11 Best Games for PC like Clash of Clans to Get Extra Fun

best games for pc like clash of clans

Clash of Clans is no doubt an amazing game. That was launched in 2012 and from then. It’s still one of the most played mobile games in the world. Therefore, fans of this strategic mobile game. Wants to play it or games like this on their PCs. That’s why we’ve made this list of 11 best games for PC like Clash of Clans.

Because I personally love Clash of Clans and have been playing it for years. And this is because of its coolness and gameplay. But you know, everything has its limit. And now, there are a lot of people who want to play games like this. On their PCs to play them while working on their desktops.

Best Games for PC like Clash of Clans

best games for pc like clash of clans

Also, some of the games on this list. Could be an exact copy of Clash of Clans. And some of them could totally be different from COC. That helps you to choose from a vast variety of video games. Also, there will be a lot of things about which. We’re going to talk on this list.

So without talking too much. Let’s start the countdown of 11 best games for PC life Clash of Clans.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

So here comes the first game on our list. Hex Commander is an amazing game. If you love strategic theme type content. And also loves building new things to make your village cool. In this game, you’ve to control your troops. And command them to do your work. Like building defense systems, homes, warehouses, etc.

Furthermore, the game has good graphics. And controls are pretty easy. Because you’ve to touch the tiles to move your troops. Moreover, you can upgrade them as well. So that you can fight with other emperors easily. And also, you can collect resources to make your kingdom untouchable.

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Vikings: War of Clans

If you love to study history and want to know more about Vikings. Then this game is specially made up for you. Because in this one of the best games for pc like Clash of Clans. You’ll be able to grab territory of other emperors. And even can make your own allies.

That help you to flourish your kingdom. Furthermore, all things are designed pretty well. Likewise other Clash of Clans alternatives. You’re allowed to join guilds. And even create your own to play with your specific friends. Moreover, the game have stunning details about its characters and more.

Infested Planet

If you’re in love with sci-fi movies and games. Then Infested Planet is a game worth trying on your PC. Because here you’ve to control five elite soldiers. And your team of elite soldiers have to defend the earth. From the alien invasion.

And the most interesting part in this. one of the best games for pc like clash of clans is. That you’ll be playing it in different scenarios. And can find new and latest weapons to defeat a 1,00,000 alien horde. So be ready and start making your strategy to defeat the so-called aliens. and secure your homeworld.

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Lords Mobile

I think most of you guys have already known this game. Because this game was heavily marketed. And most of you guys are already playing it on their devices, I guess. So what makes me add this game. On our list of best games for pc like clash of clans. The first thing is, that it’s available on Steam.

So that you can easily play it on your pc without downloading Bluestack or something like that. Second thing is, that the game is heavily optimized for PC. It means you can play it like it was meant for your computer. You can fight with other emperors easily. And build your own empire like heaven.

The Last Warlock

A pixelated world, that looks just like Minecraft. The Last Warlock, is an amazing game. Where you can explore the regions. And collect new things to upgrade your character. Also, you can customize your characters by completing missions.

Although the graphics are pixelated, but still you could feel the gameplay. That fills you with joy and happiness. Because it provides a lot of things to its players. Like you can unlock different worlds and items. Furthermore, you’ll be going to have enemies in endless types. That keeps the game challenging and hard to play.

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Want to live in a medieval world with mythological characters? if yes, then Elvenar is a game, made up for you. Because here, you’ve to build your own city from scratch, in the medieval time. Also, you’ll be sharing your city with creatures like Shrek, dwarf, and more.

The best part in this game is, that you can expand your kingdom. By unlocking new areas that have totally different ranges from each other. And also, looks beautiful while you’re playing. The controls are easy to use in PC as well. And last but not least, don’t forget to upgrade your buildings. Because they’ll help you to reach newer heights in this game.


A perfect game for people who loves spending their time in the woods. But also a technology lover. Because in Dominations, you’ve to grow a small village into a high-tech metropolitan city. I know it sounds crazy. But I’d definitely suggest you, to play this game.

Because this is the only game in this list of best games for PC like clash of clans. Where you’ve to build your village and transform it into a high-tech civilization. From building huts and palaces to modern skyscrapers and towers. You’re free to do anything with your city or village in this game.

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Battle for the Galaxy

After making huts and modern buildings. Now it’s time to create an intergalactic civilization. Where you’ve to fight against various types of enemies. You can make your base a nation that needs no-one to keep flourishing. Also, in Battle for the Galaxy, you can join forces to fight against enemies together.

The game has good graphics and easy to play controls on PC. And the best part of this game is, that you’ll get the biggest robot troops. To terrorize your enemy. So gear up your weapons and defense system to become the best player. In this one of the best games for pc like Clash of Clans.

Rage War

Rage War is a good game for those, who don’t prefer graphics over gameplay. Because the game doesn’t have good graphics. But the controls are pretty easy to use. Although the game needs some improvement in its city’s structure. But still, you can play and enjoy it in your spare time.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is also developed by SuperCell. A gaming giant, that has developed games like Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, COC, and more. In Boom Beach, you’re the owner of beachside base. That has to face attacks from other sailors. And also prevent any problem that occurs on your base.

Also, you’ve to capture other small islands to collect resources. And upgrade your defense systems just like any other game. But the only thing that makes Boom Beach a little harder than any other game on this list is.

That you’ve to collect multiple things like coins, metal, and wooden. To upgrade your base. And all these things made this one of the best games for pc like clash of clans.

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March of Empire

From different characters to various types of regions. Everything is available in this one of the best games for pc like clash of clans. You can upgrade your troops easily to make your empire strong. Also, the graphics are awesome and well-developed in this game.

You can do a lot of things like upgrade your empire. And find different regions to increase the territory of your kingdom. Moreover, you can march to your enemies’ territory to attack and loot their kingdom with the help of your strong army.

How to Run these games like Clash of Clans on your PC

I hope this list will help you to find out the best games for PC like Clash of Clans to fulfill your needs. But as you can see in this list, most of them are only available for android and iOS. And they’re not directly available for PC.

So in that case, I’d suggest you guys, to download Bluestack or Gameloop on your computer. That helps you to download and play these games on your PC. And if you guys are facing problem while downloading these apps. Then you can simply let me know in the comment section. And I’ll provide you guys an article about this issue.

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