15 Best Games like Clash of Clans to become a Strategist

15 Best Games like Clash of Clans for android and iOS in 2020 and 2021

If you’re a desperate mobile gamer. Who loves the Clash of Clans and has been playing it for years. Then you must have searched for some alternatives to Clash of Clans. And still trying to get over it. So we’ve heard your inner voice and made. This list of 15 best games like Clash of Clans to fulfill your gaming needs.

Because it’s been eight years, since this game launches. Therefore gamers like us need some new games to feel the new generation gaming. Although Clash of Clans updates itself regularly. And it does have some latest gaming options. But still, for how many days we can play a similar game, right?

Best Games Like Clash of Clans for Android and iOS

15 Best Games like Clash of Clans for android and iOS in 2020 and 2021

That’s why, for myself and gamers like me. I’ve searched some of the best games on Google Play Store. To let you guys know, 15 best games like Clash of Clans in 2020. Furthermore, I’ll use a copy of Clash of Clans and words like that again & again. To compare those games with each other. Therefore, don’t get irritated by that thing.

So without taking too much time. Let’s dive into the list of 15 Best Games like Clash of Clans to become a Strategist.

Boom Beach

After Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is another one of the best strategic games. That is available for smartphone users. Because here, you’re responsible to safeguard your small but cozy island. Furthermore, the graphics and detailing in Boom Beach are one the next level.

And you can do a lot more things than that of Clash of Clans. Because here you can train your troops. And upgrade their abilities to fight greater enemies. Moreover, you’ll be able to attack other players’ beach bases, when they’re offline. And you’ll also be fighting with. Some of the greatest villains of this game like Hammerman and etc.

So train your troops and start capturing new islands. To become the biggest pirate or commander of this game. And one last thing about this. One of the best games like Clash of Clans is. That you can upgrade your submarine to perform deep-sea expedition. And find resources to build your base impervious.

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X War: Clash of Zombies

A carbon copy of Clash of Clan is here on our list. Just like COC, you can build your base. And curate different types of things to make your base more powerful. Furthermore, you can collect gems, magical substances, and more. That helps you to upgrade things like weapons and more easily.

In X War, you’ve to attack other players’ villages to collect magical substances. And also, after destroying the villages of others. You’ll get some extra bonus points as well. That fills your treasury as quickly as possible, just like COC. Also, to protect your base, you can build walls as well.

And the best part in this game like clash of clans is. That you’ll be going to see some Marvel superheroes as well. Like Deadpool, Hulk, and etc. Therefore, it’s a little different from other games on this list. Although other game also provides superheroes, in compare of it they stands nowhere.

Total Conquest

Total Conquest is also a very good alternative to Clash of Clan. Because it provides the village type environment. In different graphics than that of any other game on this list. Also, here you’ve to collect coins and apples. To keep your village up and running.

Furthermore, if you love games with a simple interface. Then you must check out Total Conquest once in your life. Moreover, you can create your own clans. And join other players’ clan to grow with others. Even you can start wars between clans as well.

It means, just like Clash of Clans, you’ll be fighting with enemies in Clan Wars as well. And these ain’t the only things in this game to notice. Because you’ll find a lot of things while playing it. So check out this one of the best games like Clash of Clans.

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Clash of Lords 2

Unlock various types of troops from dragons to soldiers. And conquer empires with your army. Clash of Lords 2, was released after the success of its predecessor. Although both the games are pretty similar to each other. But still, you’ll find a lot of new stuff to play in this game.

Like different types of soldiers and powerup. That you’d use while attacking other players’ villages or empire. Also, you can directly fight with other players’ armies. To make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, you can also participate in clan wars.

Also, like COC you add your friends in your guilds. And start playing with them to grow together. Even you’d check the leaderboard to catch up with the biggest player of this game. So this game is also worth trying. And you should definitely play this one of the best games like Clash of Clans.

Army of Heroes

Army of Heroes is just like Boom Beach. where you’ve to defend your beachside base from outside attacks. Also, the interface of the game does not differ from Boom Beach. And if you want to play a strategic game with some boats and ships. Then the Army of Heroes is just here for you.

You can cut trees to collect wood because it’s one of the most important resources in this game. And also, unlike Clash of Clans, your soldiers are equipped with high tech weapons. From Missile launchers to the fleet of ships. Everything is available in this. One of the best games like Clash of Clans.

Moreover, the graphics ain’t up to the mark like Boom Beach. But still, you can enjoy this game with its unique features and gameplay options. Also, it has more options of soldiers than that of Boom Beach. And all this stuff make this game. One of the best games like clash of clans to become a strategist.

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Battle Beach

Although the graphics ain’t that much good in Battle Beach. But still, the game offers a lot of things to its gamers. Like you can build your base just like COC. And have some good variety of troops than any other games on this list. Also, it has the best single-player mode for its users as well.

