ado. Let’s dive into the list of best hacking apps for android games.


Xmodgames is one of the best  hacking apps for android games

One of the proven and best hacking tools for android games is here. Xmodgames is a very powerful tool. That allows you to do things like powerups, infinite ammo, money, power, and other things. You can easily increase/decrease the graphics of a game.

However, you must have a rooted android device to use Xmodgames. Because it only runs on rooted devices and requires superuser permission. The hacking tool has a beautiful UI. that makes it easy to use and clean to navigate.

Further, Xmodgames allows you to run Lua Scripts(Bots) for AI-powered games. Where you can set the game on autopilot and can see what is happening. The app supports various games like COC, Pokemon Go, and many more.

Game Guardian

Game Guardian is one of the best hacking tools for android games right now

This hacking tool supports android version 2.3.3 or higher. And provides exceptional services to its users. You can easily enjoy any part of a particular game without spending hours. The app’s interface looks pretty decent. And has a lot of features, one can except from a hacking tool.

Game Guardian supports emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXE, & more. This helps you to play PSP games as well but with some changes. That you’ve made through this one of the best hacking tools for android games.

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If you’re in love with games like Subway Surfers & Temple Run? Then Freedom is the hacking app, just made up for you. Because this tool allows you to generate an infinite number of coins. And makes your life easy by getting premium stuff for free.

Freedom allows you to bypass in-app purchases to unlock the features only available to paid users. And it supports most of the apps & games. So you just have to check which game it supports or not before/after installing it.

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is an open-source hacking app. Which allows you to make changes in single-player games. You can do things like speedrunning, unlock premium items, get infinite health, ammo, and more.

But the only flaw this app has is, that it mostly supports offline singleplayer games. Also, it’s highly recommended for those. Who knows a bit of technical knowledge. And can easily understand scripts of apps and games.


If you prefer modded games over original games, published by real developers. Then Hackerbot could be a perfect fit for you. Because Hackerbot provides a Google based search engine. From which you can find legitimate modded games for free. And the best part of those games is, that they’ve their own private servers.

Which is totally different from the original games. And you can manage and do anything in those modded android games. Basically, Hackerbot is an alternative to Torrent but specifically used by gamers.

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Creehack is one of the best app to hack your favorite android games

A perfect and one of the best hacking apps for android is here. Creehack have two versions, one is free and another is paid. In the free version, you need a rooted android device and vice-versa in another one. The tool is very powerful and allows you to download premium games for free from Google Play Store.

And you can do a lot more than any other hacking tool for android games on this list. Although the app doesn’t have a pretty UI. But the features it provides are remarkable. Hence, you can do anything in any android app or game. With the help of this one of the best hacking tools for android games.

SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is a stunning app to hack android apps and games

SB Game Hacker is also a mind-blowing hacking tool. That supports games like COC, Pokemon GO, Subway Surfers, and more. And this is the only app that works on iPhone as well. But on iOS devices, SB Game Hacker works only with offline games.

The app is being used to change databases of games. As a result, you’ll be able to increase your health, money, gems, and other things. The hacking tool is pretty secure and works seamlessly on most android devices.

The apps make things easy and can remove ads from games and apps. Also, can bypass any restriction for free users.

Leo Play Card

Leo Play Card is a perfect hacking tool. If you love to play offline single-player games like Temple Run or Subway Surfers. Because this hacking app doesn’t support online games. And need no access to your phone’s root to unlock gems and powerups.

Just like any other one of the best hacking tools for android. Leo Play Card also makes everything free in offline games. And remove ads by tweaking the code of games and apps. Therefore it’s also a must-try app for many beginners out there.


GameCIH is an amazing hacking app. That makes the game easy or difficult as per your preference. And always helps you to reach the highest positions of games’ scoreboards in no time. Also, the hacking app unlocks stages/levels of games. That is only available for premium users.

GameCiH only works with offline or singleplayer games. Because of which I ended up putting it here on our list. Also, it needs your phone’s root access. Which isn’t a good deal for many gamers out there.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher tweaks the stats of games. And changes the ranking of your player rapidly. This works not only with games but also with some apps. That makes it very useful and one of the best hacking tools for android games. Lucky Patch could remove things like ads, license verification, & many more.

The app works on both rooted or nonrooted android devices. But if you’re having a rooted android device. Then you’re in luck. Because Lucky Patcher works more amazingly on rooted devices & provides extra features as well.

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Game Killer

Game Killer is the best app to hack android games

Game Killer is a simple but useful hacking tool for android games. Because this app allows you to modify games’ inner-files. That makes everything accessible and one can easily use premium things without paying a single penny. You can use Game Killer on rooted/nonrooted android smartphones.

And can change hundreds of things in a few clicks. So don’t forget to check out this one of the best hacking tools for android games. Because it supports a lot of games and provides amazing features.

Mods with Private Server

As I said earlier in this list while talking about Hackerbot. You can download Modded games from Hackerbot. And can play them without any restrictions. Because those Modded games are independently developed by people. And they’ve their own servers.

The only thing you’ve to do is, to find the right modded APK of that game. Then you’re free to feel the real fun on those modded apps or games. But the only flaw these types of games have is that you can’t play with your friends and family.


Nox is one of the best tools for hack any android game in seconds

Basically, Nox is an emulator that allows you to play or use android games and apps on your PC. You can easily remap the controls and can change a lot of things through the emulator. Nox can fakely shows your GPS location which helps you to play Pokemon Go type games from your bed.

The app doesn’t need a rooted device to access. So you’re free to use this app without damaging your device.

File Manager/ Es File Explorer

If you already have a rooted android device. Then you’re already using a very powerful tool. That can hack any android app or game without any app. Because in rooted devices, file managers like ES file explorer and more. You can easily get access to the root files of any app and game.

Afterward, if you’ve good knowledge about game development. And know all the technicalities of how a game/app made. Then you can do anything you want with the help of those files. Therefore, file managers like ES File Explorer can also be used as a hacking app.


One of the hacking apps right now in android platform

Just like Nox, Bluestacks is an emulator. That runs android applications on PC without any hassle. You can easily download the APKs and install them on your PC. The app provides hacking features like fake GPS location, controls change & many more.

Bluestacks only use the minimum amount of resources from your PC. Which makes it a very optimized app to play games on your PC without any lag. The app supports all the windows and could run any android game or app on your PC. Therefore, it’s one of the best hacking tools for android games.

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