Chat Room Apps: 11 Best Free Live Chat Room Apps To Make New Friends

10 Best Free Live Chat Room Apps to Make Friends in the Online World

Chatting with your old Facebook & Instagram friends has become monotonous? Don’t worry, as we’re going to check out some of the best free live chat room apps that help you build connections with people you never knew existed. Because talking with strangers helps us build confidence and beat our anxiety.

11 Best Free Live Chat Room Apps To Make New Friends

10 Best Free Live Chat Room Apps to Make Friends in the Online World

Therefore, We’ve listed some of the best free chat room apps, where people can date or talk with strangers. If you’re a privacy freak, these stranger chat apps let you hide your identity while connecting you with people from altogether a different part of our planet.

All of these applications are user-friendly and don’t steal your precious data. So without any delays, let’s check out the list of some of the best free live chat room apps.


Here’s an inimitable one of the best chat room apps on our list. As the name suggests, Slowly has brought back the essence of letters where waiting for your loved one’s message becomes an inherent part of your communication.

Therefore, if you’re not a huge fan of instant messaging, and looking for old-school ways to interact with people. Then Slowly could be a vivid choice for you. You can make pen pals around the world and waiting for their letters could make your conversations enjoyable.

The app has two options, one is automatic which is a no-brainer. And the second one is a manual, where you can choose things like zodiac sign, gender, age, country, etc. Moreover, if you’re looking to add-on some spice in your conversations & connections.

Then you can opt for their premium version that lets users find people more effectively with extra filters, features, & more.

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Wolf – Group Chat Room & Live Audio Shows

Wolf is one of the best free live chat room apps for android and iOS

If you’re looking for Chat rooms dedicated to a particular cause, reason, or around topics like games, then the Wolf app got your back. This ecstatic one of the best free live chat room apps is nothing but a cool way to socialize with strangers.

Previously known as Parlingo, now dubbed as Wolf, has all the features one could expect from one of the best chat room apps. You can participate in live stages with various people to indulge yourself in fun activities.

The app is highly recommended for those who love to talk with people through calls. And don’t appreciate text messaging as it takes time in comparison to calls or audio messages. Likewise, Facebook, Wolf group chat app lets users see which friend is active and ready to talk.

Wolf Chat App lets you build your profile like a portfolio to attract people from various communities, which helps you build relationships with strangers.


Amino is one of the best live chat room apps for android and iOS

Whether you’re a frenzy cat lover or a desperate anime fan, this one of the best live chat apps has a plethora of communities to make you feel ecstatic. Users are free to join or create communities around the topic they’re interested in.

Moreover, if you’re a staunch Snapchat story feature lover, then Amino won’t be going to disappoint you. Because this one of the best free live chat room apps, lets users watch and upload stories as well. In addition, the app creates stories for you, if you’re not into video editing.

Amino is not an ordinary random chat room app, as it’s accessible from Windows that makes it within reach from all the platforms available in the market. However, if you love the immersive experience and don’t want to ruin the fun, then we highly recommend you to check out their free live chat room app.

Wakie Voice Chat

Wakie is online group chat app where you can find people and talk to them through calls, video calls, and text messages.

An instant calling app is here. Wakie has won the title of one of the best chat room apps for android & iOS with numero uno voting. You can instantly talk with strangers with a single click. In addition, users are free to hide their identities while calling unknown people.

If you’re more into chatting, then the global feed lets you pick people who want to discuss something or desperately looking for individuals to interact with. However, you’ve to create an account in order to fully functionalize this chat room app.

You can create a friend list with whom you constantly want to talk, or randomly chat with people around the world. I personally like the feed feature where people publish some pre-made templates and others have to talk with them according to their posts.

Unlike any other one of the best chat room apps on our list. Wakie lets you create clubs instead of communities, where people join to talk about particular topics and news.


Whisper is an amazing app to interact with people all around the world

Whisper is known for its simplicity. You can start using the app without creating a freaky account. This free live chat room app lets you create quotes and start chatting with strangers without breaking a sweat.

