10 Best football games for android

Football games are very popular not only in real life but also in the video game world as well. People play a lot of football games on their consoles, PCs, and Mobile phones. But today, we’ll only talk about 10 best football games for android smartphones because a huge audience is playing on android devices. Most of the football games on this list are offline playable, so don’t worry if you don’t have the internet to play games.

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

I’m also a very big fan of football but here in India no one really cares about football that much. Even the Indian football team never qualified to get a chance to play the Fifa world cup yet. So that’s why I also play these football games on my android phone because these games are very cool.

And, You guys will also love these games because you’d do a lot of things in these football games which is pretty fun. Graphics are very good and controls are also very easy to understand. For you guys, I’ve put a direct link to download these games from the Google Play Store.

So let’s start the countdown of 10 best football games for android, offline.

Score! Match

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

Here comes Score! Match football game on the 10th spot of our list. In this game, you can use your tactics like dribble, tackle, and pass to win the match. Collect new points after winning the match to unlock new items and skills. Customize your team or player from the points and upgrade your skills easily. 

Play online with your Facebook friends and challenge them to beat you. So many arenas or playgrounds to play matches which never let your bored from the game. Make your team with your friends and then challenge other people to beat your professional team. Unlock new players from the Discover boxes and then customize them according to your interest.

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Soccer Star 2022 World Legend: Soccer Game

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

If you want to support your national team and always want to see them win then you must download this game. Because in Soccer Star 2022 you’d choose your national team and become the world Fifa champion. You can play football’s various tournaments in this game. And even play as your favorite football players like Messi, Ronaldo and more. 

In this game, you’ll see so many different types of finishing moves to get a goal. Customize everything on your player from shirts and shorts to socks and shoes everything is customizable in this game. If you’re thinking that you don’t have enough skills to win than you can practice and sharpen your skills in the practice section.

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Dream League Soccer

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

Dream League Soccer is a game with full of awesome cinematics. Whenever you get a goal or win, you’ll see different types of cinematics which will give you thrill and enthusiasm to play the game more and more. The graphics of this game are very good and playable. Here you’ll learn every rule of the football game because of its detailing.

I’d say that it has one of the best 3D graphics in all the football games available on the play store. Before starting the match, you’d see a breaking news feature on your screen. Which gives you feel that you’re watching the game on the News channel. You can build your own stadium and make it cooler than ever. Earn money to unlock new and latest things.

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Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

If you’re a person who loves to collect trophies and want to increase your collection then you must download this game. Because in Soccer Star 2020 you’d play different types of tournaments and win different types of trophies. The gameplay of this game is very good and controls are also very awesome. Choose playgrounds around the world.

You can also beat your friends here in online multiplayer mode. And even also surpass their rankings on the online leaderboard. Hundreds of levels of new training from which you’d sharpen your skills to beat people more quickly and easily. Choose different football cups like English football league, Spanish football league la Liga, and many more.

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Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

Football Strike is developed by miniclip.com, and if you’re playing games since the time of Windows XP then you must know this name already. Because in my childhood when I had a P3 computer all the games I played were developed by miniclip.com. So the football strike is also a very good creation by Miniclip.

This is the only game on our list which doesn’t allow you to run on the ground with the ball. The only thing you’ve to do in this game is a goal by standing in front of the net and the goalkeeper. You can play this game with your friends and unknown people as well. The graphics of this game are also very awesome and with so many details.

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Soccer Cup 2020

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

This game has one of the best user interfaces and graphics. You can feel the weather while playing Soccer cup because of its smooth changing weather. Controls are very smooth so you’d play the game with ease. You’d play matches randomly or just choose your team according to your interest. Change outfits of your team and make them cool.

In Soccer Cup you’d choose clubs team like Manchester club and many more if you want to play with local teams. Play different seasons and tournaments to win all the titles available in the game. Career mode is for those who want to show off their skills and trophies to other people. 

Extreme Football: 3on3 Multiplayer Soccer

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

If you’re a person who loves to play games on the street then this game is for you. You can choose different characters and customize them to play matches in local areas. In Extreme Football you’ll be playing a 3 vs. 3 match which is very competitive and hard to win. I personally think that this is one of the best football games for android devices in the market right now. 

Because of its awesome graphics and gameplay. Make a team with your friends and compete with other champions of the streets. Every player in this game have their own special skills and powers. You can unlock new skins to customize your player and make your player more classy and awesome. In the end, I just want to tell you guys must play this game.

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Fifa Soccer

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

There is no doubt that Fifa Soccer is the only football game on android which have a vast majority of fans and users. Because this game is developed by the EA so you guys can imagine how good the graphics and controls are in this game. Select the positions of your team players according to their skills and abilities. Challenge your friends to beat them in their own game.

All the famous players are available in this game so you can play with your favorite soccer icons. Check the leaderboard to see your positions and growth. Over 550 teams are available in this game to play different types of leagues. You can challenge people from other countries to climb the leaderboard faster.

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Real Football

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

In mobile gaming, no one can easily defeat Gameloft that’s why Real Football is on our list. Because this game is created by Gameloft and it is a masterpiece in football gaming. Here in Real Football, you’d make your own club and add people from around the world. You can assign the best players with high skills to win the matches.

Recruit big players from around the world in your team to make your team undefeatable. Don’t just play football, feel it as well while playing the Real Football. Defeating the computer in this game will not be easy because this game is designed to challenge you. So you’ve to make your skills more awesome in the practice mode.

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eFootball PES 2020

10 Best Football Games for Android offline

eFootball PES is developed by Konami. I’d say that this is one of the best football games for android available in the market right now. Because of its awesome design and gameplay. After every update, you’ll see the latest players and events in the game. This game have all the teams from the Fifa to the local clubs. 

Use different types of tactics to win the match in a stylish way. You must be online while playing this game because it is not available for offline users. Play real-time online matches with other people to improve your gaming experience. The best thing in this game is that if you’re playing too good then you’ll be featured in the top player list of eFootball PES 2020. 

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