You can upgrade your troops to higher levels. That boosts your attacking performance and helps you to win matches quickly. Because upgrading is the most important thing in all of these games.

And last but not least, you’ll feel the modernization of the game. When your troops attack from helicopters and missile launchers in this game. Because COC is based on medieval times. But this isn’t.

Bahubali: The Official Game

Bahubali is one of the biggest names in Indian cinema. And if you’re reading this article from India. Then you must already know about this name and game. Because Bahubali is a strategic smartphone game. Where you’ve to build your empire of the Maahishmati.

And start defeating your adversaries by creating a huge army. That have troops from walking soldiers to deadly elephants. Also, all the real characters from the movie are available in this game. And you can play with them as well.

And just like COC, you’ll get your town hall which you’ve to defend from outsiders. Furthermore, you can use walls and defensive items to safeguard your territorial integrity. I know, it sounds like a nation talking in UNSC. But these are things you’ll experience while playing this game.

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Hero Sky: Epic Clash

Hero Sky have tons of troops to train and fight. Even they perform the best combats while attacking someone’s bases. And the graphics are okay as well. So let’s ready to fight with hundreds of empires in this. One of the best games like clash of clans.

You can easily upgrade your troops to fight easily. And fuse them with each other to invent a new troop. With different and increased powers to perform your best in every fight. Therefore, fusing troops with each other to increase their ability is my favorite thing in Hero Sky.

Also, you can join other players’ guild or create one of yours. And start fighting with empires with your friends and guildmates. Because online games are meant for multiplayer, right?

Might & Glory: Kingdom Wars

Just Clash of Clan things is here. Might & Glory is a strategic game. Where you’ve to build your base. And make it stronger and impervious. Also, tons of things are available in this game. To defend your town hall from outsiders. And protect it from deadly attacks.

Because the town hall is the main thing in these types of games. Likewise any other game on this list. Might & Glory offers mostly the same things. And could be a carbon copy of COC. Because as I said earlier the game is just like COC.

Dragon Clash: Pocket Battle

Want to fight like Dragon with amazing powers and abilities? Then Dragon Clash is here for you. In this game, you’ll be managing the village of powerful but cute dragons. And your task is to keep the village flourishing under your supervision.

But don’t get deceived by the small cute dragons of this strategic game. Because you’ve to upgrade those small babies. And after upgrading them. They could turn up into colossal dragons. That could destroy villages at once.

Also, you can defend your village or base. By using defensive items like cannons, mortars and etc. So gear up your gaming skills and start training your dragons to attack more accurately.

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Survival City

Unlike any other game on this list. Survival City makes your gaming experience a little more enduring. With its season based gameplay. Because here the weather, day, night changes with time. And it’s a zombie centric game. So every night, you’ve to defend your base from sudden zombie attacks.

That’s why you’ve to upgrade your base. To defeat zombies like they are flies on your desktop. Further, you’ll need carrots and coins to upgrade your base. And unlike any other alternative to clash of clans. You can purchase separate weapons for your troops.

That helps you to customize your troops according to your preferences. Also, a lot of things are available in this. One of the best games like Clash of Clans. So find out what I’ve missed in this article about this game. By playing it yourself.

Knights and Glory

Knights and Glory is a little different from the strategic games. Because here, you’ll be fighting with your enemies face to face. It means, unlike games like clash of clans. Where you’ll attack base’ of another player when that guy isn’t playing the game. Here you both are performing live actions to defeat each other.

That makes this game more interesting. And the reason to put this game here on our list is. That it’s different from COC and doesn’t come up with same gaming genre.

Also, the graphics ain’t that much appealing to me. But still, if you guys want to try something new. Then don’t forget to check out this game as well. (Note: Not promoting this or any other game on this list)

Heroes Mobile: World War Z

A hero-centric game, where you’re going to play with your favorite superstars. And all of them are together to help you make your base untouchable. You’ll get heroes from universes like DC and Marvel. Also, you can upgrade them with the help of collectible resources in this game.

You can attack other players’ base and they can attack your base as well. To collect more resources. That helps you to keep running your base with a good pace. Also, you can make leagues with your friends. And start fighting with others together. And all these things made this. One of the best games like clash of clans.

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Epic War Castle Alliance

Epic War is just like Clash of Kings if you’ve ever played that game. Because here your base looks totally different from any other game in this list. And to attack someone else’s territory. You’ve to take your army their and it takes time just like a real army.

Also, the graphics are different that makes it unique from others. Furthermore, if you need resources then you’ve to start the expedition. And need to send your expedition team to that particular area. Which is an amazing thing in Epic War.

Era of War

A beach-based strategic game that looks like COC, but feels like boom beach. Because here you’ll find all the troops and weapons from Clash of Clans. But a feature-rich environment just like Boom Beach.

And if you love game that have a mixed environment. Then you should definitely play this game once in your life.

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