Simply click reply on someone’s post, then you can write quotes or messages to that person. Further, your chats on this application will be public and anyone can see the interaction between you and the other one.

This one of the best chat room apps is highly recommended for those who solely need an app for fun. And looking for something serious by any chance.

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Skout is one of the best stranger chat apps for android and iOS that helps you to talk with people around the world

Skout lets you chat with strangers around the world. You can easily communicate with people anonymously and broadcast yourself to expand your network. Therefore, this one of the best live chat room apps for free could turn your boring time into the most amusing one.

You can search people by their location and filters like gender and country help you find people efficiently. Every month millions of like-minded people connect and interact with each other to kill their boredom.

Moreover, the app lets you know that who did check out your account in recent times. And provide updates from nearby people. Apart from this, the global feed of Skout is full of engaging people who desperately looking for people to talk to and connect with.


Frim App is one of the best apps to talk with strangers for android and iOS

Here’s another ecstatic one of the best live chat room apps, that lets you connect with people all around the globe. If you’re too picky choosing the right person to talk to, then Frim has got your back as it provides tons of filters to search people.

You can search out people from the age group, gender, country, interests, & many more. This free live chat room app has a succinct interface that makes it super easy for newbies to understand the application.

Apart from this, users who love making their conversation more meaningful will be glad to know that it provides inimitable stickers that help you send messages in your own unique way.

Moreover, the developers claim that the app is bot-free, which is good if true, as facing the bots in this type of application is one of the biggest hurdles when you’re on an expedition to find like-minded people.

Sayhi Chat

sayhi chat room app is an amazing app to talk with strangers

Sayhi Chat is an old but classic live chat room app, that lets you find people like a pro. You can connect and make connections with people living nearby to your place. It’s an interesting feature that helps introverts to make real friends without breaking a sweat.

The app needs an account to provide seamless service to its users. You’re free to stay anonymous while connecting with people or go commander without any privacy setting to let other people know your true identity.

Moreover, Sayhi chat has a reward system in which you wins coin whenever you connect and interact with people or stay active on the platform. Consequently, people are abnormally active on Sayhi Chat that lets you feel an immersive experience while connecting to the world.

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Moco Chat

It’s time to get indulge ourselves in a fun & amusing community. Moco Chat has millions of active users worldwide. If you struggle to make friends or a crazy extrovert who inadvertently make friends. Moko Chat is good for all and bad for no one.

You can easily connect with people and start chatting with them in seconds. This one of the best free live chat room apps allow users to edit and make their profiles authentic to attract people like a magnet.

However, you’re allowed to chat anonymously which makes the environment good for those who don’t want to reveal their identity and want some immediate fun.


It’s time to get serious as Neenbo is a chat room app as well as a dating spot. You can make friends and find a soulmate like Tinder. Swipe right or left according to your likings and boom, you’re about to date your dream girl/boy.

The app is easy to understand and doesn’t need a lot of effort to connect with people. Neenbo is free and doesn’t charge money for extra features. I personally love the feature that allows users to look for people who keep an eye on your profile.

You can do tons of crazy things on this one of the best free live chat room apps for android and iOS devices. Last but not least, you can add people to your bookmark or favorite list to engage with them as soon as you open this chat room app.

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best discord alternatives and best apps like Discord for android iOS Mac and Windows

Discord is widely popular as a chat room app specifically made for gamers. An app that has no limit and lets you build communities around topics you’re interested in. However, people often get confused and don’t know exactly what they want.

As a result, many people never bother themselves to try this amazing one of the best live chat room apps for android and any other platform that exists. Discord has hundreds & thousands of communities, where tons of people share and discuss things related to your favorite topics.

Apart from being a fabulous chat room app, Discord lets users send audio messages and stickers. However, if you prefer 1 to 1 chatting, then I’d suggest you opt for any other app from this list. Because Discord is only dependent on communities, where talking in public could be the best way to keep yourself engage with others.

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